Jump into your very own Spa Pool or Swim Spa in Tamworth

If you live in the North West region of NSW, you already know its unique charm, a mixture of wide-open landscapes, stunning mountains and picturesque tablelands. We don't think there is any better way to enjoy the weekend than with a glass of wine and a deep relaxing massage in your own spa pool. Whether you have a mountaintop view, are tucked away in a valley or have built your private paradise on the plains, a spa pool is a perfect addition to your lifestyle.

The Tamworth region is a destination of beautiful contrasts and has been recognised for a whole range of achievements, industries and attractions over time. This city, in northeast New South Wales, is known for the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, which draws big-name international acts.

If you have looked for an Australian-made spa pool for any amount of time you are sure to have come across the name Sapphire Spas. We are an Australian-owned spa manufacturer with a Melbourne-based factory where all of our award-winning saps are designed and built and we have over 70 distributors across Australia and New Zealand. Because we're a local company you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting Australian jobs and Australian manufacturing, but better than that you know you are getting a quality product, built tough for Australian conditions and backed up by local service. If you are after an indoor spa or an outdoor spa then look no further than Sapphire Spas.

Adding a portable spa to your outdoor space in the country is one of the best ways to stay cool on those hot summer days and warm as it cools down into the evening. No matter how bad the weather is, an outdoor spa pool or swim spa, unlike a swimming pool, can be used at any time of the year, at any hour of the day.

So, if you live in the Tamworth area and are considering buying a spa pool, then Sapphire Spas should be at the top of your wish list. We have over 30 years in the industry, are Australian owned and have earned a solid reputation. Our retail partner, Country Rubber & Foam, have just moved to a new store that stocks our most popular spa pools and swim spas. With 8 spa pools and 2 swim spas on display, a visit to our showroom is the best way to choose a model to suit your family and lifestyle.

As an all Australian, locally designed & manufactured spa brand, Sapphire Spas offer you a trusted warranty backed by quality controlled manufacturing right here in Victoria, Australia. Every spa is built to the highest Australian Standards and protected by our ‘lifecare commitment’ which means we’ll care for your spa as long as you need.

A spa experience can be shared with others or simply alone with a glass of red while you close your eyes and just let go! Spa pools can be installed in many places around the house. At Sapphire spas our range includes outdoor spas from small & compact 2 person spas to larger 2m+ spas for entertaining and large families, plunge pools, 4-6m swim spas and 6m twin zone swim spas that double as a spa & a swimming pool. It really depends on the space you have and the real reason you've made that decision to go out and buy a spa to begin with, something our spa consultants can help you discover, before you make a final decision.


The complete Sapphire Spa range of for a range of lifestyles

Life is different for everyone, so that is why Sapphire Spas has a diverse variety of spa ranges available from our retail partner in Tamworth. These include Compact Spas, Family Spas, Luxurious Spas and Entertainer Spas. Our range of spa pools are designed to suit many different people. The first in our range are the Compact Spas, which are smaller in dimension but not limited on the number of jets or pump power. They will fit well on small patios, apartment balconies and backyards with limited space. Our Family Spas are a little larger in size and perfect for you and your kids to all jump in & have fun at the same time. The Luxurious Spas are even bigger with more pump power, more room and more jets; these spas ensure that every seat provides a full back massage with at least 5 powerful jets. Our Entertainer Spas are designed for those who like to invite friends around for a bbq and a drink. These spas can fit up to 10 people at a time, making them perfect for next celebration.

Compact Range

The compact spa collection is intended to give you the same fantastic experience as our other spas in a fraction of the space. Whether you're searching for a 2-person spa for yourself and your partner or a 7-person spa that won't take up too much room, the compact range has something for everyone. Even if some of our Compact spas feature fewer jets, they are not restricted on pump power. They're fantastic and fit well on tiny patios, balcony enclosures, and backyards with little space.

Family Range

The family spas are designed specifically for family fun and relaxation. If you want a spa that's ideal for sitting as a family, taking care of the kids, or an adults' retreat when the kids are away, the family spas are ideal for you. These are the ideal massage and relaxation solutions for your whole family with 5-person and 7-person options to choose from and plenty of seats to suit everyone from the shortest to the tallest.

Luxurious Range

The luxurious range from Sapphire Spas is the very definition of opulence. These spas are hand crafted with enjoyment and pleasure in mind. Comfortable recliners and multiple moulded seats make sure there is the perfect position for you. After trying one of sapphire spas luxury spas, you’re sure to fire your masseuse. With options that include over 70 SQR massage jetspowered by up to 3 powerful hydrojet pumps, you never need to pay for another massage! With included LED waterline lighting in most models and powersmart heaters as standard, the luxury range leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of ultimate pleasure.

Entertainer Range

The Sapphire Spas entertain collection is the ideal solution for those who want a spa for parties or big gatherings. The Entertain line includes spectacular 8 and 10-person hot tubs. These spas, which include waterline LED lighting, integrated water heating, and waterfalls as well as optional features like mySpaHiFi and mySpaLink, are guaranteed to turn heads. Make your home the go to destination for any event from birthdays to the Rugby finals and long weekend barbeques with a hot tub from Sapphire Spas.


Our spas are unique in that they are designed to match your backyard area. Each one is created specifically for you! All you have to do now is pick the model type that best fits your needs! We have a spa that matches your needs and your budget, whether you're searching for a Family Spa, an Entertainer Spa, or something in-between. We can custom design any of our spas according to your tastes and requirements


Spa Pools

Sapphire Spa range of Spa Pools

Explore our exceptional collection of spa pools

Discover the perfect spa pool to fit your lifestyle and provide you and your family with relaxation and rejuvenation every day. 

We hope you enjoy choosing from our range of exceptional spas with a size, seating arrangement and massage therapy to suit every 'body'.


What is a spa pool?

A spa pool, also known as a hot tub or pool spa, is a specially designed structure that holds warm water. A spa pool combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water with powerful jets that provide massaging and soothing effects to the body. Spa pools offer a range of features, such as adjustable jets, seating options, lighting, and temperature control, allowing users to customise their spa pool experience. Whether for relaxation, stress relief, or socialising, spa pools provide a tranquil and luxurious retreat right in the comfort of your backyard.

You can also buy Swim Spas in the North West too, what’s the difference?

When you think of a 'spa', what comes to mind is probably the classic in-door spa pool or outdoor spa or hot tub. They're a great place to sit, relax and unwind and enjoy a soft bubbly massage as your aches and pains are washed away by the warm water.

Swim spas in comparison are bigger, ranging from 4m-6m in length and 2.3m wide and 1.3m deep. A typical outdoor swim spa usually features a couple of massage chairs at one end and a plunge pool with swim jets at the other. A swim spa is a great option for a dynamic home gym, the swim jets allow you to swim in place, or dial them down for the kids to play or to walk gently against the current. With the swim jets turned off the spa can be used as a plunge pool for the whole family to take a dip and cool off in summer. Best of all, because powerSMART variable heaters are included as standard you can make sure the water is the perfect temperature any time of year.

If you think a swim spa might be for you or just want to learn more, take a look at our full range of swim spas. We have a swim spas for any size family, any purpose and any budget:

Swim Spas

A swim spa can do everything an in-ground swimming pool can do and more. Want to swim laps? Swim a marathon? Practice for the big race? Done, done and done. Recover after a hard day on the oval? Improve your strength and coordination with water yoga or physiotherapy? Want to do it all in a comfortably heated pool with variable jets idea for anything from a gentle walk to a competition pace? Again, done, done and done!

The best thing is that swim spas can offer all of this in a fraction of the space of an in-ground pool, at a fraction of the cost and without the need for external plumbing and other additional work. Finally, when you are done enjoying the plunge pool and swim jets, relax into one of the massage seats or recliners and soak up the warmth and tranquility of your very own swim spa

Plunge Pools

If you don't want all of the features of a full-on swim spa, Sapphire Spas offers a variety of plunge pools. Plunge pools are available in the same sizes as swim spas but lack many swim jets and massage seats. These less complex spas are meant to take the place of a smaller swimming pool, a perfect option for a relaxing dip in summer or a heated pool to splash and play even in the depths of winter.

Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it's realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump. We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream.


Are you struggling to decide between a swim spa or a spa pool? Not sure which you will use more, or worried that one person in the family will want to enjoy a tranquil massage at the same time as the sporty person wants to swim? Enter the dualzone. A full-featured 5-person spa pool at one end and a 4m swim spa at the other. The entire unit is just 6m long and both the swim spa and spa pool are powered by their own dedicated pumps and have separately controlled thermostats. The dualzone is the perfect option if you want to eat your cake and have it too.

To provide a backyard pool that can be used all year round and is easier to maintain than the usual inground swimming pool, Sapphire Spas have designed our Dualzone swim spa. At 6metres long, this swim spa boldly take their place in your backyard as the solution to the old inground pool which is time consuming to clean and doesn’t get used enough because it’s too cold.

Swim Spas

Sapphire Spa range of Swim Spas

A better alternative to a backyard swimming pool

Dive into a world of fitness and relaxation with our exceptional range of swim spas. Experience the perfect balance of swimming, exercising, and hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own backyard. Discover our innovative swim spas and elevate your wellness journey to new heights.

Your local showroom servicing the Tamworth Region

We have one of our largest stores in Australia located right here in Tamworth. To contact our Tamworth Team please give us a call or fill in an enquiry form.

Sapphire Spas has a spa to suit your every need. Whether you want a compact in-door spa for the master ensuite, an outdoor spa pool, or swim spa to enjoy the company of a group there's an option to suit you. They're a fantastic way to unwind with a warm bath in the winter, relax your sore muscles, or get some exercise, and Sapphire Spas' spas can do it all.

No matter where you are in the country you can find a Sapphire Spas location near you. In the North West region, we have teamed up with Country Rubber and Foam in Tamworth. The team in Tamworth have over 16 years of experience in the pool and spa industry and are able to give you the best service when it comes to finding the perfect spa for your lifestyle.  If you want to try out a Sapphire Spas spa for yourself or find out more about how a spa can make your life even better, contact the team at Country Rubber and Foam now!

Have a look over our 'Welcome to our Family' information which will guide you through the four phases of preparing, installing, enjoying & tips & tricks. We're here to support you every step of the way.