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Spa pools have come a long way since a timber tub in the backyard, kept far away from the house, often forgotten and rarely used. These days they are designed for everyday use and are much more comfortable and affordable than ever before. Efficient to heat and easy to maintain, spa pools are becoming a typical feature in most homes. Our larger 2-3m long portable spas are perfect for social gatherings or parties, the 2m square models can easily fit the whole family and our smaller 2 person spas can be enjoyed either with your partner or by yourself.



Perfect for balconies, alfresco decks and smaller backyards, compact spa pools are <2m in size and lighter than most other spas, making them easier to move into position where space is limited. Just because they're smaller in dimension it doesn't mean they’re limited on power. Within our compact spa range are some of our highest spec’d models with powerful hydrotherapy and recliners as comfortable as a lounge chair with jets to massage you from head to toe.


If you will have more than 2 adults in your spa, you should move up to one of our family sized spas to make sure Mum and Dad get a seat or recliner full of therapeutic jets. Once your kids are teenagers, they’ll need a seat of their own so you’re not pushed aside. Make sure you allow enough space for everybody’s feet to comfortably rest once your spa is full; most Sapphire spas have extra depth or undercut footwells to give you more room for longer legs and bigger feet. Most family spas have 2 pumps around 60 jets and most are over 2m square. The comfort and design of myObsession was created with performance in mind; his & hers loungers cater to the height difference between men and women and our leg massage jet system provides a full body massage.


We categorise these spas as luxurious because they are much larger in size; around 2.3m square, and most are equipped with 3 pumps to power around 70 jets. In these higher spec’d spas, every seat has enough hydrotherapy jets to provide a strong massage. If you sit in these spas, you’ll notice that the loungers are longer & the seats are deeper with more space overall & in the footwell. We’re most proud of our flagship model, myExtravagance. Our top of the line spa pool is the complete package; fully spec’d with 3 pumps to power multiple hot seats, multi-port cohuna jets and a lounger with it’s own personalised control panel.


The larger spas in our entertain range will encourage quality time together with family, friends or your sporting team. These spas don’t necessarily have more jets than our luxurious models but a larger body of water, they cater for more people. With some of these spas over 3m long, you’ll easily find a seat for at least 8 people.

As people spend more time at home these days, it’s a popular fact that we’re investing in our homes more too. Whilst Sapphire spa pools range in size from 1.6m to 3.5m, you should look at our range of swim spas if you’re after something bigger to improve your outdoor space.

Alfresco dining will never be the same once you’ve experienced eating and drinking alongside the enchanting hum of pump powered jets in your very own spa pool. Just like going on holiday, your summer days will be filled with garden activities knowing that you, your family, and guests can hop in at the perfect temperature at any time, with no ongoing costs or gym and beauty parlour subscription fees. 

With a long history of providing both comfort and innovation with our product, we have recently reviewed every shape, colour, massage layout, and energy-saving component to ensure you will receive years of pleasure from your Sapphire Spa. For example, whilst all spas come with heating, you can upgrade further by adding heating and cooling pumps which are even more economical to run. It also adds the benefit of using your spa pool all year round, cooling the temperature in the summer months, and warming it in the winter months for maximum comfort. 

Manufactured right here in Australia with optimum components, sourced worldwide from the very best available, every Sapphire Spa is backed by our unmatched Aussie Tough warranty. Sapphire Spas ‘quality controlled’ manufacturing practices allow us to offer you a ‘lifecare commitment’. This promise guarantees that we will service your spa pool for as long as you have it.

With over 70 local dealer stores across Australia and New Zealand, you can rest assured that service and assistance are on hand whenever you need it.  From a spa service to setting your spa up and demonstrating its features, we will visit you on-site, meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Above all else, our spas are world-renowned for being the most comfortable. So, with all of that in mind, why not come and try one today? We are sure you will love them as much as we do!

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