Quality Control of every component of Manufacturing a Spa

05 July, 2022

Why is it Important to have full control of every component of Manufacturing a Spa?

In 2003, Sapphire Spas opened its doors with the mission of creating a premium, quality spa pool that was built well enough to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Not only did Sapphire Spas want to provide a quality product, but they also wanted to provide them at a competitive price. To achieve these goals, Sapphire Spas decided to use all Australian Manufacturing.

Benefits of Australian Manufacturing

By manufacturing our spas in Australia, we know exactly how our spas are built and exactly what materials are used. This means that we can guarantee a quality product every time. But it’s not just about knowing what our manufacturing process is, the other great benefits of manufacturing in Australia include:

Keeping jobs local

By manufacturing in Pakenham Victoria, we are providing our local area with reliable jobs that help the local people. Instead of manufacturing overseas and removing the opportunity for our Aussie residents to have sustainable work, we choose to keep it right here at home.

Keep the money in Australia

By using Australian manufacturing and Australian supply chains, we can put our money back into the Australian economy. Why would we send our money overseas when we can use it to keep the family up the road in business? By using local companies as our supply chain, we are proud to know that we might be helping a local family put their kids through dance lessons or even sending them on that amazing soccer camp!


By manufacturing our products here in Australia, we know that we are using materials that are able to withstand the harsh Australian weather. Australian made products also come with strict quality control and guarantees that are passed onto you, our customers. By buying Aussie made, you are assured quality control and warranty guarantees that you don’t find in products made overseas.

The Manufacturing Process

We have an extensive manufacturing process that is designed to deliver you a quality product that you are sure to love! The manufacturing process includes nine distinct steps and all of them happen in Victoria!


Creating the Mould

The first step in our manufacturing process starts with the mould. Our moulds are made using form ply, body filler or fibreglass. Once the mould has been cast, we then get to work installing the seams and inserts. We then use form ply and steel to brace the insides of your spa, ensuring that nothing moves once it has been made. We named these specially designed moulds ‘M5’ and there is no other mould in the world like it. These moulds are unique because we can interchange several different seating configurations depending on what the customer has ordered.


Acrylic Vacuum Forming

Sapphire Spas does all of their vacuum forming at the plant in Melbourne. With acrylic sheets bought from America, we use our vacuum forming machine to ensure that there is an even thickness and colour across the entire spa unit. The sheets are then placed under custom-made heaters. Once it reaches temperature, the sheet is placed over the custom seating mould and vacuumed onto the spa mould. The acrylic sheet then cools into a hard shell that is ready for the next step.


Reinforcing Your Spa With Fibreglass

To ensure that the spa is strong enough for daily use, we spray fibreglass onto the newly formed acrylic shell. We then add a layer of resin to create a stronger, smoother finish.


Save Power With Our Custom Insulation

We create energy-efficient spas that use less power to heat by using our very own heatlock+ layered insulation system. The system uses two layers of insulation on the walls and base of the spa as well as high-density insulation on the shell. We then top that off with an Australian made cover that will keep your water warm during our cold winters.


Free-Flow Plumbing

Our internal piping has been specially engineered to ensure maximum airflow reaches your premium jets. We use a custom combination of water and air to push the bubbles through the jets, increasing water flow by a whopping 20%.


SMARTflo Pumps Provide Optimal Water Flow

Our SMARTflow pumps are built by Spanet using the highest quality parts. These pumps provide longevity and exceptional performance to our customers and are designed to create optimal water flow rates.


Custom Made Framing & Cabinet Structure

We use steel and timber for our frames because we believe that the modular plastic frames found in other spas do not provide the same quality and durability. When we create the frame and cabinet, we start with the steel frame to ensure durability and longevity. We then create the timber frames by hand and fit them around the steel frame and acrylic shell to ensure the perfect fit.


Real-Life Testing

Once the spa is fully constructed, it is sent to the water testing department. In the water testing department, they fill the spa using recycled water to check that there are no leaks in any part of the spa. The jets are checked to make sure they provide enough bubbles, and the touchpads and lighting are tested to ensure everything is working perfectly when it is delivered to your doorstep.


Quality Control

Our final step is Quality Control. This is where we clean and polish the spa to make sure it looks fantastic on arrival. We then wrap the spa up to ensure it isn’t damaged during transit and we send it out to its new home!