Our entertainment range of spa pools are our biggest spa pools available, ranging from the 2.3m square myFriends to the enormous 3.5m x 2.3m myTeam spa. As the name suggests, these spas are designed with the entertainer in mind, packed with features they will wow your friends and family every time they see them and they will wow you every time you come home to them. These are the spas for the spa connoisseur looking to share their love for water relaxation with all their friends and family. The Entertainment range has options catering for up to 10 people with over 100 jets, powered by 4 separate pumps, the only thing bigger is a swim spa.


Entertainer : larger spas for parties and big families


The largest spa pool we offer, the myTeam provides uncompromised comfort and enjoyment for you and the whole crew. It features his and hers recliner chairs with up to 26 jets including feet, calves, thighs, and back and the massage experience is completed by the integral neck and back massagers. With an assortment of jet arrangements in the other seating positions too, there is no need for anyone to miss out in this relaxation masterpiece.

The myTeam spa might be the biggest, but the myFreinds spa is definitely the most popular for socialisng. Featuring enough seats for 8 people, this spa’s claim to fame is the seamless design of the 6 communal seats, removing any boundaries to the fun that can be had. The premium model features LED waterline lighting, a waterfall, and foot massagers, making it the perfect place to relax on your own or in a group.

The entertainment range comes with everything you need to enjoy your spa from day one, including powersmart heaters water sanitisation systems. All models come ready to be optioned with heat and cool pumps to make them enjoyable any time of year. These spas are the perfect way to round out any outdoor entertainment area for a large family or those with lots of friends.