Smart Variable Heater

25 July, 2021

What is the Smart Variable Heater

Traditionally, manufacturers had to choose between using a large capacity heater for faster heat up times, yet have to force that heater to load shed and turn OFF when spa was used and jet pump(s) turned on OR use a small capacity heater that could remain on when spa was in use, however take a far greater time to reheat. This dilemma is completely overcome with the SV Series Smart Variable Heater.

A typical plug-in (10 or 15amp) spa heater may experience load shed shutdown however, once you turn on the jet pumps. Make sure the built in heater is a variable output heater; this will optimise performance to maximise heating output whilst the spa is in use. When you turn on the jet pump, a variable heater will assess how much power it can use to continue to heat your spa and avoid load shedding shutdown, so your spa stays warm while the jets are in use.

Sophisticated on board current sensing allows real time measurement of accessory (jet pumps/blower) currents, allowing the variable heater to automatically increase or decrease its heating power output (kW) to take advantage of any residual current for heating when accessory pumps are running. There is no longer any need to load shed the heater OFF when spa is in use, or to be restricted by small element sizes.

The SV Smart Variable Heater technology allows us to take advantage of a large, high capacity element for fast heat recovery when spa is not in use, and have that heater automatically reduce in size when jet pump(s) are activated. This feature minimises heat loss whilst the spa is in use and delivers a longer, more enjoyable spa experience.

On average electric heating will warm water at a degree an hour and are designed to be kept warm once your water reaches the desired temperature to be most economical. Although your initial heat up will take some time, keeping the spa at ‘jump in temperature’ is the best and most economical way to utilise these heaters, instead of heating from cold each use. The benefit of this heating is that they are fuss free being contained underneath the spa cabinet, no additional connections or installation is required, and they do their job well. For most people, this is all that they need to use and enjoy their spa, but if you’re looking to reduce your running costs further, this is when external heaters will come into play.

Current Limit (variable heater)

As part of the Smart Variable Heater technology the SV software offers a programmable setting which defines the maximum current the control can draw when heating, which is helpful where the available power supply is limited. If, when the spa is installed the available power is less than expected, the user can simply adjust the current limit setting and the heater will automatically govern its power draw to be within the selected current limit.


Load Limit (accessories)

Load limit allows the user to restrict the number of loads (pumps/blower) that can be operated at the one time. Whilst the variable heater current can be governed, the current draw of an accessory pump cannot. If the available power supply is less than the sum total running current of all accessory devices, the load limit function can be used. This feature is helpful with single or dual zone swim spas that are fitted with a large number of pumps whose sum total current draw could exceed the available power at a residential property or holiday home.