Swim Spa Installation in Australia: Install A Swim Spa In 10 Easy Steps

13 February, 2024

Swim spas are a wonderful cross between a backyard swimming pool and a relaxing hot tub. Starting at a length of four to six metres, these compact yet spacious spa pools require careful planning and installation.

Sapphire Spas, home of high-quality Australian-made spas, has outlined the ten key steps for a successful swim spa installation.

The 10 Easy Steps To Installing a Swim Spa in Australia

1. Choose a Swim Spa
2. Get Planning Approvals
3. Prepare and Excavate The Site
4. Install The Concrete Slab
5. Prep Electricals
6. Organise Your Swim Spa Delivery
7. Install Your Swim Spa
8. Add Decking And Steps
9. Get Final Council Approval
10. Plan Structural Landscape Design As Required


1. Choose a Swim Spa

The first step is understanding which swim spa best fits you and your lifestyle. Since a swim spa is a significant commitment, carefully consider size, features, and budget.

  • Size and space: Check the available space in your backyard, deck, patio or balcony to figure out what spa dimensions will fit comfortably.

  • Features: What features matter most to you? Some spas, like the myIndulge6.0m, come with playful water spouts that are great for families with kids. Swim spas like the myLapswim4.5m feature powerful swim jets and adjustable speed controls for fitness-minded spa users seeking a customised workout.
  • Budget: Establish a clear budget, considering not only the initial price of the spa but also installation costs and potential long-term operating expenses. Quality swim spas from Sapphire Spas start from $20,000 for our Plunge specification and can go up to $50,000 or more for a fully customised swim spa. Swim spas are an investment not just for your home but also for your health, so while the upfront expenses may seem significant, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

Sapphire Spas is here to assist you in finding the perfect swim spa that aligns with your budget, space availability and required features. Follow this guide to choosing a swim spa for more detailed instructions.

Swim Spas

Our range of swim spa for you to choose from

Swim Spas

A Sapphire swim spa is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a spa and a pool in the comfort of your own home. Swim Spas offer many benefits over traditional pools, they are portable and self-contained, so there’s no need for excavation or plumbing work. They can replace a gym membership, with your choice of swim jet configurations to ensure you can walk, run or competitively swim in your own backyard. They also replace your masseuse, make the most of your free time sitting back and enjoying the hydrotherapy massage jets as they wash away your muscle aches and pains. Plus, with their integral heating, a Sapphire Spas swim spa is a true all-seasons swimming pool solution. Make the most of your time with a Sapphire Spas swim spa, the perfect way to work out, relax or play.

2. Planning Approvals

Planning approval plan for swim spa

Once you’ve purchased a swim spa that fits your lifestyle needs, space considerations, and budget, the next step is getting planning approval from the council.

Spa pool regulations can vary depending on your state and council, so we recommend getting in touch with a local, certified builder or construction engineer to design a compliant slab and produce technical drawings to the council’s required standard.

Above is an example of a technical drawing of a myWorkout4.5m swim spa for a Gold Coast customer.


3. Site Preparation And Excavation

Digger preparing ground for concrete slab

Caption: Excavation of a Manawatu site for installing a myWorkout5.0m swim spa.

Once the planning has been approved, the next important step is preparing the area for your swim spa.

This involves preparing a level space, putting up a retaining wall (if necessary), and ensuring the foundations are just right.


4. Concrete Slab Installation

5. Electrical Prep

Electrician connecting swim spa

Electrical work should always be done before the concrete slab preparation stage. Swim spas need a specific power setup, so planning this out in advance is crucial.

For example, the premium myWorkout4.5m swim spa features three hydro jet boost pumps for a powerful swim stream. You'll need wiring rated to a minimum 45 Amp load to run this model.

You'll receive all the necessary technical documents and specifications with your spa purchase. These are for your electrician to use when setting up the correct circuit and power supply.


6. Swim Spa Delivery

Swim spa delivery with crane

It’s time to bring your swim spa home! Before it arrives, make sure there's a clear path for the delivery vehicle, like a crane or truck, from the driveway to where you want your spa.

Your Sapphire Spas dealer can guide you on the space needed. The driver will try to get as close as possible for unloading, but you'll need to be there to help and have enough people to move the spa into place.

Check your spa's dimensions and consider whether it needs tilting to fit through small spaces. Always choose a reliable delivery company with insurance.


Crane Hire & Operation For Hard-To-Access Sites

If access to the site is a bit tricky, chat with your local Sapphire Spas store to explore any extra steps needed, like using a crane, which might not be included in the standard delivery.

The Sapphire Spas team has experience delivering spas to the most difficult sites, like apartment balconies and rooftop terraces. We'll work with you to find the best solution for a smooth and stress-free delivery, ensuring your spa reaches its destination, no matter how unique the setting.


7. Swim Spa Installation

Spa installation

Once the spa is delivered, we can finish the electrical and plumbing connections and start filling the spa.

The Sapphire Spas team is happy to guide you on using your new spa, but we also suggest checking out our online resources for more info and tips to make the most of your spa experience!


8. Decking And Steps

Swim spa with glass gate

It’s time to accessorise and add the finishing touches to your swim spa haven! Given the elevated height of our swim spas, we highly recommend considering a deck or exploring our stair options to guarantee safe and comfortable access to your spa.

Our swim spa access stairs are designed for safety and to complement the spa's style and enhance the overall aesthetic of your chosen space.

Spa with umbrella

We suggest incorporating a shade cloth into your spa area during the design phase to ensure year-round use and provide extra protection. This adds a stylish touch to your backyard and completes the entire spa setup.


9. Final Council Approval

Once the spa is installed and connected and all safety measures are in place, including obtaining certificates of compliance from the involved tradespeople, you'll be ready to apply for final approval from the council.

Many councils in Australia require swimming pools and spas to be registered before use. That's why enlisting qualified and registered tradespeople for your spa installation is crucial to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.


10. Structural Landscape Design As Required

Swim Spa with bar deck

Consider landscaping around the swim spa to create a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor space. This could be anything from a simple waterfall to an elaborate fountain.

If you don't have the space for a water feature, you could always add some plants or shrubs around the spa pool. This will make it more of a private space that you and your family can enjoy together.


Recap: Key Points On Swim Spa Installation

  • Choose your spa, get planning approvals, and prep the site and the electricals before laying the concrete foundation.
  • Have your swim spa delivered using a crane if the site is difficult to access.
  • Next is your swim spa installation, including electrical and plumbing connections and spa filling.
  • Add a touch of style to your spa with a structural landscape design, stairs for added height, and a spa shade for all-year-round use.
  • Wrap it up with council approval and compliance certificates.

With these ten steps, you're well on your way to enjoying the benefits of a swim spa in your backyard. Getting your swim spa installed might take some time, but it's all worth it for the fantastic results!

Whether coordinating with the local council or picking out the perfect accessories, having a spa from Sapphire Spas installed means years of pure enjoyment. Browse our collection of premium, Australian-made swim spas and get in touch with your local Sapphire Spas distributor for more details on installation.