Presenting the myIndulge SERIES, a collection of swim spas masterfully crafted with the modern family in mind. This range of spas uniquely integrates double recliners at one end, a feature that stands out for its thoughtful consideration of parental comfort, while reserving an open pool area at the other for boundless play or exercise.

The myIndulge SERIES comes in two distinct models, a 5m and a 6m variant, enabling you to make the perfect choice that best fits the expanse of your backyard, as well as the size of your family. With these models, the freedom to select what works best for your unique needs is entirely in your hands.



The larger 6m model is a veritable oasis of fun and relaxation. It is designed to accommodate more people and includes playful water spouts that add a fun water play element. This model is perfect for those who love to host, creating a magnet for your kids’ friends to join in the fun and amplify the laughter and joy in your backyard.

Meanwhile, the 5m model offers a more compact option, providing all the benefits and luxurious features of a swim spa but in a size that fits neatly into more modest spaces. It’s ideal for smaller families or those who prefer more intimate gatherings.

For the parents who deserve some pampering, the myIndulge SERIES doesn’t forget you. The twin recliners in these models offer an invigorating full-body massage, ensuring that the adults can indulge in a world of relaxation and therapeutic comfort while the children play. The stand-up jets provide a unique massage feature, tenderly kneading the length of your body as you stand and stretch, the surrounding water providing gentle support.

Ultimately, the myIndulgeSERIES of swim spas isn’t just about owning a swimming pool; it’s about owning an experience that brings joy, relaxation, and togetherness. It’s a valuable addition to any family home, encouraging an active and indulgent lifestyle. With this range, the ideal balance between fun for the kids and relaxation for the parents is truly within your reach.