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Prepare For Your Dreams to Come True with Sapphire Spas Swim Spas in Perth


It's a warm summer day in Perth, and you're luxuriating in your swim spa with your dearest and nearest friends whilst enjoying a few cocktails. If this sounds good, then prepare for your dreams to become true because Sapphire Spas have a special knack for turning swim spa dreams into a reality. We will be able to locate the appropriate answer for you whether you're searching for outdoor spa pricing that fits for an outdoor family get-together or a spa and pool combination for your backyard.

At Sapphire Spas, we want our customers to have everything they need in order to achieve their dreams. Our company is home-grown and has developed right here in Australia which is why customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. We work hard to manufacture and provide only the best possible quality products so that our customers can enjoy their experience with us.


What is the difference between a spa pool and a swim spa?

To begin with, it's critical to understand the distinction between a swim spa and a spa pool when purchasing one in Perth.Swim spas are larger in size and length (which range from 3 to 6 meters in length, 2.3 to 3.2 m wide, 1.3 to 1.5 m deep) than a standard spa pool, allowing you to swim from side to side while also providing jets that are strong enough to keep you in place when you swim. Spa pools, on the other hand, are better for small areas and resemble a hot tub rather than a swimming pool for you and your friends to unwind in. Both have a variety of jets available that specifically target certain areas of your body, such as your back or feet.

So how do you decide which one is right for you? If you're looking for an exercise option and have plenty of space in your backyard, go for the swim spa. If you're wanting to relax with friends and family in a hot tub-style setting, then the spa pool is perfect!

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The Exclusive Sapphire Spa Swim Spas Range

We offer three unique ranges to combine a pool with spectacular spa facilities. Our extensive and high-quality range includes:

  • SwimSpas - the mySwim Spa range offers 4 - 6 metres of an unbeatable gym and family-fun sized relaxation hub. With fully adjustable power jets, you can manage your fitness levels by walking, running or swimming against the current. Experience the full power of an outdoor swim at a fraction of the cost. The hydrotherapy massage point is the perfect way to relax and celebrate after a successful swim. Explore the full range for expanded pool options for you and the kids.
  • myDualzone swim spa gives you 6 metres of all-year-round use, and above ground spa facilities you cannot get with an outdoor pool. The multisection option provides hot tub seating space with a swimming area to rival even above ground pools Melbourne style. If you want a two-temperature, myDualzone swim spa for sale, or simply a space to relax while the kids splash about in the pool area, this could be the solution for you and your family.
  • Our plunge pools allow you to enjoy a swim all year round due to the dual cooling and heating controls. With light exercise provided by gentle jets, you can enjoy a swim without having to find out about things like pool fence regulations Victoria. Enjoy the comfortable seating area and optimum temperature for a fraction of the cost of a full-sized swimming pool. If you don’t have a strong power supply to the area, plunge pools are the perfect solution with reduced jets. Onsite delivery and installation are available, with crane options if required.


Finding the Swim Spa or Plunge Pool That Suits Your Lifestyle in Perth

With our extensive range of swim spas Perth, we're confident we'll help you find the perfect addition to your home. Here’s a selection of our top three to help you make a choice.

Swim Spas : Fitness & Entertainment In Your Own Backyard

Swim spas are smaller backyard swimming pools. Ranging in length from 4m to 6m, all Sapphire swim spas are 2.2m wide and range in water volume from 4000 - 8000 litres. Self-contained, there is no additional cost outlay for any external plumbing required. In addition, our swim spas are portable, so there is no need for costly and time-consuming excavation. Do consider where you install your swim spas; however, access to filters for cleaning and equipment within the cabinet for servicing isn’t a problem. 


Swim Spas


Sapphire swim spas are not only our largest spas but, because they can be heated, you can use them as a swimming pool all year round. Swim spas are basically a 24/7 gym in your own backyard with a hydrotherapy massage at the other end. You can swim, walk or run against the jets which are fully adjustable to cater for all levels of swim fitness. By adjusting your swim jets, kids will be able to swim strokes and hold themselves in the jet stream. A race to ‘beat the jets’ and be the first to the swim jet end of the spa is just as much fun!

myDualzone : A Swim Spa & Spa In One

Our myDualzone 2-in-1 swim spa is an innovative combination of our most preferred seating at one end for the ultimate relaxation and a pool for exercise or play at the other. At 6metres long, you’ll find a 4x2metre small swimming pool with the 2m at the other end dedicated wholly to spa seating. 


myDualzone - swimming pool alternative

To provide a backyard pool that can be used all year round and is easier to maintain than the usual inground swimming pool, Sapphire Spas have designed our Dualzone swim spa. At 6metres long, this swim spa boldly take their place in your backyard as the solution to the old inground pool which is time consuming to clean and doesn’t get used enough because it’s too cold.

Our Dualzone swim spa is an amazing combination of our most preferred seating at one end and a pool for exercise or play at the other. At 6metres long, the pool end actually becomes a 4x2metre small swimming pool and the 2m at the other end is dedicated to the spa seating.


Plunge Pools : For Splash, Play & Weightless Excercise

A plunge pool is a smaller, shallower pool built for lounging, wading, playing and cooling off instead of swimming and exercising. 

To obtain the proper benefits of hydrotherapy, your plunge pool must be deep enough to submerge your body in - Sapphire plunge pools are 1300mm in depth.

Using the same design as our more highly-priced swim spas, we’ve reduced the number of jets, pumps and running equipment to reduce the price of our PLUNGE POOLS models, making them affordable. 

Plunge Pools


Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it's realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump. We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream. The wide steps & open plan layout of myWatersedge is ideal for child’s play & toddler splashing.

Your local showroom in Perth

Do you love swimming but not have space for an outdoor pool? Are you looking for an outdoor hot tub with space to seat the whole family? Perhaps you’re looking for a summer social hub and 24/7 gym, no matter what it is, we can provide you with that swimming pool spa you’re looking for.

We have a wide variety of swim spas in Perth to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Our swim spa prices vary depending on size and features, but we offer affordable options for everyone. With our team’s knowledge and expertise in the swimming pool and spa industry, you can be sure that you

Check out our swim spa reviews for endorsements from clients, or even chat with us online to ask our team a quick enquiry. If you want to see a swim spa for yourself in person, visit us at one of our stores today; we service over one hundred local dealers throughout Australian and New Zealand so there's sure to be a store near you.

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