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Small footprint backyard pools for splash, play & weightless exercise

Everything you need to know about Plunge Pools in Australia


In this article we are going to explore everything you need to know about plunge pools in Australia. Traditionally, a plunge pool is a deep hole created at the base of a cascading waterfall. Inspired by nature, swim spa and swimming pool companies have developed ways for you to enjoy this same experience in your own home. Self-contained plunge pools can now be pre-built in a factory or formed onsite to replicate the beauty and experience these natural wonders provide.


Plunge pools are compact, so ideal where space is limited. They range from 4 to 6 metres in length and just over 2m in width and they can be made from moulded acrylic, precast concrete or a fibreglass shell. The moulded acrylic pools are usually self contained within a cedar cabinet so all the equipment is connected and ready for use. Precast concrete and also fibreglass plunge pools will be delivered as a shell which will need to be craned into a hole or onto a concrete slab then connected to the running gear and power supply.



When you plunge into one of these pools as you explore the wilderness, it will surely cool you down. Much like a backyard swimming pool, concrete and fiberglass plunge pools are usually also cool to be enjoyed on a hot summers day or after your morning exercise. Some can also be heated for use throughout the cooler months but, lack of insulation means they are not very efficient.

Some swim spa companies however, build acrylic plunge pools that are manufactured as a complete package in a self contained cedar cabinet. This enables them to incorporate effective insulation methods into the unit itself so heating, and also cooling, your plunge pool becomes efficient, for use all year round. Sapphire plunge pools also partner well with our external heat&cool pump for economical temperature control.

Most acrylic portable plunge pools have been developed by spa pool companies that build swim spas. Instead of x 4 swim jets, plunge pools have just 2, so they are perfect for aquatic exercise with some light resistance from the water pressure.

As a rule of thumb, 1 & 2 pump plunge pools & swim spas are not designed for a swim workout unless you are supported by a swim tether. 1 & 2 pump swim spas are more suitable for hot or cold plunge swimming and kids splash and play. 

Most plunge pools have some basic massage jets positioned around the seated areas but they aren’t really designed for effective hydrotherapy. Moulded acrylic plunge pools can also be built to your specification by adding more massage jets so it doubles as a therapeutic spa pool.

The circular, concrete tank style pools are really just to jump into as a quick cool off, but the kids could splash around in the slightly larger rectangular concrete and fiberglass plunge pools that are almost 5.0m long.

At Sapphire Spas, our plunge pools are completely factory built in our Victorian manufacturing facility. Your new pool will arrive at your house as one complete unit so can be installed in a day once your site has been prepared, either as a DIY project or with the help of selected tradesmen. If power to your site is limited then a plunge pool may be your best option as they don’t require as much power as our powerful 4 swim jet models.


Plunge pools have been developed as the need for a smaller backyard pool arose. With a more compact footprint and smaller body of water, plunge pools are fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional large backyard swimming pool.

Less water also means it’s easier and cheaper to keep clean and keep warm. Most plunge pools also come with a cover to keep out any leaves and debris, whereas a swimming pool will need vacuuming and filtering often to clean anything that falls into the water.

Some people add solar water heating to their swimming pools which, when the sun is shining, can raise the water temperature enough to take the chill off. Solar heating however, is not a viable way to keep a swimming pool warm enough to enjoy throughout the cooler months. External heat pumps may increase the temperature a little but the large body of water of a swimming pool just simply becomes too expensive to keep warm enough to enjoy except throughout summer. Plunge pools, much like spa pools and swim spas work really well with external heat and cool pumps. These heating and coolings systems were developed specifically to offer a cost effective way to heat a body of water in a spa or plunge pool to as high as 40 degrees and also cool the water on hotter days as well so it can also be used much like a swimming pool. This is great because then your plunge pool basically doubles as a swimming pool as well so you can get the use out of it all year round.

Some swimming pool companies do offer smaller backyard pools, known as plunge or courtyard pools, but they’re still not insulated or efficiently heated and cooled like a plunge pool can be.

Smaller usually means cheaper to buy and also cheaper to install. Less materials are needed to manufacture an all-in-one plunge pool package compared with the complexities of custom building a swimming pool onsite. Regular swimming pools are either custom built onsite by preparing and spraying concrete or craning in a fiberglass shell, once a large enough hole has been excavated to suit. This labour intensive process can take months depending on the site, weather and size of the pool, whereas a plunge pool can simply be craned onto a suitable concrete slab, as the most basic install. Decks, pergolas, steps and landscaping can of course be completed at a later date, but are not necessary for you and your family to enjoy the pool on delivery day.



Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it’s realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with an energy efficient external heat and cool pump.



Backyard exercise:

It’s a great idea to position your plunge pool close to the house so you can step out the back door and use it as your home gym. We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of our plunge pools, for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream. 

Even with just one pump / swim jet running, you can exercise at a walking or jogging pace; much like wading through the water in the ocean. This is great for your cardio fitness and helps build abdominal strength through resistance.

Swimming lessons:

Instead of an afternoon at the hot and stuffy local pool, come straight home after school and hop in your plunge pool with the kids to teach them to kick supported whilst holding the grab rail or freestyle arms against just one swim jet to hold them in place. Throw in some pool toys to encourage underwater play and finish off with free splashing and a fruit platter. Dry off on your own deck then start the bbq when Dad gets home.

A day at the beach:

‘I love going to the beach but Mum & Dad only took us a few times last summer because it was too cold! Now my baby sister can play on the steps with Mum while Dad & I play water games in the deep end’

The wide steps & open plan layout of myWatersedgeSERIES is ideal for child’s play & toddler splashing. The Sapphire plunge specification with 2 powerful swim jets is just enough water movement for kids to swim against and create a whirlpool for pool toy fun. There’s even enough room in the myWatersedge6.0m for kids to safely jump in from the edge. 


Rehabilitation & mobility:

‘Being able to exercise freely without my joints aching is something I never thought I would be able to experience again. My swim spa has given me a new lease on life’

The power of the 2 swim jets in plunge pools can be adjusted to allow for any level of competency and even turned off for stretch or rehabilitation exercise. These effective rehabilitation tools can help maintain mobility in older years as you exercise supported by the buoyancy of the warm water. 

Water pilates & yoga

As long as you design your routine so your head is above the water, these small pools can also be used for water pilates, stretching or yoga. You could introduce a resistance band for support or make use of the seated areas throughout the pool. Try some water weights or use the swim jets for pressure to move yourself around the water.



Reputable portable swim spa companies sell plunge pools starting from around $25,000 + delivery and installation. The price is dependant upon the equipment that you choose to add to the pool. More jets, more pumps and a more powerful heater will all add to the cost of an entry level plunge pool with a basic heater and 2 swim jets. 

Even if the price of an acrylic moulded plunge pool is similar to the cost of a small concrete or fiberglass pool, don’t forget that a self contained acrylic portable plunge pool can simply be craned onto a steel reinforced 150mm thick concrete slab for you to enjoy that day, whereas a concrete or fiberglass shell will need to be installed and connected to the running equipment before it’s ready for use.


Round and rectangular concrete and fiberglass plunge pools are available in many sizes from 2.5m - 4.8m but Sapphire Spas moulded acrylic plunge pools can be 4.0m - 6.0m in length and 2.3m wide.


myWatersedgeSERIES is available in 4.0m, 5.0m & 6.0m. This has a simple yet sophisticated rectangular design with wide entry steps, with seating at one end and swim jets in a large pool area at the other. This is the most popular in our plunge pool range in Australia.


myWorkoutSERIES of plunge pools are manufactured at 4.5m, 5.0m & 6.0m in length. This model is more similar to our higher priced swim spas which are more built for massage. myWorkout has a single lounger and 3 moulded massage seats at the spa end and still the large pool area at the swim jet end. myWorkout plunge pools have an ideal number of massage jets to allow you to get the most out of the pumps that are availble in this specification of pool.

Contact your local Sapphire Spa store today to find a plunge pool to suit yoru lifestyle. We can provide a fully inclusive quote which will detail every aspect of Sapphire’s promise to deliver your chosen plunge pool, complete and ready to enjoy. We can quote & organise delivery including crane, if required or guide you through a DIY install if you wish to be more hands on with the installation.


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Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it's realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump. We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream. The wide steps & open plan layout of myWatersedge is ideal for child’s play & toddler splashing.

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