TECH ASSISTANCE : Julie (juliepickford@hotmail.com / 0418 548 911) 


Adding a 'SAPPHIRE WIDGET' is a simple way to display Sapphire information on your website

- the blue heading, black paragraph text & orange button are Paramount Pools' page content / the Sapphire WIDGET content begins with the Swim Spa install image

- current Sapphire content is displayed directly from our site, but within your own website structure, in the embedded iframe as seen below

- your website is still available around the boundaries of the WIDGET framework while your customer interacts within the Sapphire content so you can guide your customer through the sales and support process

- align with the established strength of Sapphire, both in brand recognition and google page positioning / linking to Sapphire site will be recognised by google as a strength 


Here is a good example of how to connect to our SAPPHIRE WIDGETS & how they display on your site :





Please click on the WIDGET below which you'd like to display on your own website and you'll find instructions

-  FREE INSTALLATION BY SAPPHIRE : Sapphire will pay our web tech  (Jarman from Byte Media) to add the coding to your site for this content to display AT NO COST TO YOUR BUSINESS (just let your account manager or Julie know who our web tech is best to contact & this will be organised for you)

- OR INSTALL BY YOUR WEB TECH - you can simply add code to your website using the instructions when you select a box below

- create a menu option or button on a page to link to ‘spa pools’ & one to ‘swim spas’

- another button/menu link to 'Welcome to the Family' is also useful for customer support

Feel free to contact Julie on 0418 548 911 or juliepickford@hotmail.com if you need assistance


POPUP WINDOW option is also available if you need to display Sapphire info but remain on the current page (your site will fade into the background while your customer interacts with Sapphire Spas site but then return to your site exactly where they clicked the button, once they click the 'X' to close the window)



- spa pools / swim spas / colours / welcome to the family / gallery / why choose sapphire?