mySpaLINK - control your spa from anywhere in the world



The mySpaLINK module and 'app' allow you to connect to and take control of your spa, locally or remotely via a WiFi, 3G or 4G network, providing access to your spa from any location at any time.

The mySpaLINKapp for your smart device becomes a wireless remote for your spa, enabling complete control over all spa accessories including pumps, air blowers and LED spa lighting effects. You have total control over every possible spa configuration setting via your smart device; there are no shortened menus or minimal access to limited settings. mySpaLINKapp  allows complete adjustment of all spa control setting as if you were standing in front of the spa.

Simple to use touch screen menus make adjusting the spa temperature, selecting your desired heating mode, programming filtration, sleep or power save timers and other such settings a breeze. Even if you have never owned or used a spa pool before, from the moment you open the 'app' you'll be driving the spa like you were a professional.

mySpaHiFi - immersive high definition sound



Combined with mySpaLINK, mySpaHiFi delivers a high definition stereo sound system for your spa, offering exceptional sound clarity with subwoofer support. 

Bluetooth is built in so music or audio can be streamed directly to your spa from any bluetooth smart device (phone, tablet or PC). Sophisticated transducer technology produces, immersive, underwater surround sound as the sound waves are fed through the spa shell and amplified by the volume of water.

Take your smart device into the water using a waterproof pouch or leave it nearby with your towel. With your smart device in the spa, you can watch a movie and use mySpaHiFi for an impressive surround sound experience or use it as a juke box to play your favourite tracks or to stream the latest music from the internet.

With your smart device away from the spa, the mySpaHiFi system still provides complete control over your audio experience via the spaside touchpad. You can adjust volume, play/pause, skip tracks, mute or fine tune the music balance. As well as bluetooth, three other sources can be connected to mySpaHiFi, such as DVD player, TV or MP3 player. Selecting between the audio sources is easy, just push the button on the spa side touchpad to select the desired source.

mySpaHiFi is a sealed module within the mySpaLINK controller underneath the spa, which eliminates troublesome stereo head decks and water proofing difficulties that are faced by traditional spa stereo systems. Why wouldn't you take advantage of immersive, high definition sound in your spa when it is this easy? Order one today with your new spa.

mySpaHiFi specifications:

- high end digital audio processing

- four channel, 50W per channel, stereo amplifier

- 150W subwoofer amplifier

- bluetooth connectivity plus 3 x auxiliary audeo input sources

- dedicated spa side touchpad for control of all functions