A New Trend in Swim Spa Pool Fitness : Core, Calves and Stretch

05 October, 2021

You want to get in shape but you don't have time for the gym. Spa pool & swim spa exercises are the answer! Spa pools & larger swim spas offer a variety of exercise opportunities that will help tone your muscles and improve your fitness level. They're not only designed for relaxation but also to provide people with a fun workout session that they can do without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance. In this blog post, we will outline three spa exercises that are easy to do whilst you're waiting for that roast dinner to cook in the oven.


Working Your Core

Spa pool & swim spa exercises for your core are usually performed while you're sitting in the water. While seated, place both hands on the edges of the spa and sit up straight with good posture, face inward toward the centre of your spa or hot tub. Extend your legs out in front of you so that they are submerged under water but keep them close together to help maintain balance.

If you have a swim spa at home, you will also be able to support yourself in the corner at the swim jet end and perform these same abdominal exercises with your body floating into the swim area. You can add a tougher challenge by turning on one or more of your swim jet streams to create further resistance to your body throughout this exercise.


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Your body should be in an 'L' shape with your abdominal holding your legs up. Now simply engage your abdominal muscles by drawing your belly button towards your spine as far as it will go without straining or holding this position too long. You can hold a small weight if you want to increase the difficulty level, although it is not necessary since even engaging these muscles alone will provide some benefit! Next try to bring both knees into your chest, hold that position for about 10 seconds and then fully extend your legs together again.

This move focuses on your rectus abdominus (core) muscles, so make sure to keep your back straight, and avoid bringing your shoulders toward your ears, which increases tension in your neck. Perform three sets of 15 repetitions for a killer abdominal burn.

When you're done here, move on to the next exercise.


Toning Your Calves

The next exercise targets another muscle group - one which many people often overlook. Your calves, in particular, are a region that is usually tight and underdeveloped. They should however be well toned for your legs to appear strong and healthy overall, and the extra strength will come in handy when you're out for long walks.

Stand with your legs fully extended and your heels firmly flat on the pool floor, keeping your shoulders above water level. Now raise your heels on your tippy-toes by rolling along the outsides of your feet until you are fully extended, hold it there for a few seconds then come back down again and allow your calves to rest, do this for 15 repetitions over three sets. This should take you no more than 10 minutes max and over time will provide stability for yourself as well as target those calf muscles!

Don't forget to engage your core by keeping the abdominal muscles tight as though you are anticipating a punch in the stomach. Be prepared, if you haven't done a good fitness session in a while your legs could be sore for a few days, don't worry it will get better with time.

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Stretch Your Whole Body

Lastly, let's focus on stretching out our body after all that hard work we just did! The major benefit to stretching in your spa pool (as opposed to outside) is that it's easier to keep your balance while you perform these moves.

Begin in a standing posture with one leg straight and the other leg bent and grab your foot behind you. Pull against the resistance of the water, keeping the bent knee close to your standing leg for a deep quadriceps (thigh) stretch. Support yourself against the wall by holding one hand if desired. Repeat on the other side for 20 seconds before changing legs again and repeating this movement for 20 seconds.

To expand your back, torso, and shoulders, grasp the wall with both feet flat and pull your hips backward away from your hands and toward the middle of your spa. Flatten your back and tighten your core while reaching through your scapula (shoulder blade) and arms with your face towards the water. By pulling away from the wall of the spa pool with your hands, as though you're climbing towards the edge of the spa, extend and stretch your back. This should provide some comfort to your entire back muscles.




These easy exercises are great ways to improve joint mobility, cardiovascular health and overall fitness in the controlled, low-impact environment of your spa or hot tub. For a more challenging workout, you can make any movement harder by adding light hand weights or by increasing the number of repetitions for an extended burn.

This swim spa & spa pool exercise is great because it will not only help lengthen our muscles but can be used as an opportunity to relax, breathe deeply and truly enjoy each moment we have in life with loved ones; practice gratitude every day.