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Sapphire Spas was established with the goal to create a point of difference in manufacturing a premium quality spa pool; competitive in price and built tough in Australia, to handle unique environmental conditions throughout the World.


As an all Australian, locally designed & manufactured spa brand, we offer you a trusted warranty backed by quality controlled manufacturing. Every spa is built to the highest Australian Standards and protected by our ‘lifecare commitment’

The Sapphire Spas name has become synonymous with design, quality, innovation and service for almost 20 years. With expertise spanning more than 25 years, we continue to strive to be at the forefront in spa design, product componentry and innovation.

We have the largest network of retail partners in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide, with specialty spa stores in most local areas. A selection of our most popular ranges is on a showroom floor near you and warehousing facilties support these retail showrooms with additional product. Custom build choices are also available from our Australian manufacturing plant.

As Sapphire Spas has grown, our export has also expanded throughout Europe, UK, Reunion Island, Mauritius and Thailand to a point of Sapphire Spas being the leading exporter of spas in Australia.

Our success and rapid growth has necessitated the construction of our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters in Victoria. This facility is smoothly run, with great attention to detail. Take a tour of our factory as we walk you through the creation of one of our 'built tough' spa pools.

We hope to see you soon, thank you from the team here at Sapphire Spas.



POWERsmart, energy efficient, cutting-edge integrated heat pump interface : there is no doubt our SV series spa controls are the ultimate in controller technology. Every feature on our simple spaside touchpad control systems has been designed to maximise energy savings and deliver the lowest possible daily operating cost for your spa. Feature packed, simple to use and coupled with a host of desirable lifestyle options there is no better choice to power your spa 

Smart features to keep your spa low on running costs

We want you to spend your time in your spa and enjoying it, not worrying about how much it costs to run. So, you can sit back and relax knowing SpaNET controls have intelligent PowerSmart software and algorithms that are always hard at work monitoring your spa and how you use it to ensure it delivers the lowest possible daily operating cost. The SV Series PowerSmart technology also provides the flexibility to govern the power draw of the spa to a certain amperage in situations where the available power supply is limited.

smart control 01

Smart Variable Heater

Utilising the latest in smart technology every SV Series spa control features a true variable heater which automatically adjusts it output power level (kW) to utilise any residual power when accessory jet pumps are running. This eliminates the traditional need to loadshed and turn heater off when pumps engage, ensuring maximum heat input whilst spa is in use.

Heat Pump Interface

SpaNET is the first spa control manufacturer to offer a dedicated interface for seamless integration of a heat pump to a spa pool.  The SV Series interface provides automatic heat pump detection and disabling of electric element and offers plug-n-play direct cable connection with no need for additional power circuits.

Dynamic Thermal Tuning

SV Series spa controls feature a dynamic thermostat point which adapts and tunes heat cycles to match the thermal properties of your spa.  This eliminates unnecessary on/off cycling of the filtration pump and heater which results in significant power savings whilst still maintaining your desired water temperature.

Current Limit & Load Limit

Current Limit and Load Limit functions will govern the power the spa consumes to keep within certain limits if the available power at the property the spa is being installed is restricted. The current limit setting governs the capacity of the variable heater, whilst the load limit setting limits the number of loads (jet pumps and blower) that can run at the one time.

What is the Smart Variable Heater

Traditionally, manufacturers had to choose between using a large capacity heater for faster heat up times, yet have to force that heater to load shed and turn OFF when spa was used and jet pump(s) turned on OR use a small capacity heater that could remain on when spa was in use, however take a far greater time to reheat. This dilemma is completely overcome with the SV series smart variable heater.

A typical plug-in (10 or 15amp) spa heater may experience load shed shutdown however, once you turn on the jet pumps. Make sure the built in heater is a variable output heater; this will optimise performance to maximise heating output whilst the spa is in use. When you turn on the jet pump, a variable heater will assess how much power it can use to continue to heat your spa and avoid load shedding shutdown, so your spa stays warm while the jets are in use.

Sophisticated on board current sensing allows real time measurement of accessory (jet pumps/blower) currents, allowing the variable heater to automatically increase or decrease its heating power output (kW) to take advantage of any residual current for heating when accessory pumps are running. There is no longer any need to load shed the heater OFF when spa is in use, or to be restricted by small element sizes.

The SV smart variable heater technology allows us to take advantage of a large, high capacity element for fast heat recovery when spa is not in use, and have that heater automatically reduce in size when jet pump(s) are activated. This feature minimises heat loss whilst the spa is in use and delivers a longer, more enjoyable spa experience.

On average electric heating will warm water at a degree an hour and are designed to be kept warm once your water reaches the desired temperature to be most economical. Although your initial heat up will take some time, keeping the spa at ‘jump in temperature’ is the best and most economical way to utilise these heaters, instead of heating from cold each use. The benefit of this heating is that they are fuss free being contained underneath the spa cabinet, no additional connections or installation is required, and they do their job well. For most people, this is all that they need to use and enjoy their spa, but if you’re looking to reduce your running costs further, this is when external heaters will come into play.

variable heater 01

Dynamic Thermal Tuning Explained

Every spa is manufactured differently and is installed in varying environments and locations. As a result, each spa has unique thermal and heat retention properties. SV Series spa controls will actively monitor your spa and learn how often, at what times, and by how much your spa loses temperature so that it can adapt and tune the heating cycles to match the thermal performance of you spa pool in its environment, day to day, season to season to eliminate unnecessary on/off cycling of the filtration pump and heater.

This feature results in substantial energy savings whilst maintaining the spa water to your desired set temperature.

Dynamic thermal tuning also reduces the unnecessary wear of filtration pumps and relays by minimising the number of times per day these devices are switched on and off to regulate the water temperature.

thermal tuning v2

 The SMARTlink WiFi module and spaLINK app allow you to connect to and take control of your spa remotely from any location at any time. The SMARTlink module connects to any model SV controller and then uses your home WiFi network to facilitate communication between the app server and the spa. The spaLINK app becomes a mobile, wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control of all settings and accessories including pumps, blowers and LED lights

spaLINK banner


Your spa’s mobile remote control

Wouldn’t it be nice to control your spa from your couch, or as you head home from a stressful day at work, or as
you walk out of the gym, knowing your spa water is refreshed, at temperature and ready for you to just sink in. The
SmartLink module gives you that convenient, fingertip control to command your spa when you want and how you
want to suit your lifestyle.


Adjust your spa settings remotely

There is no point consuming energy heating or filtering for long periods on days or times where you will not be
using the spa. Significant power savings can be achieved by adjusting your spa’s settings to suit your usage
patterns. The SmartLink module unlocks these opportunities by giving you fast, simple and convenient access to
configure your spa from anywhere at any time.


spaLINK 3 screens SETTINGS

Push Notifications

Keep informed about the health of your spa with status updates direct to your phone even if the SpaLink app is not open. Push notifications will alert you of any change to the health status of your spa, and the app will clearly describe what the issue is and provide simple steps and solutions to resolve.




 The innovative iTouch touch panel advances spa pool operation into the touch screen era. Stunning 4.3″ full colour display is crisp, clear and easy to read and resistive touch panel allows unhampered operation with wet fingers. The iTouch is very simple to use, replicating smart phone style icons and menu operation. Settings have never been easier to adjust and scrolling activity status advises the user what the spa is doing at all times.

iTouch digital touch pad image

 itouch 01jpg

Sapphire Spas heat&cool pump interface

- Automatically heats or cools to maintain your desired water temperature (10’C to 40’C)

- Rapid heat recovery mode: Heat Pump + SV electric element boost

- Sequenced start-up/shut down of heat pump components

- Plug-n-play direct cable connection

- No additional power circuit required

- Automatic heat pump detection and disabling of SV electric element

- Convenient heat pump & temperature control via spa-side keypad


heat pump 01

Slash heating costs with our heat&cool pump

When compared to gas or electric heaters a heat pump uses a tiny portion of energy to generate the same amount of heat output. This means a SV Series heat pump will use up to 75% less energy than a standard electric spa heater and 55% less energy than natural gas.

A Sapphire Spas heat&cool pump very efficiently converts every 1.1kw of power into 5.5kw of heating energy, to lower your spa heating costs, using up to 75% less energy than a conventional electric heater and 50% less energy than natural gas. The spas that will benefit from this upgrade, have been manufactured ‘heat&cool pump ready’ to allow you to add-on this energy saving component in the future.

Ready to jump in 24/7 using up to 75% less energy than electric element.

Power saving comparison

heat pump 02

For every 1 kilowatt of electricity a conventional electric heater consumes it only outputs 1 kilowatt of heat (Heating ratio = 1 : 1). In comparison for every 1 kilowatt of electricity our SV Series integrated heat pumps consume they can output up to 5.5 kilowatts of heat (Heating ratio = 1 : 5.5), thereby generating up to 4.5 kilowatts of heat for FREE!
This free energy is why a heat pump costs so little to run and makes them the most energy efficient, lowest cost form of heating available today.
The savings generated from the massive reduction in electricity to heat your spa will pay for your investment cost over a short period of time. If you don’t have a heat pump fitted to your spa you are paying your energy provider for the cost of a heat pump you’ll never get.

heat pump 03 

Sapphire Spas are committed to staying Clean & Green

Our innovative SMARTflo pump range is built by spanet from the highest quality components ensuring longevity and exceptional performance. These pumps have been specifically engineered to create optimal flow rates at the back pressures found on Sapphire’s premium jetted spa pools. The high efficiency SMARTflo wet end technology generates increased water flow without consuming additional power. Mechanical carbon/ceramic seals with viton elastimors that provide greater heat and chemical resistance and longer life span. These are the preferred pump choice for premium spa manufacturers.

SMARTflo pumps 3 pump and icons

The best way to reduce heat loss and keep running costs to a minimum. Our heatlock+ system allows Sapphire to create the most energy efficient spa in the World today.

Our heatlock+ layered insulation comprises of an insulated custom made cabinet, 2 layers of insulation on interior of cabinet walls and base, high density insulation on shell and a premium Australian made cover.

Super efficient cabinet insulation

Sapphire spas cabinets are custom made to each spa so there are no gaps for warm air to escape and no unsightly strip covers.

Our cabinets are made extra long so they sit right up high under acrylic shell so there is no heat loss from inside cabinet.

Our heatlock7 seven layer insulation comprises of an insulated custom made cabinet, 2 layers of insulation on interior of cabinet walls and base, high density insulation on shell and a premium Australian made cover. Sapphire Spas also offer the super efficient cedar wood cabinet with cedar being a very effective insulator in its own right.

insulation 01

Heatsaver hardcovers

We only use quality Australian made covers that use a high density foam inlay to stop heat loss in its tracks. Our covers are super strong using aluminium inserts for extra strength.

insulation 02

POWERsmart intelligent operating system

All Sapphire spas come with industry leading control systems that are heat pump and gas compatible saving you up to 75% on heating costs.

Sapphire Spas are smart meter compatible and can save you 30% using off peak power - ‘power save mode’ .

Our operating systems offer exclusive functions such as eco mode, sleep mode and away mode to save you money and reduce operating costs.


World’s first varidrive80 - this all-in-one filtration&boost pump replaces the traditional technology of a separate circ & boost pump system. Delivering a higher volume of water & greater jet pressure in both filtration and hydrojet boost pump modes, this revolutionary pump provides better filtration, whisper quiet operation and full 3Hp hydrojet output. Eliminating the need to run an additional circulation pump to ensure adequate filtration, the varidrive80 promises crystal clear filtration for as little as 10cents a day.

With consideration for the practices of physiotherapy and remedial massage, we have programmed three unique sequencing modes into the varidrive80.

Promising much more than a ‘basic’ wave pump, our V80 offers touchpad control of 80 personalised jet pressures, catering for all levels of massage requirements; relaxation / therapeutic / remedial / sports recovery / rehabilitation / body toning / circulation boost / exercise for the elderly or injured. Replacing, or at least supporting, the benefits of professional treatments, the V80 is your ‘on demand’ personal masseur.

Listening to our body, we are constantly learning & looking for ways to improve the benefits offered by our spas. Much like you update your smartphone, the V80 runs on smart software that can be updated as we learn, understand and grow inline with the health & body professionals who we trust to keep us well.


We've created our beautiful collection of spa pools and swim spas with one main aim in mind; to move water in such a way that it encourages you to spend much more time in the immersive experience of your spa

We hope you enjoy our unmatched array of hydro massage combinations, exciting lighting displays, explosive water features and therapeutic treatments

Massage therapy is most effective as an ongoing activity, so it makes sense to take control of your health by accessing this life changing activity daily. A hydrojet massage from your backyard spa can help to relieve muscle tension and chronic lower back pain, improve circulation, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, minimise insomnia problems, improve joint mobility & flexibility and support recovery of soft tissue injuries.

The water pressure from the hydro jets encourages your muscles into a relaxed state. Every time you hop into your spa, the massage pressure from the carefully placed jets is training your body to maintain it's relaxed state, even during periods of high stress. 

Legs, hips, thighs & buttocks 

This purpose built recliner targets the muscles of your legs, hips, thighs, buttocks and calves to deliver an invigorating hydro workout without the sweat.

legs hips thighs 02

Oxygen detox 

Our ‘bed of bubbles’ system infuses billions of oxygen-rich bubbles into your spa water. Negatively charged bubbles open and clense pores, removing impurities and encouraging rapid skin cell regeneration. 

thumbnail DJI 0427

Cohuna blaster 

Enjoy a massive blast of water turbulence through this gigantic, multi-port jet; the most powerful & exhilarating jet you’ll ever experience. 


Volcano jet 

The ultimate in spa jet entertainment. A powerful eruption of water bursting through the surface to top off your family fun. 


Spinal massage 

Positioned either side of the spine, these jets, together with warm water, stimulate the blood supply to aid in the recovery of aching muscles or damaged tissue.

thumbnail DJI 0374

Footcell massage 

Just take a minute to remember where your feet have taken you today. We have created this massage system to reward your feet and calves to get them ready for another full day tomorrow. 

thumbnail DJI 0387

Mid back 

Targeted hydrotherapy jets have been specifically placed in each seat to maxamise muscle recovery benefits. 


Acupressure massage 

Strategically positioned cluster jets target your entire back for a luxurious, multi-point massage. 


Neck & shoulders 

Imagine four jets streaming down to release all the tension held in your neck, shoulders & upper back 


Varidrive80 massage sequences 

An on-demand personal massuer. More than a ‘basic’ wave pump, varidrive80 offers touchpad control of 80 personalised jet pressures and three unique sequencing modes. Caters to all levels of massage requirements. 


Wrists & hands 

Positioned on the arm rests either side of your seat, these pulsator jets will mimic the benefits of a visit to your physio; may be beneficial to sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. 


High performance swim jets

Challenge the jet stream and adjust the power to suit your capabilities. High volume swim jet pressure from our 4 x full 3Hp dedicated hydrojet boost pumps can rival even a strong competitive swimmer. These same jets can be adjusted to a lower pressure to cater for the active family wanting to stay fit & enjoy time together. Limit the jet stream to just one of these swim jets and you can even walk against the jet stream for a low impact workout; much like wading through the ocean shallows.



Fully jetted cool down seats

The well placed massage jets in your cool down seats will stimulate your muscles post workout, to multiply the benefits of exercise

discover swim spa01 v2

Do you accept the challenge?

Swim jets integrated into your spa pool can simulate a lap session at your local pool, a high endurance ocean swim, a demanding 10km run or a fat burning walk down the street

Exercising in water is more demanding than land-based activity; your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water

As you swim, walk, jog or run against the powerful swim jets, you multiply the benefit of your cardio workout just by being in water

discover swim spa02

Illuminated water spouts 

Multi-coloured LED beams of light produce a fluent display interacting with the movement of water and bubbles within your spa. 


Cascading waterfall 

Enjoy the tranquil sound and gentle, soothing massage as this warm sheet of water cascades over your neck. 

waterfall 02


'How hard is spa water to keep clean?' is one of the most common questions asked by our customers when they're considering purchasing a spa. For this reason, Sapphire Spas place high importance on providing spas with an easy water maintenance regime. Let us suggest a couple of the best methods for you to maintain crystal clear spa water.

Spa pools, due to their small body of water and hard cover, are much easier to maintain than a swimming pool. They don’t require much chemical and no need to spend hours brushing and vacuuming. Nevertheless, the small body of water, combined with the fact it is kept warm, means making sure the water is adequately treated is very critical. The small volume of water means the contaminates an average person brings into the spa is concentrated. It is therefore essential that every spa be fitted with an effective sanitising system to help ensure any bugs that enter the water are quickly neutralised.

Ozone is a good means of providing sanitisation to spas. Ozone is many times more powerful than chlorine alone, therefore very effective at destroying bugs it comes in contact with.

Some spa manufacturers elect to use salt chlorinators (like swimming pools) as a sanitising system. Whilst these units are designed to produce chlorine and put it into residual in the spa water, which can be relatively effective, it is many times less powerful than ozone. It can also risk corrosion of the spa equipment such as metal heaters and polished stainless-steel finishing on jets and top side controls.

Ozone is the preferred method of spa water sanitisation, however not all ozone systems are created equal. It is essential that the ozone system has adequate output and is set up to thoroughly mix and dissolve the ozone into the water. The secret is to ensure there is enough ozone being produced, and then maximise its contact time with the water as much as possible before it reverts to plain old oxygen. It is also equally important to ensure the ozone has predominantly reverted to oxygen by the time it escapes to the surface of the spa water. A high-performance Corona Discharge Ozone Unit, combined with an efficient Venturi Injector, are keys to this process. The plumbing method used to incorporate this into the spa is also critical.

Beware of cheap, low grade ozone generators with poor injection systems. They may cost less but may have little impact on helping keep the spa water fresh, clean and healthy.

Here at Sapphire Spas, we also offer an even more effective sanitisation product known as clearzone. This method of cleaning your spa water is a big step up from simple ozone. Read through the section on clearzone sanitisation below so you can decide on the best cleansing method for your spa and lifestyle.

Clearzone is the ultimate in sanitisation; it is the best way to keep your spa water clean. Clearzone uses ozone in combination with germicidal UV-C light. The combination of these two technologies creates an oxidising agent many, many times more powerful than ozone on its own. This results in much more effective destruction of nasties in the water. It also greatly reduces the chlorine by-products that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation. It makes the water smell fresh. Very little, if any, chemical smell. The other benefit of clearzone is that this process also polishes the water to crystal clear clarity, providing the filter is kept clean and general water balance is maintained.


Clearzone features AOP (Advance Oxidation Process) technology to help deliver incredibly crystal clear spa water with minimal chemical odours or associated eye, skin and respiratory irritation. 

Clearzone helps clarify your spa water by generating a powerful oxidiser that burns up dissolved solids in the water so the filter can catch them, it then quickly converts back to oxygen leaving no chemical residual or off gassing odours. This is further enhanced by Ozone AND UV-C sterilisation to kill 99.95% of all bacteria and virus material that pass through the clearzone Unit. Clearzone also breaks down and removes chloramines which are the by product of chlorine which causes the skin, eye and respiratory irritation typically associated with chlorine. This process makes the task of managing the quality of your spa water much easier. It leaves you with much clearer water, significantly reduced need for chemical sanitisers, and greatly reduced chemical odours. Clearzone also significantly increases the length of time between the need to change the spa water.

Of course if you still have more questions about servicing your spa, please contact your local Sapphire Spas retail store


It’s not enough that our spas perform perfectly, they also have to look beautiful - stylish and sophisticated with the tones and colours that suit your home. Our colour palette is modern and contemporary, but more importantly the colour cast remains consistent across the entire spa shell; no colour fades or blotches; each spa really is a work of art.

colour acrylic internal

Sapphire Spas is always looking at new colour options to keep ahead of market trends; please talk to your local mySpa Retail Store about our extensive colour selection (limited edition options are also available depending on current stock)

Click here to view our extensive range of colours options =>>

colour acrylic

23Feb2018My favourite new cabinet black009 web

We offer two types of cabinetry, handcrafted Canadian western red cedar and duratek: 

Canadian western red cedar cabinets 

Exceptional insulating properties of environmentally sourced 22mm Canadian Western Red Cedar that is handcrafted. Team this with our advanced reflective aerofoil blanket to offer the ultimate in natural insulation. Cedar looks naturally beautiful in any setting. 

Duratek cabinets 

Sapphire Spas have specially developed duratek as an environmentally friendly timber alternative. These modern sophisticated cabinets are fade and stain resistant and come with an unconditional 3 year warranty. 

Click here to view our extensive range of cabinet colour options =>>

colour cabinet

Our heatlock+ hardcovers are designed to be good looking, hard wearing and money saving. These foam core covers are aluminium reinforced and custom fitted to your spa to capture heat and conserve energy and look beautiful to top it all off.

Click here to view our extensive range of cabinet colour options =>>

colour hardcover on spa

colour hardcover


Your spa pool will become the hub of your home, enticing all family members to spend quality time together. Aqua play is the perfect way to develop a strong bond with your children whilst playing at their level. In todays world of internet, iPods, video games and television, we need a way to promote an active lifestyle and avoid the danger of disconnection from each other.

Most of us build up tension through our postural muscles and the muscles of our back, neck and shoulders. These muscles will often feel worse with rest; they actually respond much better to massage and movement to alleviate stiffness and support the healing process. Our swim spas provide a supportive environment for gentle remedial stretches and exercise, protecting muscles with the warm water of your spa.

healht main image

Spa jets can also be powered up, creating resistance to target muscles and joints that need work to regain strength. The fully adjustable resistance from the bank of swim jets creates instability, to engage core muscles. Core strength will help correct your posture, realign your frame and provide a healthy body to support you throughout your daily life.

Most land-based therapy is in the frontal plane, whereas in the swim spa you can move side ways and laterally, facilitating multi-directional movement. Working against the resistance of the swim jets, in parallel with the pressure of the water, treats and trains your muscles from all directions simultaneously. Simply standing side on to the jets, offsets your centre of gravity to engage a much broader range of muscles. This unconventional movement allows for holistic strengthening of your entire body.

Our stainless steel support bar, positioned above the bank of swim jets, is always on hand to provide added assistance when you need it.

Massage, reflexology and recovery


Neck&shoulder massage system

Our wrap-around jet configuration targets pressure points of the neck & shoulder areas; reaching deep into muscles where tension is often held. Four powerful jets, that can be individually adjusted for water volume & flow direction, provide a therapeutic and relaxing massage.

IMG 6870

Reflexology footcell

Based on the theory that stimulation of pressure points within the soles of your feet will benefit your entire body, we have strategically positioned jets to create the ultimate massage system. Whilst supporting your feet & lower legs, our ‘at rest’ angled foot support will treat your aching feet to a ‘foot rub’ that never has to end.

thumbnail DJI 0387

Oxygendetox ‘bed of bubbles’

Together with the powerful hydrojet massage, this air jet system relaxes, not only your muscles, but your entire body, nervous system and even your mind. It also promotes healthy circulation, stomach digestion, lung function and can help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins and waste which may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

thumbnail DJI 0427

Reduce back & neck pain

Immersion in water substantially reduces the weight-bearing effects of gravity on the lower extremities and spine. Back & neck pain can be significantly reduced by the turbulence of your spa water as your body is supported in a weightless state by the aerated jet streams.

reduce back and neck pain




The warm water of a spa pool is a safe, supportive aid to relieving the pain and stiffness of arthritis. Your body becomes almost weightless as it’s submerged in water, helping to ease discomfort caused by stiff joints, keep them moving, increase their range of motion and maintain muscle strength.


Your wellbeing is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle so make it an everyday priority.


Swim jets integrated into your spa pool can simulate a lap session at your local pool, a high endurance ocean swim, a demanding 10km run or a fat burning walk down the street. Exercising in water is more demanding than land-based activity; your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water. So as you swim, walk, jog or run against the powerful swim jets, you multiply the benefit of your cardio workout just by being in water.

thumbnail DSC 7448


 We've recreated the home gym : making fitness fun!

Core strength

Yoga and pilates are becoming increasingly popular for developing core strength. Supported by the buoyancy of the surrounding water, you can work your core by simply standing against the water pressure of your swim jets.

thumbnail DJI 0113


Resistance work/body building

Take a resistance band into your spa and just experiment. During the development of our fluidfitness training system, we have been trialing all the classic exercises you can perform with a band, and found that we can increase the intensity of the workout by creating further resistance and instability when powering up the swim jets.



Core strength and toning benefits of spas

Take your core strength training one step further, by introducing a number of upper and lower body exercises to create a smooth, toned body shape. Simple squats, calf raises, leg lifts and directional arm movements against the water will engage both your inner core for stability and all muscle groups within the body.


Once your swim training is complete, move across to the therapy seats, packed with a powerful array of jets, to stimulate blood flow & encourage muscle recovery.

IMG 5280



The warm water of your spa will increase blood flow, enhancing your workout with greater mobility and protecting your muscles with a more effective post training stretch.



Weight loss

Regular low impact exercise is recommended by weight loss professionals as a ‘fat burning’ activity. If regular exercise is not always possible, or if you are just feeling lazy, a spa pool can simulate the beneficial effects of exercise.

IMG 6843 lores

Care for your body with Sapphire Spas


Train your inner core at the same time as every other muscle group. Combine a low to high intensity ab workout with a total body resistance session, without ever leaving your swim spa fluidfitness station.

IMG 6244a lores


Faster results

Exercising in water has added benefits to land-based activity. Your muscles are challenged from all directions by the surrounding water as you swim, jog, walk, run, tone and stretch. Massage jets will stimulate to multiply the benefits of exercise.

NEF4283a mylapswim WEB


Rejuvenate in your spa

The combined effects of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy create a positive affect on your wellbeing.


Sit & sculpt

Relax into a hydrojet powered lounger, designed to work all areas of your body, and let Sapphire Spas do all the hard work for you.

IMG 5280 


Sapphire Spas toning, strength & weight loss workout

Reduce cellulite

hydro massage jets, positioned along the length of your legs, increase blood flow and stimulate problem areas of the thighs, buttocks and legs to improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

reduce cellulite


No more weight loss diets

No you can’t eat takeaway every night if you are trying to loss a few kilos, but we’ve put the fun back into exercise, leaving no excuse to getting your body moving. You don’t have to live on celery sticks, just eat healthy food and burn those calories even whilst you are cooling down in the lounger. Some simple stretches or yoga poses will encourage your muscles to engage and begin to build healthier, more active memory patterns

thumbnail 1I4A7470

Spend quality time together with Sapphire Spas

Your spa pool will become the hub of your home, enticing all family members to spend quality time together. Aqua play is the perfect way to develop a strong bond with your children whilst playing at their level. In todays world of internet, iPods, video games and television, we need a way to promote an active lifestyle and avoid the danger of disconnection from each other. 

Jump in all year round!

Solar heating can’t warm your swimming pool enough for your kids to ‘jump in’ throughout winter! Imagine if they could enjoy some healthy outdoor exercise in your swim spa or spa pool to help ‘burn off’ excess energy.




No need to book a restaurant, find something glamorous to wear when you’d rather be in your pj’s, or walk 10 blocks from the last available car park... mySpa is waiting for you, in your own backyard!

thumbnail DJI 0156

Get together

Forget about boring family get togethers at grandma’s house. Aqua play is an interactive and healthy way for the family to enjoy a visit with your aunts, uncles, cousins and even the inlaws! Give playcentres a miss! The whole class will want to be invited to your child’s SPA POOL PARTY! Your next dinner party with friends won’t be forgotten!

IMG 7053a lores

Summer holiday

Re-create the warmth, water and time together and make new holiday memories! Consider a Sapphire Spa as your alternative to the overseas trip and escape our winter for many years to come

Winter Activity

Although swimming is usually a summer activity, it makes perfect sense to relax into a hot spa pool during the cooler months of winter. 

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