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As the #1 family owned pool store on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Taree Pool Supplies are proud to offer the Australian Made & Owned Sapphire Spas range of swim spas, spa pools and plunge pools. This exciting Aussie brand aligns with the services we provide so you can enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

We look forward to supporting you as your locally owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience; visit our showroom today.


Offering quality swim spas & spa pools

We offer the popular Australian made Sapphire Spa brand of spa pools, swim spas and portable 6 metre pool and spa combinations. Sapphire Spas are the only fully Australian accredited company manufacturing spas for Export around the world.

Our team are here to guide you through all the different types and arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision on which one is right for you. We can find you the perfect swim spa that is energy efficient and at the same time practical and relevant to your family’s needs. 


At Taree Pool Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering fuss-free customer service, competitive pricing and being easy to do business with. Unlike some of the big chain stores, we won’t pile you up with things you don’t need and our pool chemicals are more concentrated than some of the more common, cheaper brands on the market. Which means you get more value for your money!


Our specialised team provides prompt servicing in the Taree region, providing an extensive range of high quality Australian made Sapphire Spas and swim spas.

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Can't fit a swimming pool in your backyard?

Have you ever looked at a swim spa as your backyard swimming pool? We build swim spas 2300mm wide to fit into most Aussie backyard spaces. You can choose from 3.5m in length up to 6.0m long which is similar in size to a mid-sized swimming pool.

Swim spas are also much easier to get into your home. They require a concrete slab to support the weight of the spa and water but no digging is needed to install into the ground, like a swimming pool. Sapphire swim spas are self-supporting within the robust, structural cabinet, making them portable and simple to crane into place. You can then choose to build decking and outdoor structures around your new swim spa to achieve the 'built-in' look.

Swim Spas

A NO-DIG alternative to a backyard swimming pool

Dive into a world of fitness and relaxation with our exceptional range of swim spas. Experience the perfect balance of swimming, exercising, and hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own backyard. Discover our innovative swim spas and elevate your wellness journey to new heights.

A new spa pool will become the 'hub of your home'

Bringing family members together to enjoy happy, healthy exercise is what spa pools are all about. Make sure you choose a layout with seating for Mum & Dad so you can enjoy a full body massage once the kids have had enough. Have a look at our two best selling family spas; our double recliner myChillout and single recliner myDream both provide amazing massages, upstaged only by our luxurious range of spas, packed with as many jets as possible. 

Enjoy exploring our extensive spa range below....

Spa Pools

Explore our exceptional collection of spa pools

Discover the perfect spa pool to fit your lifestyle and provide you and your family with relaxation and rejuvenation every day. 

We hope you enjoy choosing from our range of exceptional spas with a size, seating arrangement and massage therapy to suit every 'body'.


What is a spa pool?

A spa pool, also known as a hot tub or pool spa, is a specially designed structure that holds warm water. A spa pool combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water with powerful jets that provide massaging and soothing effects to the body. Spa pools offer a range of features, such as adjustable jets, seating options, lighting, and temperature control, allowing users to customise their spa pool experience. Whether for relaxation, stress relief, or socialising, spa pools provide a tranquil and luxurious retreat right in the comfort of your backyard.

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