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Compact spa range

for your balcony, patio or small backyard

The compact range of spas are the smallest spas in the Sapphire Spa’s range. Don’t let their small size fool you, these space-saving designs still deliver all the luxury and features you would expect from a larger spa. The compact range is perfect for backyards where space is limited or for creating a private patio or balcony escape for the adults. All the spas in the compact range are 2m or less which allows them to fit into places where space is at a premium.

These designs in the Compact range offer many benefits over larger models. They are small enough to fit down narrow accessways and get them into places a larger spa pool simply can’t go. Their small sizes also mean that they weigh less and can be safely installed in more locations such as on existing decks. In addition, the smaller water volume also means they use less electricity and need fewer consumables, making them cheaper to operate and easier to maintain.


Spas in the compact range are small but powerful! Despite their small size some of our most feature-packed spas are included in this range. Their powerful hydrotherapy jets deliver a spa experience that is second to none, whether you are looking to relax or wash away the week’s stress, there’s a compact spa to suit your needs. The compact range opens up new possibilities, their small size, and lower weight allow them to be featured on decks and balconies where you never thought a spa could go. Reimagine your life with a compact spa from Sapphire Spas.

Don’t think that their small sizes reflect a reduced experience either.

The smallest of the range the mySpace corner spa provides uncompromising enjoyment in the smallest form factor possible. This spa’s small size doesn’t limit your enjoyment, it has space for two, including a recliner position and both seats feature neck and should massagers.

For those who love to entertain large groups but don’t have the space for a larger spa, the compact range can accommodate your needs. The mySplash slips in just under 2m x 2m square and has seating for 7 people. This spa covers a full range of massage jet configurations, so no matter how you feel there’s a seat to suit you. Plus, to really set the party vibe the standard+ model comes with LED waterline lighting.

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