Do you know Sapphire are the only Certified Australian Made spa company to use SQR jets?

19 October, 2022

Balancing free-flow technology to harness the movement of spa water

The jets on all Sapphire Spas use the SQR (Simple, Quick, Reliable) System and are a patented technology providing significant benefits over traditional jets and imported screw ins. In essence, this system uses better seals to provide increased jet pressure, a more reliable installation free of placing plastic components under pressure and stress when tightened and a faster installation process to facilitate better spa production.



Due to the patented jet internals and seals a 20% increase in pressure is achieved via a more effective venturi and almost zero water bypass resulting in more water being forced in to the jet and not around. The high quality bearings create minimal friction like the bearing less (stainless spindle or pin) jets which results in a jet that is free flowing and allows greater pressure at jet face.



A big advantage with the Spectrum jets is the way the grommet can sit on any surface unlike traditional jets that require a perfect seal between jet and spa surface otherwise there are leaks. Additionally, the problem of leaks that were caused from applying torque to the nut to tighten the older style jets especially if surface was uneven resulting in a cracked or deformed fittings has been eliminated. The other improvement has been the introduction of a new locking mechanism making it much easier to remove jets from spa or turn jet off at the jet face. The result is a jet that can be removed with ease and is less prone to getting stiff.



The faster manufacturing times are obviously good especially in times of high demand but to achieve this with a system that is more reliable through making processes like no backside surface grinding, no nuts, compression rings or sealant obsolete is a great step forward in production. Less steps, less tools, less chance of errors and greater consistency. Along with testing being done across the last 5 years in the USA and Europe, we have conducted our own testing across the last 12 months, including hot/cold cycling and endurance tests. We have recognized the benefits as being wide spread and, in the interest of making our product as best we can, have chosen to implement the system across the complete range. The SQR system is CMP’s premium product offering and is also being integrated into the range of one of the largest and most long standing spa manufacturing companies in the world. We hope that together we will all see the benefits of offering this system as a feature on our range and combat the ever growing competition in the marketplace.

Forward thinking engineering

SQR applies basic laws of physics to create a superior seal, while addressing the issues created by typical torque compression systems. Components are now available to replace most common spa components with SQR alternatives.


How SQR makes a better hot tub

SQR is designed to be Simple, Quick and Reliable. The goal of SQR products is to overcome some of the weaknesses associated with traditional nut and gasket part installation.


SIMPLE : reduced manufacturing steps and fewer components

It takes many steps to install a traditional spa part. From drilling and grinding the hole to getting a proper seal with compression nut systems, the process can be very involved. SQR breaks all of this down into much simpler steps.



QUICK : install components in a single step

SQR components consist of the part itself and the “grommet” that locks the component in place. This straightforward system speeds up the installation process.


RELIABLE : less room for error and proven in the field

The simplicity of the system itself leads to consistency and fewer mistakes. Overall, radial seals like SQR are proven to seal better than compression seals for a hole installation.

New spectrum jets on all sapphire spas

SQR (Simple, Quick, Reliable) System

Significant benefits over traditional jets and Chinese screw ins

Better seals to provide increased jet pressure

Free of placing plastic components under pressure


Superior performance

Patented jet internals and seals

20% increase in pressure achieved via a more effective venturi

Almost zero water bypass resulting in more water being forced into the jet

High quality bearings create minimal friction

Free flowing jet that allows greater pressure at jet face


Advanced manufacturing

Less steps, less tools

Less chance of errors and greater consistency

Used for 5 years in the USA and Europe

Also used by of one of the largest and

most long standing spa companies in the world


Unequalled reliability

Significantly reduced potential for leaks

Makes old installation processes obsolete

No need to grind off insulation, add sealant and overtighten fittings

Introduction of a new locking mechanism

Jet that can be removed with ease and is less prone to getting stiff


Radial seals

Traditional jet assemblies (consisting of a nut, gasket and comp ring) seal by compression. SQR seals by radial force. This creates a robust seal as the SQR “grommet” makes complete contact with the properly sized hole.

This eliminates the need for calibrated torque tools as required with compression systems. As long as the hole size is consistent the radial seal works the same way every time.


Proven and tested

As new technology, SQR has been put through a battery of laboratory and field testing.


SQR v other brands

Other brand spa jets need so much foam removed from the back of the spa shell that the insulation properties are compromised.

Our SQR compression seals do not require sealant but other brands usually have sealant applied all around the fitting which breaks down and either leaks of allows water get between layers causing possible delamination issues.


Pressure testing

Passed up to 20PSI with a properly sized hole


Chemical resistance

Grommets pass tests for all common install environment chemicals


Shell imperfections

Maintains a seal with uneven thickness, nominal fiberglass protrusions, and FRP air pockets


Environmental factors

Stands up to wet/dry cycling, low temperatures, water hammer and plumbing weight


Compression / rotation

Radial seals remain effective even if a part is rotated inside the hole and will not leak due to compression “set”


myTemptation highlighted above is one of our most popular Family spas

The family range of spas are bigger than the compact range and offer a variety of seating and jet layouts. Most of these spas are over 2m square, allowing for greater personal space for each occupant, but without being so large as to take over your outside space. These spas are designed with groups in mind, big enough for the whole family or to catch up with friends. Most of the family range has been created with enlarged footwells to allow space for multiple users, including undercut footwells to accommodate even the tallest people. Many models include his and hers recliners or captain’s chairs to account for the different heights of individuals and ensure everyone has a position just for them. Their powerful air and water jets ensure a blissful therapeutic experience for all users. So if you want a slice of heaven in your backyard, a spa from the Sapphire Spas family range could be just what you are looking for.