We live near the beach but love our swim spa as well

17 October, 2021

Don’t get me wrong the beach is a beautiful place to be and we love going there for a salty swim but home is comfortable. At home, you can play music, have food whenever you want, and don’t have to worry about it getting too dark.

After being at the beach it’s nice to know that there’s a warm spa waiting for you.


Remote control to set the temperature

We can keep our swim spa at the temperature we like so it's always ready for us to jump in. We have an extra heat & cool pump unit which can make our spa hotter or colder faster than just the inbuilt heater is capable of. This is great for when it’s hot during the day and cold at night.

We love going in the swim spa at night time because we can turn the lights on and stay in for as long as we want. Because we can control the spa through Mum's phone, we can make sure the swim spa is at the right temperature by the time we're home.


The whole family loves our spa

Swim spas are great for social events whether it’s friends or family. You can sit around the spa with a platter of delicious food while hopping in and out or relaxing with a drink while the kids splash about. My little cousin loves me teaching her to swim when she visits.


Swim Spas

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Active play for all ages

We love having water balloon fights by filling the balloons up with the jets. It’s great because you can still be in the spa while throwing them which means you won’t get cold.

Most beaches don’t allow dogs, especially during the summer, but our dog loves swimming. That’s when a swim spa comes in handy because you can let your dog swim especially in the summer when it’s really hot and they’re not allowed at the beach. You might end up with a bit of dog hair in the water but the filter will deal with that in no time.


Powerful swim jets

The big jets are so powerful. We love having competitions to see who can swim for the longest or touch the bar first. The spa is also great for exercise because you can swim against the jets or even do active recovery and stretching.


Mum & Dad built a deck so we can get in & sit around our swim spa

When are swim spa was delivered for Christmas a couple of years ago, we couldn't wait to jump in; you can see us swimming in the tiny amount of water as it was filling up. Our spa was just on the concrete slab for the first summer until we had time and money to finish the whole pool area.

It was fun having a pool at our own house, as well as being able to drive to the beach, but it's so much better now that we've helped Mum & Dad build a deck around it so we don't have to get in using a ladder. Our friends come over to play and our big brother plays music and sits in there talking to his mates after their footy matches. They leave towels and mess everywhere but it doesn't really matter when everyone is enjoying themselves.