We've packed as many jets as possible in this range of luxurious spas. Powered by energy efficient pumps and free-flow plumbing and jets, these spas deliver the maximum jet pressure at the jet face. Focusing on your stiff back, neck, hip and leg muscles we've positioned the jets to target not only major muscle groups, but also the trigger points which many spas with fewer jets can't treat.

myExtravagance is our flagship, most luxurious spa model. Built with 3 x hydrojet boost pumps, this spa delivers a powerful massage to the 75 jets positioned throughout the seats.


Luxurious : maximum jet & pump power 


With more pumps and maximum jets, we've packed as much into these spas as we can. At approximately 2.3 x 2.3m, we've created longer, deeper seats to allow you to fully immerse your shoulders and enjoy the high powered jet massage

Spa pools are great for more than just relaxation, they can also be used as an exercise recovery and therapy tool. Use your spa after footy or volleyball or intense exercise to soothe your muscles and improve your recovery times. Most of the luxury range is offered with LED waterline lighting and integral waterfall features to control the ambiance, clearzone water sanitation to reduce maintenance, and are delivered heat pump ready so you can use them all year round. A luxury range spa from Sapphire Spas is the perfect addition to any family home or parents retreat.