Guide to Spa Installation in Australia: From Prep to Completion

19 February, 2024

Getting a spa is a big decision, and installing it needs a bit of coordination. There are quite a lot of things to consider, like local regulations, finding good spa installers, electricals, plumbing, delivery and the installation itself. But don't worry, we're here to take you through every step with our step-by-step spa installation guide, using examples from an installation of our 4.5m myWorkout swim spa. Let's keep spa installation simple and stress-free!

Getting a spa is a big decision, and installing it needs a bit of coordination. There are quite a lot of things to consider, like local regulations, finding good spa installers, electricals, plumbing, delivery and the installation itself. But don't worry, we're here to take you through every step with our step-by-step spa installation guide, using examples from an installation of our 4.5m myWorkout swim spa. Let's keep spa installation simple and stress-free!


Step 1: Selecting a spa

Getting a spa installed in your home is a fantastic idea, whether for relaxation, therapeutic reasons, or simply to add value to your property. However, it's important to remember that choosing the right spa isn't as simple as picking one out of a catalogue. Here at Sapphire Spas, it's our goal to help you find the perfect spa that suits your needs. To do this, we'll guide you through considering several important factors.


Spa Size: This is typically the first thing you'll have to decide on. Sapphire Spas offers a wide range of spas, from 2-seater models from our compact spa range to expansive 8-10-seater spas from our Entertain range. Your choice will largely depend on available space.

Here's a few variations of spa sizes:

mySpace 2 person spa myFamily 5 person spa myRetreat 7 person spa myTeam 10 person spa

The mySpace 2-person spa

1640 x 1640 x 2050 x 875mm

myFamily 5-Person Spa

1985 x 1985 x 890mm

myRetreat 7-Person Spa


myTeam 10 Person Spa

3475 x 2285 x 1100mm


Spa Type: We offer traditional spas or hot tubs as well as swim spas, plunge pools and our exclusive Dualzone spa, which combines a swim spa and a spa pool in one convenient unit.  Standard spas are great for soaking, relaxation, and therapeutic benefits, while swim spas afford you the ability to swim against a current and enjoy a full-body workout. 

For instance, a customer contacted our Sapphire Spas Gold Coast distributor, seeking a solution for health, fitness, and relaxation. With expert guidance, they opted for the premium version of our myWorkout 4.5m swim spa because it perfectly aligned with their goals. 


Features and Extras: As you explore our spa range, you’ll notice a variety of options:

  • Mood lighting with LED lights
  • Premium water purification systems
  • Powerful jet configurations
  • Waterfall features
  • Delux cabinetry: choice of EnviroGum natural timber or Duratek, the environmentally friendly timber alternative.

While these features add to the cost, they can significantly enhance your spa experience. 


Quality and Design: Lastly, never underestimate the importance of quality and design. At Sapphire Spas, we are very proud of our top-tier Australian-made spas; every single spa is built entirely by us, meeting the highest Australian Standards. They come with a trusted warranty backed by quality-controlled manufacturing

When it comes to making your decision, we're always here to help. We'll walk with you, guiding you through all the pros and cons until you find the perfect match. After all, we believe a spa is an investment in your health and happiness, and it's one you deserve to get right.


Step 2: Council approvals

After you've picked your favourite spa from Sapphire Spas, the next move is getting council approval. All pools and spas should follow the Australian Standard AS1926-2012. These rules cover how fences, pool gates, and doors or windows near pools need to be designed to keep kids safe. More details about this can be found on the SPASA website.

Rules and regulations can also vary by state and council, so we recommend consulting with your local swim spa installer to draw up plans according to the specific requirements of your area. They'll help navigate the process smoothly, ensuring your spa installation is hassle-free and compliant.


Step 3: Electrical preparation

Electrical works should always be planned out before getting started on concrete slab preparation. Spas have specific power supply requirements. The premium model that this Gold Coast customer chose was the myWorkout swim spa; one of our very best swim spas; it's powered by 3 hydro jet boost pumps and can provide a swim-stream fit for a competitive swimmer.

To power this model requires wiring rated to a minimum 45 Amp load. We were able to provide the customer with all technical documents and specifications so that the circuit and power supply could be designed appropriately by their electrician.


Step 4: Building the spa’s foundation

Once you've got the green light from your local council and your electricals sorted, the next step is to prepare a solid, level concrete slab foundation for the spa.  

Slab preparation is important; poor preparation could lead to an unstable slab that may crack over time.  What's more, a poor foundation will also put undue stress on the spa frame and its components. So, make sure you have a certified concreting contractor on board.

Digger preparing ground for concrete slab


Here's how the slab preparation process went in this Gold Coast spa installation:

  • Building the foundation: the contractors built a strong foundation featuring a reinforced 200mm thick slab. A moisture-proof membrane sits beneath it, resting on 50mm of carefully compacted sand for added durability. This is a common foundation for swim spas when being placed on stable ground.
  • Concrete Pouring: Because of the tight space, a concrete truck couldn't reach the spa site, so wheelbarrows were used to pour the concrete. This was done very carefully to prevent the formation of air bubbles or weak points in the new slab.
  • Paving: Once the concrete had been poured and allowed time to set, it was paving time. The pavers were selected to match the rest of the outdoor area for a cohesive look. It's always better to do paving before installing the spa – saves time, cost, and looks better with pavers neatly under the spa, with no awkward grout lines.

For more details on slab pouring, check out this guide on how to build a solid concrete slab.


Step 5: Installing the spa fence

Putting safety first is key when setting up your spa or pool. A proper fence is a must, not just for rules but for keeping your loved ones and guests safe. Check with your local council or building surveyor for the right fence details. In almost all states and territories in Australia, pool fences are a legal requirement for council planning permits and final certification/approval. Contact your local council or building surveyor to make sure you have the correct fence.

For this specific installation, a 1.3m high fence was required around the entire pool. The regulations also required that the fence couldn't be near anything that could be climbed, like structures or objects.

glass fence for swim spa

Step 6: Delivery of Your New Spa

Once the planning's approved, electrical connections run, and the slab poured to specification, it's time to deliver your spa! Always use a reputable crane or delivery company that can provide proof of insurance on request.

For this installation, a crane truck had to be used and thanks to the excellent preparation in the weeks prior, the delivery process was very quick and successful. Our delivery team took care to place the spa accurately and square in position and feed the electrical connections into the spa cabinet before final placement.


Step 7: Spa Installation 

After delivery and set up of electrical connections, it's time to fill up your new spa. The Sapphire Spas team can run you through the operation of your new spa. Still, we also recommend using our detailed online resources on spa installation to familiarise yourself and get the most out of your new spa.


Step 8: Adding Accessories and extra features

We recommend getting yourself these accessories/features to make your spa experience more enjoyable and comfortable:

  • Spa steps or deck: Due to the height of our swim spas, it’s highly recommended to build a deck or enquire about our stair options that can be supplied to make access to your spa safe and comfortable. The stairs are stainless steel and timber and can be designed to match the style and aesthetic of the chosen spa and its surroundings.
  • A shade cloth: For added protection and to make the spa usable all year round, use a shade cloth that can also be matched to complement the entire spa area.


Step 9: Final council approval

With the spa installed and connected, all safety measures in place and certificates of compliance obtained from the tradespeople involved, you can apply for final approval from the council. 

Most councils in Australia require swimming pools and spas to be registered before use, which is why it’s important to use qualified and registered tradespeople in your spa installation.


Step 10: Using your spa!

Finally, you are free to enjoy your brand-new spa! Pour yourself a well-deserved glass of wine and soak in the warm, bubbling comfort that your Sapphire Spa provides. 

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation, reducing stress after a long day, or invite friends over for a sociable spa day. The choice is all yours!


Final Thoughts On Spa Installation

The installation process of a spa pool or swim spa is not always a quick one, but with careful planning and execution, a great result can be achieved.

From working with the local council to getting the perfect accessories for your needs, having a Sapphire Spa installed will give you years of enjoyment. Our team of experienced sales representatives and installers can work with you to make your spa installation process as quick and easy as possible.

Explore our spa pool, swim spa and plunge pool collection and book a test dip at your local Sapphire Spa retailer. Give us a call at 1300 069 772 if you have questions, or go through our spa installation planning guide for more details.