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If you think you don't have room for a spa think again....

Compact, affordable and luxurious. The small spa range at Sapphire Spas is perfect for apartment living and homes where space is limited. But don't let their small size fool you; these space-saving designs still deliver all the luxury and features you would expect from a larger spa.

Small Spa Dimensions

Ever wondered if a luxurious spa could fit seamlessly into your cosy home space? With the Compact spa range from Sapphire Spas, you can enjoy the indulgence of a spa without compromising on space or comfort. 

Follow these specific dimensions to seamlessly incorporate the spa into your home


Spa Model Dimensions 
myPartner 3 -person spa 1600 x 2000 x 890 mm
myFavourite 6-person spa 1990 x 1990 x 780 mm
myEscape 5 -person Spa 1950 x 1950 x 830 mm
mySpace 2-person spa 1640 x 1640 x 2050 x 875 mm
myGetaway 2-person spa 1560 x 2250 x 790 mm
mySplash 7-person spa 1950 x 1950 x 890 mm
myOasis 5-person spa 1950 x 1950 x 830 mm

Our Compact Spa Range


Spas in the compact range are small but powerful! Packed with innovative features, these small spas are 2m or less, which allows them to fit into places where space is at a premium. Spas in the compact range are small but powerful! Packed with innovative features, these small spas are 2m or less, which allows them to fit into places where space is at a premium. 


Each compact spa features hydrotherapy jets to deliver a spa experience that is second to none, whether you are looking to relax or wash away the stress from your working week.


The family range of spas from Sapphire Spas are big enough for the whole family. They are more spacious than the compact range, but not so big that they take up your whole yard or deck. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the growing family, if you are going to regularly have more than two adults use your spa then the family range is for you. Most of the family range of spas include two recliner seats offering hydrotherapy jets from head to toe. And with an assortment of waterfall features, back and neck massagers, and LED waterline lighting there's a family spa for everyone.


The family range of spas are bigger than the compact range and offer a variety of seating and jet layouts. Most of these spas are over 2m square, allowing for greater personal space for each occupant, but without being so large as to take over your outside space. These spas are designed with groups in mind, big enough for the whole family or to catch up with friends. Most of the family range has been created with enlarged footwells to allow space for multiple users, including undercut footwells to accommodate even the tallest people. Many models include his and hers recliners or captain’s chairs to account for the different heights of individuals and ensure everyone has a position just for them. Their powerful air and water jets ensure a blissful therapeutic experience for all users. So if you want a slice of heaven in your backyard, a spa from the Sapphire Spas family range could be just what you are looking for.


Our range of luxurious spas usually come with three pumps that power close to 70 jets! They are also slightly bigger than our other ranges. These spas are approximately 2.3m square and allow us to provide you with some extra luxuries. These extra luxuries include longer, deeper seats that will enable you to fully sink into your seat and enjoy a massage given by our high powered hydrotherapy jets. Our most luxurious model is the myExtravagance. This spa includes three pumps with enough power to provide comfort to every available seat. This model also includes our incredible lounger seat with its own control panel that lets you fully personalise your spa experience.


Our flagship spa, the myExtravagance offers an experience like no other. It easily fits six adults and is just over 2.3m square. This large amount of space is the perfect size to offer comfortable and relaxing seats for every person in the spa. This spa provides back and neck massages for five out of six seats. The sixth and final seat is a luxury like no other. This last seat is a recliner that offers a full body massage featuring 16 jets that has its own personal control panel can control.


Our entertainment range of spa pools are our biggest spa pools available, ranging from the 2.3m square myFriends to the enormous 3.5m x 2.3m myTeam spa. As the name suggests, these spas are designed with the entertainer in mind, packed with features they will wow your friends and family every time they see them and they will wow you every time you come home to them. These are the spas for the spa connoisseur looking to share their love for water relaxation with all their friends and family. The Entertainment range has options catering for up to 10 people with over 100 jets, powered by 4 separate pumps, the only thing bigger is a swim spa.


The largest spa pool we offer, the myTeam provides uncompromised comfort and enjoyment for you and the whole crew. It features his and hers recliner chairs with up to 26 jets including feet, calves, thighs, and back and the massage experience is completed by the integral neck and back massagers. With an assortment of jet arrangements in the other seating positions too, there is no need for anyone to miss out in this relaxation masterpiece.

The myTeam spa might be the biggest, but the myFreinds spa is definitely the most popular for socialisng. Featuring enough seats for 8 people, this spa’s claim to fame is the seamless design of the 6 communal seats, removing any boundaries to the fun that can be had. The premium model features LED waterline lighting, a waterfall, and foot massagers, making it the perfect place to relax on your own or in a group.

Swim Spas

Sapphire Spas swim spas are notably larger than our spa pools, having a swim spa is just like having a small swimming pool. All of our swim spas are 2.2m wide and are available from 4m up to 6m in length. Swim spas are a dynamic backyard pool solution with volumes up to 8000 litres they provide plenty of space to relax, exercise or play with the whole family.

A swim spa from sapphire spas offers a great range of benefits over a traditional pool. Swim spas are 100% portable, this means you can buy your pool just once and have it forever, even if you choose to move. Because they are portable they are self-contained, which means that there is no need for external plumbing, it also eliminates the need for expensive excavation work as with in-ground structures. Being self-contained removes the need for external piping, pumps, filters, or any other unsightly equipment that would otherwise clutter your yard. Just place your spa on a concrete slab with a minimum 600mm clearance around each side and you’re set to go!

A swim spa also offers relaxation and enjoyment benefits that a traditional pool can’t match. All of our swim spas come with a range of spa-jet configurations and a variety of seating arrangements. This means one end of your swim spa offers a traditional spa experience with hydrotherapy massage jets and neck and back massagers, ensuring a blissful relaxation experience. While the opposing end offers your choice of two or four variable speed swim jets, powered by up to three dedicated pumps. These swim jets can be set slow for light cardio, walking or physiotherapy exercises, or dialled right up for competitive swim training. And of course, with the jets turned off you have all the benefits of a backyard plunge pool to entertain the kids all summer long.

A swim spa from Sapphire Spas is a true all-year all-weather pool solution. All of our swim spas come with integral heating, meaning that even in the depths of winter you can still enjoy your own private pool. There’s no need to worry about harsh Australian summers damaging your Sapphire Spas swim spa, all of our spas are built from high quality, UV stabilised materials to ensure they will last for years! Include a gazebo or sunshade in your installation plans to make your pool a desirable place to relax any time of year. Consider upgrading your swim spa experience with mySpaLINK to control your spa from anywhere, so you can set the temperature and water conditions on your way home from work or coming back from a long weekend away.

Better yet, when you buy a Sapphire Spas spa pool or swim spa you are supporting Australian jobs; we are a 100% Australian owned company and all our spas are designed and built right here in Australia. This means you have local support, spares and repairs, you will never be left high and dry when you buy a Sapphire Spas swim spa. And because we are Australian owned and operated we guarantee that all of our products are compliant with Australian safety standards. If you want all the benefits of a pool and a spa, the confidence of local support and the knowledge you are supporting Australian manufacturing, buy a Sapphire Spas swim spa today!

Swim Spas

Swim Spas

A Sapphire swim spa is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a spa and a pool in the comfort of your own home. Swim Spas offer many benefits over traditional pools, they are portable and self-contained, so there’s no need for excavation or plumbing work. They can replace a gym membership, with your choice of swim jet configurations to ensure you can walk, run or competitively swim in your own backyard. They also replace your masseuse, make the most of your free time sitting back and enjoying the hydrotherapy massage jets as they wash away your muscle aches and pains. Plus, with their integral heating, a Sapphire Spas swim spa is a true all-seasons swimming pool solution. Make the most of your time with a Sapphire Spas swim spa, the perfect way to work out, relax or play.


There was a time when you had to decide between a swim spa or spa pool and the trade-offs of each. Choosing to have both required more space to have each installed separately, plus the costs of being powered and maintained separately. Due to popular demand, Sapphire Spas has responded to solve this dilemma, the myDualzone provides both a swim spa and a spa pool in one convenient unit.

The myDualzone is a true 2-in-1 solution, with a 2.2m x 2m five-person spa pool at one end and a 2.2m x 4m swim spa at the other. With this innovative design, water maintenance such as filtration and treatment are all part of the one process and taken care of with our integral filtration and sanitisation systems. But all the other features, such as pump speed, jet pressures and water temperature are managed independently, allowing both to be set for optimum comfort and usability. Set your spa pool to a warm temperature for relaxation and to soak away your stress and set the swim spa to a cooler refreshing temperature for play or exercise.

You might think that a 2-in-1 solution such as the myDualzone requires a compromise on the quality of the workout provided, but that is not the case. The myDualzone has four swim jets that are fully variable from gentle resistance for walking right up to a powerful torrent competitive swimming. The premium model has three dedicated hydrojet boost pumps powering the swim jets, ensuring a professional grade workout is always an option.

The spa pool end is second-to-none too, five seats, including two luxurious recliners provide room enough for the whole family to relax. Each position has a different arrangement of jets to target different muscle groups, ideal for either relaxation or recovery after a workout. In addition to powerful hydrotherapy jets, the inclusion of neck and shoulder massages means the massage therapy doesn’t stop at the waterline. With myDualzone, you can get a true full-body massage without ever leaving home.

The myDualzone is packed with features, no matter what you are into. Available features include iLight swim tracking, to keep you on track during your swim session, mySpaLINK to control your spa from anywhere, or ramp up the atmosphere with the mySpaHIFI inductance speaker system. Plus, both the standard and premium models include LED waterline lighting, so you can set the mood and enjoy your spa anytime day or night.

Make the most of your workouts and relaxation with an Australian made Dualzone spa from Sapphire Spas. Perfect for any time of day and any time of year, don’t compromise on how you spend your time, spend it in the myDualzone spa from Sapphire Spas.



If you can’t decide between a swim spa or spa pool the myDualzone is the perfect choice. This 2-in-1 swim spa and spa pool offers all the benefits of owning both. The 2.2m x 2m spa pool offers superb relaxation for up to five people. It includes seats completed with neck and should massagers, including two recliner positions of different lengths to suit users of any height. The swim spa is 4m long and being a dedicated swim spa, is long enough for any user to get a full workout. The Dualzone comes with up to five pumps, including three dedicated swim jet pumps giving the swim spa enough power for professional swim training, or you can dial the power right back to still to suit users of any capability. With a myriad of customisations and add-ons including in-bult HiFi, remote-control and water spouts, the Dualzone is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.


Plunge Pools

Sapphire plunge pools offer a smaller, shallower pool designed for lounging, wading, and cooling off. With a depth of 1300mm, these pools provide the benefits of hydrotherapy. While reducing the number of jets and pumps to make them more affordable, they still offer basic jets for hydro massage and swim jets for gentle exercise. Plunge pools can be cooled and heated, making them suitable for year-round enjoyment. The myWatersedge model features wide steps and an open layout, perfect for children's play. With factory-built construction, installation is quick and can be done by professionals or as a DIY project. Sapphire provides a detailed quote and can assist with delivery, including crane services if needed.

Gain in-depth knowledge about plunge pools in Australia and unlock the secrets to creating your perfect backyard oasis. Click here to dive into our comprehensive guide.


Plunge Pools

Plunge Pools

Sapphire Spas plunge pools offer a year-round alternative to traditional swimming pools. With efficient heating systems, you can keep the pool warm in winter and cool it down in summer. Additionally, including swim jets allows for light exercise or fun water play for kids.