Spas put the “FUN” back in exercise and weight loss!!

10 October, 2022

Find out how your spa pool can be used to improve your health & wellbeing

There's nothing like a spa to make you feel pampered and relaxed. But did you know that spas can also be used to improve your health and wellbeing? A spa from Sapphire Spas has many great benefits to offer and each of our spas is built with your enjoyment in mind.

All of our spas have several seating arrangements to suit bodies of all shapes and sizes, so there is always a seat that is just right for you. The seamlessly moulded curves ensure that every seat and recliner will fit your body like a glove, providing total support and allowing you to lie back and relax completely.

Powerful water jets provide deep hydrotherapy and offer excellent post-exercise recovery. Our high-pressure air jets provide a superb, but more gentle therapy akin to a soft, kneading massage, with the added benefits of oxygenation and exfoliation. Finally, let’s not forget the most important aspect of a spa, relaxation; beyond the hedonistic enjoyment of your own private spa, you can unburden your mind and release stress which can help to prevent stress creases in your skin and can even decrease blood pressure and other health issues.



How Can A Spa Help You?

Reducing Cellulite

The heat from a warm spa causes blood vessels to dilate, which improves blood circulation. Improved circulation helps remove excess fluid and toxins from body tissues, which reduces the appearance of cellulite. The buoyancy of the water combined with the powerful water and air jets also helps to massage the affected areas and stimulate lymphatic drainage, which reduces cellulite. Finally, hydrotherapy (the use of water in any form for healing purposes) has been shown to be beneficial for reducing inflammation and tightening skin tissue. These properties of regular spa use come together synergistically to provide an excellent (and enjoyable) way to reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you a body you want to show off.


Many of our spa pool models have been designed to care for your body

Our flagship spa, the myExtravagance offers an experience like no other. It easily fits six adults and is just over 2.3m square. This large amount of space is the perfect size to offer comfortable and relaxing seats for every person in the spa. This spa provides back and neck massages for five out of six seats. The sixth and final seat is a luxury like no other. This last seat is a recliner that offers a full body massage featuring 16 jets that has its own personal control panel can control.

FOCUS ON myObsessionevery seat is fitted with the maximum number of jets to deliver the most powerful hydrotherapy massage possible.

One main seat is packed with jets to massage your entire back, neck and shoulders and even your feet as you stretch out into the spacious foot well.

Sculpt While You Sit

Sitting back and enjoying a spa may not sound like a workout, but it can be surprisingly effective at sculpting and toning muscles. When you sit back and enjoy a massage in a spa, powerful streams of water and air impact your skin thousands of times a minute, each small impact stimulates the local muscle fibres to respond with a tiny contraction. Sure, on a small scale this has little effect, but when you can sit back and enjoy this for half an hour or more at a time on a regular basis, those small muscle reactions add up to big results. Sure, you won’t build muscle relaxing in a spa, but you can sure shape it and keep your muscles in tip-top condition, whatever life throws at you.


Build Muscle and Tone in a Swim Spa

A swim spa from Sapphire Spas can help you to build and tone muscle and improve your general health. Most of our swim spas provide all the hydrotherapy and relaxation benefits of a regular spa pool, plus they combine the many additional advantages that can be had from the volume and space of a swim spa. Swim spas can improve muscle tone by providing a resistance against which the muscles have to work. This resistance can be provided in a number of ways, including through the water's temperature and movement.

The hotter the water, the more difficult it is for muscles to move. So if you want to improve muscle tone, you can either increase the temperature of the swim spa or increase your activity level.

The second way in which a swim spa provides a great workout is water resistance. Whether you engage in water yoga, do a workout in your pool with aqua dumbbells, or choose to walk or swim against your swim jets, a spa pool can give you an amazing and dynamic range of workout options at home. Another great benefit of a swim spa is that when exercising in water you are forced to activate your core, meaning that no matter what exercise you choose you will be improving your core strength.

Spa pools can also improve muscle tone by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. The increased blood flow and oxygen delivery will help remove any waste products that have built up in the muscles and will also help to deliver nutrients to the muscles which will help them to repair and rebuild.

The increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery will also help to increase the amount of heat that is produced by the muscles, which will then cause them to contract more forcefully. This increased contraction force will then lead to an improvement in muscle tone.


Say NO to Fads and YES to Fabulous

No, you can’t eat takeaway every night if you are trying to lose a few kilos, but at least Sapphire Spas has put the fun back into exercise, so now there’s really no excuse not to get your body moving. You don’t have to live on celery sticks, just eat healthy food and burn those calories even whilst you are cooling down in the lounger. Spas offer so many great benefits, from feeling great to looking great, make your life fabulous with a spa pool or swim spa from Sapphire Spas.