Applying The Hidden Messages in Water

09 November, 2022

In contrast to tap water, natural water displays a beautiful array of crystals - even more so when the natural water is exposed to beautiful music. There are also fascinating differences generated in the crystals when the water is shown different words, such as 'gratitude' or 'stupid'. These crystals are filled with lessons concerning how we should - and must - live our lives.

Have a look through this pdf - it's full of interesting demonstrations of how water is effected by it's environment and the sounds that are in it's space - SO INTERESTING!!


Water has held significance for people all over the world for millennia, in some cultures deities with control over water are worshipped as gods, in others water itself is the focus of this worship and reverence. Even today in modern, enlightened society relaxation soundtracks for sleeping are popular with ocean sounds, the sound of rain falling or the sounds of waterfalls or a river through secluded woods. Surely it cannot be a coincidence that both then and now humans feel an innate connection with water?

While traditionally critical thought and research played little part in assessing beliefs and customs, nowadays research exists for almost every field of study or belief system known. Water is no different, extensive research has been conducted to try and understand our connection to water. Some research has yielded conclusive proof of the benefits that water offers us and some simply raise more questions, but the recurrence of this research is evidence in itself of the importance and relevance of water in our day-to-day lives.

The Truth About Water

Several truths have emerged about water and our relation to it over the years. Obviously, water is critical to our survival as we need to drink it to remain alive. Water not only sustains us in itself but in its natural form bubbling up from springs in the ground or running over the land before being collected from rivers and streams, it carries minerals, trace elements and other essential nutrients that our bodies need to survive.

Water is a reflection of the environment it comes from and everything that it is exposed to. If water is exposed to even a little dirt it can spread and contaminate the entire source. When exposed to music, sound and vibrations water amplifies their effects and turns invisible sound waves into physical manifestations through its surface, these effects can be both seen and felt by us. In much the same way, tiny fluctuations in the environment such as air currents and temperature have a huge effect on the formation of snowflakes. The reason that every snowflake is unique is that even if it formed beside another snowflake, the exact temperature and airflow it was exposed to was still different. This results in often starkly different snowflakes, a literal manifestation of the environment that they grew in. These changes go beyond what we can see and continue into the subatomic realm, the wave response of water to electrical currents and other factors change with these energies, happy music or aggressive music, positive words or negative statements can all affect how water responds to other stimuli.

In a sense, water is a lot like people in the way it is affected by its external environment, it amplifies, reflects and manifests even the smallest forces it is exposed to and it responds to the energies around it, even if it appears to be immune to them. Maybe our connection and similarities with water are not coincidental, after all the human body is made up of 60% water, which means that what affects water, affects us.



The Modern Relationship with Water

We used to naturally acknowledge and accept our relationship with water. But as we progressed as a species we separated ourselves from water and lost this ancient connection and with it the knowledge we once had.

The closure of many public pools is a sign of this lost connection. We spend far less time in and around water than we once did. Always busy busy and rush rush, but never stopping to connect with nature or ourselves.

How to Regain Your Natural Flow

There are many things that we can do to restore and strengthen our connection to water. Much like grounding and other methods of reconnecting with nature, what works for one may not work for others and how much exposure each person needs can vary greatly. One cause for this variation is the quality of our connection, if you expose yourself to water by running through the rain in a panic you will not get the same benefit as a relaxed walk in the rain when you purposefully take in the connection to nature and the sensation of the raindrops hitting your skin like a thousand tiny fingers massaging your scalp.


The first and most obvious thing you can do to reconnect with water is to make sure that you are properly hydrated. Drinking enough water is crucial to the healthy operation of your cells. At the simplest level, this can be a glass of water when you wake up and then 3 other times throughout the day as a minimum amount of water to consume. The quality of the water taken in can be a big factor too, explore the vast world of filtered, ionized and mineralized water and find which one you connect with and which energizes you the most.

Deliberate Exposure

The next simple thing you can do to experience the life-altering value of water is to deliberately expose yourself to it more often. What does this look like? Well, it depends on the person and how you relate to water yourself. This can be walking in the rain from time to time, sitting on your porch with your feet in a puddle, enjoying the bliss of a footbath at a day spa or with a foot spa in your own home or going all out and enjoying a relaxing dip in a spa pool or swim spa.


Because of what we now know about how water responds to frequencies and waves, we should be mindful of the music that we listen to. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t sometimes listen to rock, rap metal or whatever other upbeat or more aggressive music you love, many of the world’s most amazing natural wonders are achieved by storms and rapids and there are times for it. Likewise, there are times for gentle tranquillity and relaxation, the grand canyon was carved not by a raging torrent but by millennia of gently flowing streams.

A great way to put this into practice is to set aside a few minutes each week to take a dip in your spa and listen to your choice of calm, soothing music. If you don’t normally listen to calm music there are many great playlists available on services like Spotify with playlists for relaxation, meditation and de-stressing. Take the time and experiment to find a playlist that you can enjoy, it’s not always about listening to the music either, it’s about the natural energy of the music and what it does to the water you are in, as well as the water that is in your cells. Drowning out the stress and noise of the world with calm music is a great way to find your balance and natural equilibrium and remain centred and energised.

You can use a home media system or a portable blue tooth speaker for your music. The quality of the system is important, it doesn’t need to be top-shelf, but low-quality audio can affect the quality of the waves and frequencies which will affect the quality of your relaxation. For the ultimate experience, a spa with mySpaHiFi provides a full immersion hydro-frequency experience. The mySpaHiFi system has a HiFi system built into the spa with speakers mounted against the shell of the spa, this allows the music to flow directly into the water and users can literally feel the music in their bodies. But whatever you choose, a combination of music and hydrotherapy is one of the ultimate ways to re-energise and reconnect with water.

Tranquillity and Relaxation

The final way to reconnect with water is to make sure you have a tranquil and relaxing environment where you can experience it. This means a quiet area that can be made free of external stimuli when you want space, somewhere that you can leave your phone out of reach, on silent, unable to be disturbed. A zen garden or landscape-designed garden hideaway is a common way to achieve this, but it can also be a retreat in a private lounge, courtyard or ensuite away from business, assistants or other distractions like noisy family members.

If you have a private getaway already and want to add a water source, a great way to increase your options with water is to install a spa pool. A spa pool provides multiple options that go beyond mere exposure to water. A spa from Sapphire Spas is designed to facilitate complete personal luxury and tranquillity. With head-to-toe massage jets you can enjoy a complete full-body massage, caressing your muscles and lifting the tension and stress away from you. The gentle bubbling of the spa water will drown out the noise of your environment like your own nature-driven white noise generator. A spa is a perfect place to practice mindfulness and meditation too, so you can get the benefits of a massage, water exposure, harmonious frequencies and meditation all in one experience. It’s a simple way to maximise your natural connections in a way that still fits into a busy lifestyle and will allow you to make the most of a modern life in connection with the natural world.

Want to Experience It for Yourself?

We can talk all we like about the benefits of water, the positives of a calm and positive environment to enjoy it in and the energy recharge you get from immersion in it. But the best way to understand what we are talking about is to try it out for yourself. Next time you feel like running in the rain or jumping in a puddle, put aside your inhibitions and let nature guide you. Or, if you want to experience how a spa can fit into your lifestyle call your local Sapphire Spas retail store and make an appointment to try one out for yourself and experience the difference that water can make in your life.


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