How to Keep Kids Happy & Active in an Increasingly Digital World

28 January, 2022
Kids these days are in a world of their own. They're surrounded by screens and technology, with no time to be active or socialise in person. With the recent increase of children diagnosed with ADHD and autism, it's important for kids to get out from behind the computer screen and enjoy life outside.They use their smartphones and tablets for everything from socialising to playing games, and they're glued to screens all day long. This can be detrimental to their health and happiness. The problem with this is that kids need physical activity just as much as they need mental stimulation, and the two don't always mix well. But with a little creativity, it doesn't have to be! In this blog post, we will discuss how to keep your children happy and active throughout the day so they can thrive in our increasingly digital world!

Encourage Tech-Free Time Outside Of The House

Kids are naturally curious, creative, and energetic. It's amazing how much they can achieve as soon as we give them the chance to explore their world (and themselves). A little bit of structure is needed at times but I believe in encouraging curiosity and creativity whenever possible.
For kids to be healthy, happy, and active they need regular exposure to natural light and physical activity is key for improving moods (we should take breaks during school whenever possible ), and they need unstructured time to be creative.
We can do this in many ways outside of the house, but there are still lots of opportunities for fun inside too! Whether you want your kids playing with colored pencils or just encouraging them to play more board games at home, it's all about finding what works best for everyone!
One study found that kids who have regular outdoor playtime at least 3 times a week slept better, acted more patiently, and were less prone to anxiety than those who barely go outside all week long. A few reasons why: exposure to natural light changes our internal circadian rhythm (or the one we measure with all our fancy technology), physical activity is key for improving moods (we should take breaks during school whenever possible), and exercise relieves stress hormones like cortisol which can actually improve sleep quality. So get your little lady or man acquainted with t bit of structure is needed at times but the backyard!  

The Connection Between Physical Activity & Concentration

There is actually a connection between physical activity and our concentration when not being physical. Getting physical or exercising prevents exhaustion and fatigue associated with sitting down at a desk for a long time, which can lead to decreased focus from mental downtime from distracting thoughts. It also boosts blood circulation which helps remove toxic wastes from the body that cause impairment in brain function, affecting concentration levels.
The importance of these two things can be noticed through experiments where students were either given caffeine, given glucose injections or made to sit down and only take tests. Those who took the glucose injections had significantly higher false alarm rates on their tests than those who took caffeine or sat still for 5 minutes after being told not to move. Furthermore, those who were making to stay still for an extended period of time also had higher scores on the same test.
The simple fact is that children who do not get enough sleep and/or exercise are far more likely to suffer from concentration problems than those who regularly engage in these activities. This is why sometimes you need to switch off their devices or limit their screen time and get them off the couch.
It's not easy to teach kids how to use technology properly, but it is necessary if we want happy & active children in a modern era . It will help with self-esteem, mental dexterity and interpersonal skills. This way they can become better adults for tomorrow!



Get Out & About : have fun Dancing : Go for a Swim

It is important to get them outside and explore the world, whether it's by going on a hike or visiting a museum. They need more time in nature rather than sitting inside looking at screens all day long! The lack of outdoor activity can lead to obesity as well as depression so it is best for everyone if they step outside.
There are many ways to get them active, even if it's just going for a walk around the block or having a picnic in the park with some friends. If you want to do something different then go dancing together! It's not only fun but it gets you moving, which is beneficial for physical health.
Children love to play games and get competitive so why not join them! Go swimming together or just have some fun on the trampoline in your backyard. This will give you time with each other while still having fun and getting active at the same time.
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Encourage Activity On Rainy Days

Sometimes depending where you live it can be raining for days on end. To keep them active and interested throughout the year try some of these fun winter activities you can do together.
Get your kids to play with you indoors. It sounds old fashioned, but sometimes people need a little extra motivation to get active for more than 10 minutes at a time. So find an indoor activity that's fun and engaging, then invite your kids into it. Maybe a board game or cooking challenge.
When it rains, try experimenting with different exercises indoors. You can use resistance bands or dowel rods, do Tai Chi in the bathroom, or sit down and do some stretches you'll find online. Depending on their age and level of attention span, watch a couple YouTube videos together while you both exercise - just be sure to choose appropriate content for kids!
Younger children who don't want to go outside could draw or  paint or colour with chalk, play on a backyard playground, have an impromptu dance party in the living room to their favourite music.


So we hope you found these hints and tips useful. If you have kids, try them next time the weather is blue. Being inside doesn't mean we have to play on our phones or watch movies all day, it can be active and fun. Remember, parents can influence their children's behavior and habits for life through the way they approach parenting.