Arthritis Relief: Get Into a Spa Pool to Lessen Joint Pains

07 December, 2021
Arthritis is a tricky condition that can make seemingly simple tasks difficult. When you're in pain, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and start your day in pain. However, long warm showers or hot spa pool sessions - especially in the morning - can help ease joint stiffness, relieve arthritis symptoms and prepare you for the day. 'Better Health' Victoria agrees with this approach and recommends regular sessions for joint preservation and protection from further damage. Soaking in a spa pool is not only beneficial for those with arthritis but can also help relieve joint pain from other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. Getting into a spa pool may be the answer if you want to lessen your joint pains!
Typically, heat relieves joint pain and stiffness by increasing the blood flow to the area. When you soak your joints in hot water or apply heat, it helps to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness. The warmth of the water supports joint flexibility, helps blood flow when lymph nodes are moved gently by the softening effect of heat on surrounding tissues, soothes inflammation, and can relax muscles by soothing tension-produced pain in ligaments around joints. Soaking in warm water has also been shown to help with relief from sinus congestion and respiratory complications, which can be common effects of arthritis, along with feeling better because it provides relief from pain and stiffness due to sore muscles.

The Power of Buoyancy & Hydrotherapy

A warm water workout benefits individuals with arthritis or another musculoskeletal problem since their bodies are supported and the resistance offered by moving through the water increases muscle strength and endurance.  The buoyancy of the water takes stress off painful joints and muscles, which is why aquatic exercise is a popular choice for those seeking relief from pain. The hydrostatic pressure of the water also helps improve blood circulation and relieve edema (fluid retention) in limbs.
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The most suitable type of water exercise for you depends on several factors, such as:
-    the type of arthritis you have,
-    how your arthritis affects you
-    your fitness level
-    your confidence in the water
-    your personal preferences and interests.
-    the location of your arthritis in the body,
-    your level of physical fitness and flexibility.
Some recommended water exercises for those with arthritis are:
-    Walking or swimming in the deep end of a pool
-    Moving slowly through the water with support from a buoyant belt
-    Swimming laps from one end to the other
-    Gentle stretching exercises and yoga poses done in the water
-    Hydrotherapy – a specific type of exercise therapy offered by physiotherapists as one-on-one sessions for individuals or in small groups.

A New Beginning With An Increased Range Of Motion

When using a heated spa pool and hydrotherapy for your arthritis, you can expect an increased range of motion and flexibility over time. With the warmth and buoyancy of the water, hydrotherapy can relieve joint pain by promoting optimal joint lubrication, so movement is easier and less painful for those suffering from arthritis. When you can rid yourself of this pain of the past, you start living again and have a new outlook on life.  Additionally, regular use of a spa pool can increase your strength, stamina and energy levels as you regain some of the life you used to enjoy.

Get Started Today

If you have your own spa pool, you should take action immediately; if not, there are still other solutions to cater to your needs. You can visit the local swimming pool and ask for their assistance. You can also try recreation and fitness centres where they sometimes offer classes to do fun group activities to get you in motion. Alternatively, if this is not something you’re looking forward then consider purchasing your own portable hot tub, which will provide both comfort and relieve arthritis pain in your own home, allowing you to be comfortable as well as alleviating your pain.


The Best Spa Pool For You!

If you've made the decision to go out and get a spa pool for yourself, then congratulations. You're making a wise choice, and you'll be happy to know that this is one of the best decisions you can make when taking care of your arthritis. Plus, there are many ways to stay fit and have fun with your spa pool. At Sapphire spas we have a huge range when choosing the right spa for arthritis relief, which comes in all sizes, from two-person spas up to ten-person family spas. Depending on your budget and exact requirements, you can find the best spa for you that ticks all boxes for all your needs. Of course, if you would like something for swimming and exercise, you should explore our range of spas for arthritis relief, spas are long enough and with powerful jets to allow you to swim without needing a full-sized swimming pool. In fact, you can even use a swim spa as an outdoor pool if that’s what you want.



If you are afflicted with arthritis, the best way to relieve your symptoms is by immersing yourself in a warm spa pool. It's a cost-effective and natural way to ease your pain and return to living a normal life. You can soothe stiff muscles and joints, restore flexibility and relieve pain. Give it a try and see how you feel and if you have experienced some of the benefits of using a spa pool for your arthritis, please let us know in the comments.