How replacing your old spa cover can save you money

20 September, 2021

Your spa cover does not only constitute an attractive accessory. It’s also a critical protective accessory that holds in heat when the hot tub is not in use. This helps reduce your energy consumption and cuts down your bills. A good spa cover will limit evaporation and thereby allow you to reduce water wastage and save money.

Is your old hot tub cover getting tired, ripped or torn, or mouldy? Well, consider installing a new spa pool cover from the Canadian Spa Company. Here is how replacing your old spa cover can save you money.


Why It Helps To Maintain Your Spa Cover

A high-end spa cover can last for several years if you take good care of it. However, when your old cover is loaded with too much water, lifting it off can become challenging even for two people. This is a concrete sign that your spa badly needs a replacement cover, or else it risks causing severe damage to the spa and its content. Typically, spa covers weigh around 27 kg (60 lbs) – but when packed with water, this weight can reach a staggering 91 kg (200 lbs).

A spa cover won't work efficiently as it was designed, which means it will gradually lose its ability to retain heat. Because spa covers provide the best insulation for the tub, keeping it in good shape is a great investment in your comfort.


When Should You Replace Your Spa Cover?

Although manufacturers design spa covers to have longer lifespans, long-term exposure to harsh sunlight will harm their longevity and performance.  It’s necessary to inspect your spa cover for wear and tear every month. The following signs should prompt you to consider replacing your spa cover.


Cracks, Fading, Tear, And Sagging

Degradation and changes in your cover’s shape can cause it to give way for water vapour and heat to escape. Dust and debris may settle in and clog your filters. So, watch out for visible signs of breakages, cracks, and fading or tear. Dry and bristle texture may also send a strong signal that it’s time to fix a new cover.


Waterlogged Cover

As soon as the vapour barrier starts to malfunction, the interior foam will absorb some water and create a perfect atmosphere for bacteria and mildew to thrive. A waterlogged spa cover marks a serious hazard as it will greatly contribute to the deterioration of other vital components of the spa system.


Effective Ways To Improve The Lifespan Of Your Spa Cover And Save Money

Routine Cleaning

One right way to keep your swim spa cover looking great is to clean it regularly. Uninstall the cover from the spa and gently spray it with a garden hose. You could use a mild solution of baking soda and a sponge to scrub the cover’s surface in a circular motion. Thoroughly clean all the sections and rinse the cover before the soap dries up on the vinyl. Conditioning the cover with a Hot Spring Cover Shield is also a good idea. You may use only water to wipe and clean the interior surface with a dry towel.


Allow Your Spa To Breathe

In cleaning or treating your spa or its water content, you may leave the cover off for about 30 minutes afterwards. Exposure to air helps water purification agents mix well.  That means when you cover the spa immediately after adding chemicals, and vapour may be trapped inside and impact the longevity of the vinyl.

Desist from placing heavy items on your spa cover; it shouldn’t be your table. Putting heavy objects on the cover will cause it to deform or stretch and deteriorate prematurely. In the winter, try to remove ice from your cover by loosening it with lukewarm water.

Canadians Spa Company manufactures the highest quality spa covers on the market right now. Therefore, you may want to invest in a Canadian Spa hot tub cover and save some money. Our covers offer up to 25% better insulation, and they allow you to lift the cover from all angles easily. There is absolutely zero heat loss through the middle steam.

All in all, replacing your hot tub can be a major investment that will benefit you in savings. Covering your spa is the surest way to improve its beauty, extend its longevity and get the most out of it. Canadian Company spa covers can protect your spa from the sun’s dangerous UV radiations and dangerous outdoor elements.