6 person spa


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4450 x 2290 x 1310

800kg dry
7400kg wet

myPersonaltrainer 6 Person Spa

Click here to view all our swim spa shapes. Your complete fitness program, myPersonaltrainer alone can provide all the equipment you need to improve your health or maintain your current level of fitness. Aquatic exercise is a safe way to train because 90% of your body weight is supported by the water with this swimming spa. This significantly reduces the stressful impact of land-based activity. Select a leisurely pace or challenge yourself against the 4 fully adjustable, high volume swim jets to create a current you can swim against. Once your workout is complete, choose your corner and stand against the vertical body jet panel to receive a full body rub down. Then move across to a lounger or hot seat packed with a thoughtfully configured array of jets which will stimulate blood flow and encourage muscle recovery. If you are looking for a swim spa to seat more people, have a look at myLapswim. myPersonalTrainer is our most popular top of the range swim spa at the moment.Have a look; we hope you are tempted.

Product Specifications

classic smartsaver extreme
SQR jets 53 57 79
Swim jets 4 4 4
Neck and shoulder massage Optional
Filtration Pump 1 1 1
Hydrojet boost pump 2 3 4
POWERsmart control SV3 SV3 SV4+iTouch
POWERsmart variable heater 6kw 6kw 6kw
POWERsmart heat pump Optional 5.5kw 8.8kw
Minimum power required 32amp 32amp 45amp
heat&cool pump OPTIONS 5.5/8.8/12kw 8.8/12k 12kw
Heat pump ready plumbing
Purewater ozone sanitation
Clearzone water sanitisation Optional
LED waterline lighting
iLight swim tracking Optional Optional
Waterspouts Optional
2 x cool down seats seats OPT seats STD/jets OPT seats & jets STD
Cedar cabinet
Duratek cabinet Optional Optional Optional
Lockable hardcover blizzard cover
Stainless steel support bar Optional
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