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Smart Variable Heater

25 March, 2021

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What is the Smart Variable Heater

Traditionally, manufacturers had to choose between using a large capacity heater for faster heat up times, yet have to force that heater to load shed and turn OFF when spa was used and jet pump(s) turned on OR use a small capacity heater that could remain on when spa was in use, however take a far greater time to reheat. This dilemma is completely overcome with the SV Series Smart Variable Heater.

A typical plug-in (10 or 15amp) spa heater may experience load shed shutdown however, once you turn on the jet pumps. Make sure the built in heater is a variable output heater; this will optimise performance to maximise heating output whilst the spa is in use. When you turn on the jet pump, a variable heater will assess how much power it can use to continue to heat your spa and avoid load shedding shutdown, so your spa stays warm while the jets are in use.

Sophisticated on board current sensing allows real time measurement of accessory (jet pumps/blower) currents, allowing the variable heater to automatically increase or decrease its heating power output (kW) to take advantage of any residual current for heating when accessory pumps are running. There is no longer any need to load shed the heater OFF when spa is in use, or to be restricted by small element sizes.

The SV Smart Variable Heater technology allows us to take advantage of a large, high capacity element for fast heat recovery when spa is not in use, and have that heater automatically reduce in size when jet pump(s) are activated. This feature minimises heat loss whilst the spa is in use and delivers a longer, more enjoyable spa experience.

On average electric heating will warm water at a degree an hour and are designed to be kept warm once your water reaches the desired temperature to be most economical. Although your initial heat up will take some time, keeping the spa at ‘jump in temperature’ is the best and most economical way to utilise these heaters, instead of heating from cold each use. The benefit of this heating is that they are fuss free being contained underneath the spa cabinet, no additional connections or installation is required, and they do their job well. For most people, this is all that they need to use and enjoy their spa, but if you’re looking to reduce your running costs further, this is when external heaters will come into play.

Current Limit (variable heater)

As part of the Smart Variable Heater technology the SV software offers a programmable setting which defines the maximum current the control can draw when heating, which is helpful where the available power supply is limited. If, when the spa is installed the available power is less than expected, the user can simply adjust the current limit setting and the heater will automatically govern its power draw to be within the selected current limit.


Load Limit (accessories)

Load limit allows the user to restrict the number of loads (pumps/blower) that can be operated at the one time. Whilst the variable heater current can be governed, the current draw of an accessory pump cannot. If the available power supply is less than the sum total running current of all accessory devices, the load limit function can be used. This feature is helpful with single or dual zone swim spas that are fitted with a large number of pumps whose sum total current draw could exceed the available power at a residential property or holiday home.


Perfect for balconies, alfresco decks and smaller backyards, compact spa pools are <2m in size and lighter than most other spas, making them easier to move into position where space is limited. Just because they're smaller in dimension it doesn't mean they’re limited on power. Within our compact spa range are some of our highest spec’d models with powerful hydrotherapy and recliners as comfortable as a lounge chair with jets to massage you from head to toe.

Our Customers Install Compact Spas Right Outside Their Back Door For Everyday Use

If you have a small backyard, you should bear in mind that you are always able to update it however you want, as long as you are happy to change around a few basic things and use your creativity. It is possible to buy a spa that will fit into almost any sized backyard or outdoor living space. In fact we find that our customers who install a smaller spa pool right outside their back door, close to their everyday living, tend to keep it ready to use and jump in almost everyday. Spas are made to be economical enough to keep warm 24/7 these days, unlike spas of the past where you needed to pre-heat your hot tub a day or so before you planned to use it. So change the way you think about spas, they don't necessarily need to be stuck down in the back corner of your yard. So if you think your home might be too small, think again. Chances are, you can make it work.


Hot Tub In An Apartment?

Next up, you might be wondering whether it is possible to have a hot tub or spa if you live in an apartment. Whether you are a student or you just live in an urban area, and you find yourself in an apartment, is it possible to have a hot tub that you can use privately and just for you?

The answer is a resounding yes: very often, those who live in apartments can still get all of the fun and joy of a portable spa by simply having one installed on their balcony. This is a fantastic solution to this common problem, and another way in which compact tubs are really taking off in city areas.

However, do bear in mind that, if you are seeking to do this, you should contact an engineer to make sure that your balcony can withstand the weight of the portable spa, the water and the people enjoying it with you. Sapphire Spas detail the dry weight of each spa and also the approximate weight once it's filled with water, for you to use as a guide. Don't forget that you will also need to allow for the weight of the people bathing. That is an essential check to carry out for safety reasons, as you can understand. However, as long as the engineer gives you the green light, you are good to go - and you could have a hot tub on your balcony in no time.


What About Communal Courtyards?

You don’t even necessarily need to have space of your own in order to have a hot tub installed locally for shared use. If you are happy to share and you have neighbours who are likely to go along with it, you could always make use of a courtyard in your communal living area in order to have a hot tub installed.

With communal courtyards, you have the opportunity to have a hot tub in your local area without needing the space yourself at home or in your own yard. You will of course need to make sure you can get permission to have it installed, and you should consult your neighbours to make sure that this is really the case. Body corporate may also need to be involved.

But as long as everyone is happy with it, this is a fantastic solution, and a great way to make sure you have a hot tub that you can at least use, even if it is not a private one just for you.


Do I Need A Large Backyard For A Spa?

You don’t need to have a huge backyard in order to have a spa, despite this being a really common concern that a lot of people have. In fact, thanks to the use of portable spas, you can have a spa or hot tub in a backyard of any size whatsoever. You can always check beforehand if you are feeling uncertain, but the truth is that it is almost always possible to do this.

Often, the hot tub or spa in question can be put into place using a crane, helping to get it into position safely. At other times, we can deliver one of our compact spas via helicopter, ensuring that it is simply placed where it needs to go - so you don’t need to worry about access through doors and so on.

Plus, don’t think that compact spas are limited in massage power. myPartner is one of Sapphire's smallest spas, but it still packs a punch with 52 hydrotherapy jets run by 2 powerful pumps to massage from your neck and shoulders to the soles of your feet. We've selected some of our best back massage jets and positioned them in 3 different configurations in each of the seats, for you to choose which one targets your aching back the best. The longer lounge seat also has water jets positioned all the way down your legs and calf muscles, ending with a powerful foot massage to end your busy day.

The best compact spas still offer a place to rest your drink and somewhere to hang a robe and towel, so you are going to still feel as though you are having a truly luxurious time in your backyard.

As you can see, you can have a hot tub or spa no matter who you are, where you live, or how much space you have available to you. If you have any queries about this or whether you can get a spa installed in the space you have available, feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Here at Sapphire Spas, we are always more than happy to help with any such queries, and we will do all we can to give you the best advice around; get in touch today

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