There was a time when you had to decide between a swim spa or spa pool and the trade-offs of each. Choosing to have both required more space to have each installed separately, plus the costs of being powered and maintained separately. Due to popular demand, Sapphire Spas has responded to solve this dilemma, the myDualzone provides both a swim spa and a spa pool in one convenient unit.

The myDualzone is a true 2-in-1 solution, with a 2.2m x 2m five-person spa pool at one end and a 2.2m x 4m swim spa at the other. With this innovative design, water maintenance such as filtration and treatment are all part of the one process and taken care of with our integral filtration and sanitisation systems. But all the other features, such as pump speed, jet pressures and water temperature are managed independently, allowing both to be set for optimum comfort and usability. Set your spa pool to a warm temperature for relaxation and to soak away your stress and set the swim spa to a cooler refreshing temperature for play or exercise.

You might think that a 2-in-1 solution such as the myDualzone requires a compromise on the quality of the workout provided, but that is not the case. The myDualzone has four swim jets that are fully variable from gentle resistance for walking right up to a powerful torrent competitive swimming. The premium model has three dedicated hydrojet boost pumps powering the swim jets, ensuring a professional grade workout is always an option.

The spa pool end is second-to-none too, five seats, including two luxurious recliners provide room enough for the whole family to relax. Each position has a different arrangement of jets to target different muscle groups, ideal for either relaxation or recovery after a workout. In addition to powerful hydrotherapy jets, the inclusion of neck and shoulder massages means the massage therapy doesn’t stop at the waterline. With myDualzone, you can get a true full-body massage without ever leaving home.

The myDualzone is packed with features, no matter what you are into. Available features include iLight swim tracking, to keep you on track during your swim session, mySpaLINK to control your spa from anywhere, or ramp up the atmosphere with the mySpaHIFI inductance speaker system. Plus, both the standard and premium models include LED waterline lighting, so you can set the mood and enjoy your spa anytime day or night.

Make the most of your workouts and relaxation with an Australian made Dualzone spa from Sapphire Spas. Perfect for any time of day and any time of year, don’t compromise on how you spend your time, spend it in the myDualzone spa from Sapphire Spas.



If you can’t decide between a swim spa or spa pool the myDualzone is the perfect choice. This 2-in-1 swim spa and spa pool offers all the benefits of owning both. The 2.2m x 2m spa pool offers superb relaxation for up to five people. It includes seats completed with neck and should massagers, including two recliner positions of different lengths to suit users of any height. The swim spa is 4m long and being a dedicated swim spa, is long enough for any user to get a full workout. The Dualzone comes with up to five pumps, including three dedicated swim jet pumps giving the swim spa enough power for professional swim training, or you can dial the power right back to still to suit users of any capability. With a myriad of customisations and add-ons including in-bult HiFi, remote-control and water spouts, the Dualzone is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.