myWatersedgePLUNGE SERIES is a creative reimagining of our popular open plan swim spa

In this series, we’ve innovatively designed a range to offer a more affordable pool solution without compromising quality or functionality. The magic lies in strategically eliminating massage jets, reducing the need for extra equipment to power the spa. This deliberate design choice contributes to more cost-effective running costs for homeowners, a win-win solution combining leisure and practicality.

The myWatersedgePLUNGE SERIES is available in three lengths: 4.0m, 5.0m, and 6.0m. These options allow you to choose a size that harmoniously fits within your backyard’s unique layout and dimensions. No matter the size of your outdoor space, there is a model designed to complement and enhance it.

Two strategically placed swim jets are at the core of our myWatersedgePLUNGE pools’ design. These jets play a dual role: efficiently filtering your pool for easy water maintenance and providing ample resistance and water pressure for water-based exercises. You can comfortably walk against the gentle current, stretch, or engage in yoga-style workouts. The versatility of exercises available can cater to different fitness levels and goals, turning your backyard into a private, always-available fitness hub.


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The most expansive model in this series, the myWatersedge6.0mPLUNGE pool, nearly matches the size of a traditional inground swimming pool. This generous size offers ample room for kids to practice their swimming skills. They can indulge in fun water games like diving for toys at the bottom of the pool, experiment with light swim strokes, and even perfect their doggy paddle. It’s an interactive, enjoyable way to instil important water safety lessons.

Besides its practical uses, the myWatersedgePLUNGE pool also serves as a relaxing retreat. Imagine lounging on the smoothly curved seating at one end of the pool on a hot Summer’s day. With the cool water around you, you could easily envision yourself sitting in the shallows of a beach, chilling off while savouring a cold wine or beer.

Essentially, the myWatersedgePLUNGE SERIES is a testament to Sapphire Spas’ commitment to providing versatile, high-quality, affordable swimming solutions. Whether for fitness, relaxation, family fun, or all of the above, these plunge pools are ready to elevate your backyard experience.