Keeping Elderly Fit: The Importance of Maintaining Motion

19 November, 2021

As our population ages, it is becoming more and more important to maintain the health of the elderly. One way that this can be done is by keeping their muscles active through exercises. Old age tends to bring about a lack of mobility in both arms and legs which means that staying fit becomes increasingly difficult without some help. This blog post will discuss how you can keep your loved ones healthy with exercise!

Muscles deteriorate if they're inactive, but research shows that exercise has a protective effect against this deterioration. Moving muscles around stimulates the production of new protein strands, which can help buffer it from damage. Muscle contractions also cause the release of chemicals like adrenaline and noradrenaline, which keep muscle tissue strong and healthy. It is true that muscles deteriorate faster than most other tissues in the body when we don't use them. This might even be an evolutionary response to our now-sedentary lifestyle.


Exercises for Seniors to Keep Fit and Mobile

Squats are an excellent exercise for seniors to get their legs in shape. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend the knees slightly, like you're about to sit down. Keep your chest out and back straight as you lower yourself toward the ground (don't go all the way down) then rise again slowly while squeezing the buttocks. Don't worry about speed or quantity; instead, concentrate on good form and doing 10 to 20 repetitions until you feel some tension in your body.

Another great idea is simply going for a walk or working in the garden. Gardening can be great exercise for seniors, as it uses both the upper and lower body and it's not too strenuous overall. Besides, it's always good to get outside, so if gardening relaxes you, go for it. Gardening can also help with mental health, but most people need a strong balance of both physical and mental exercise to stay fit and be healthy. With that said, I'm still not convinced lawn mowings aren't just really lame cardio workouts anyone could do sitting on the couch with their very own beer. It's said that lawn mowing for thirty minutes is equivalent to running 3 miles.

If you're like me and love to go beyond what's expected, and don't want the hassle of traveling, then maybe you should consider getting a swim spa. Swim spas offer the physical space for full body movement and resistance training. In addition, swim spas have a hydrotherapy feature that can help with mobility and stress relief. They are not only great for the body but also provide peace of mind as you watch your family enjoy their time in the pool! The powerful jets from a swim spa enable you to swim just like in a swimming pool, except you stay in the same location. Plus time flies when you're relaxed and having fun which is another benefit to owning a swim spa.

Swim Spas

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Looking Forward To Our Older Years

Aside from the obvious health reasons for staying fit and keeping our bodies in motion what are some of the higher reasons we should maintain body motion in our older years? Could it be so that we can spend more time traveling or spending time with family most important to you? Perhaps learning new things, writing a book or just having quality time with your life long partner are all great alternatives! The main thing enjoy life - there should be plenty to keep one busy once retired. Work on hobbies that suit your pre-retirement skill set so you can find a new purpose for them after retirement; volunteer; or start something new.

Retirement doesn't have to mean the end of an active lifestyle. There are so many ways to remain engaged in life even after retirement- volunteering in the community or at a senior centre where you'll meet others with similar interests and concerns. There are so many fun hobbies to pick up, workshops to attend or crazy adventures that can come into play when you're retired.

It's like a second life, and this time you're not as bound by the conventions of "society" or your work routine; which means there are no limitations to what you do with your free time. Whether it be traveling around Australia on a motorbike, learning how to fly planes (I know some older people who have done this) or attending concerts of your favourite band.

It's important to keep active and find these new hobbies because it keeps you young, physically at least and most of all keeps you active and in motion. You're about to go on a journey! It'll be different every single day. Some days will feel frustrating, some days won't be too bad. You might think you have things all figured out - but before you know it life's thrown its curve ball and your retirement is full of surprises. And that's OK! Retirement is for discovery, mistakes are how we learn so don't let the fear of making them stop you from getting out there and seeing what else this world has in store for you after your career is over.


If you want to enjoy your golden years, make sure to maintain in motion. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the retirement you've been dreaming of! Just like anything else in life that has been neglected, if you don't stay active and keep your body in motion you will get weaker over time and not be able to enjoy perhaps the best phase of life. On the other hand, with some simple exercises or activities you can stay in great shape and get the best from life.  All you need to do is get into a routine of doing something that is fun and physically engaging at the same time.  Who knows, you may just find a new hobby that can last for the rest of your life!