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An Australian made Sapphire Spa swim spa is a great investment for your home right here in Melbourne. Having one provides a place in your backyard where you can relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends in an environment that is guaranteed add to the quality of your life. Aussies love spending time outdoors, it's where the we coined the term "throw another shrimp on the barbie", because there's no better way to enjoy the outdoors than invite those you care about over for a social gathering under the sun with a classic Aussie BBQ. Add a swim spa to the equation and you will have the ultimate gathering place for providing lasting memories for years to come, so why not take advantage of this with your very own Melbourne Swim Spa?

Sapphire Spas are one of Australia's leading spa manufacturers with the most economical Australian made swim spas in Melbourne. A swim spa is a long term investment, so investing in Australian made when it comes to after service and warranties, is something you should definitely consider. We are of course a 100% Australian owned company that design and build swim spas right here in Australia, nothing is outsourced. This means that you can expect the greatest quality and service that you might not find anywhere else.

Take a look at the information on this page and hopefully we can help steer you in the right direction towards buying a swim spa that suits your lifestyle.

What you need to know about Swim Spas

Swim spas are tailored for people that love swimming but don’t have the space for a normal size swimming pool. They're also popular because they give people a way to exercise without having to deal with cold weather or rough seas during the winter months. They're a perfect combination of a therapeutic spa and a swimming pool all in one, making them a good choice for courtyards and compact outdoor spaces. Swim Spas are a more affordable option and can be installed anywhere that you could install a traditional hot tub, which reduces the installation time and cost as well.

Swimming spas are a fantastic way to exercise your body and tone muscle groups at any time of day or night. They provide a place for cardio & resistance training, along with stretching and yoga to get your body in shape. Then, after completing your swim training, you can move on over to the hydrotherapy seats to enhance blood flow and promote muscular recovery. This is the beauty of owning a swim spa because you get the best of both worlds.

The powerful jets on a swim spa generate such a strong current that you may swim in one spot without swimming actual laps, it's similar to using a treadmill at the gym. The current created by our 4 swim jets is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, powerful enough to sustain you within the jet stream. When your workout is finished, you may use your swim spa just like any other spa by floating towards the spa end and selecting a jetted seat to massage your sore muscles.

We provide what you're searching for if you don't want to deal with cleaning your swim spa water. Our clearzone purification system inactivates 99.9% of germs while reducing chemical usage by up to 75% on traditional sanitation methods, saving you time and money.

Our Melbourne showrooms carry swim spas from 3 main categories:

  • If you're looking for a family sized swim spa for massage and play, from 4-6 metres in length, then have a look at  mySwimSpas.
  • The myDualZone SwimSpa is a 6 metre swim spa with an exercise or swimming pool at one end & massage seating in another separately heated section.
  • The myPlungePools range offers a body of water with less jets than a typical swim spa. A heat&cool pump will efficiently maintain the perfect temperature for use  Summer & Winter.


Swim Spas

Choosing Your Perfect Home Swim Spa

Swim spas offer much more to your home and lifestyle than you could imagine. Unlike a spa pool, which is typically viewed as a luxury pool with lots of massage hydro jets, a swim spa can provide everything you wanted in a spa pool and more.

With an incredible variety of options, a swim spa will be the best investment you didn’t realize you could have in your own outdoor space.

What Are Swim Spas?

Swim spas, in a nutshell, are a smaller version of the traditional backyard swimming pool, but they’re cheaper and so much easier to install and maintain. In addition, they’re sized to fit in a smaller backyard space. It sounds perfect, right. However, where is the spa experience within your swim spa choice, we hear you ask? We add that spa element by combining jet massage seating at one end with the open swimming area at the other end. With this in mind, you can choose to either physically train or rest and relax, all in one space, at one cost, with no machine or amenity and venue hopping required.


Featured Spas

The myWorkout is our best selling affordable family swim spa. It’s 4.5m long with massage spa jet seating at one end and a large open area at the other end which is the just the right size for the kids to jump around in the pool or for swim training and exercise against the 4 powerful swim jets.

myDualzone swim spa is our 6 metre twin zone swim spa has a swimming pool at one end and spa massage seating at the other. This provides a backyard pool that can be used all year round and is easier to maintain than the usual inground swimming pool. At 6metres long, this swim spa boldly takes it's place in your backyard, as the solution to the old inground pool which is time consuming to clean and doesn’t get used enough because it’s too cold.

myWatersedgePLUNGE is our best selling family swim spa as part of the plunge pool range. Economical to keep warm all year round, you can enjoy this swimming pool sized swim spa which has heaps of room for the kids to jump around in the swim jet end. Mum and Dad can enjoy a hydrotherapy massage at the seated end which is shallower for toddlers to paddle and splash.More about Plunge Pools


myWorkoutSERIES swim spas

Do you keep buying gym memberships but never making it to the gym? Well, bring the gym to you with our myWorkoutSERIES. 

Experience the cardio health benefits of a brisk walk at the end of a long workday, especially on shorter winter days when a walk in the dark is less enticing than a warm myWorkout swim spa. 

Encourage exercise in your later years as the impact on your joints & muscles may become a deterrent to daily exercise / when flexibility & mobility becomes more important. Train supported by the buoyancy of the water to reduce the impact on compromised joints.

With jets positioned to target key muscle groups, the myWorkout swim spa will aid post-workout recovery. Either train your muscles using the powerful jet stream of your swim spa or jump in after a gym session before a healthy dinner with your family or partner to benefit from its features to its optimum level. 

Available in lengths of 4.5m, 5m & 6m, there is flexibility in size availability to suit your backyard space.

Custom Design - Swim Spa / Plunge Pool Hybrid

2 of our best selling swim spa shapes can also be custom manufactured as an entry level plunge pool. These spas only need one pump and there is significantly less plumbing, equipment and fittings as well as fewer standard features, making them a less expensive option. Plunge pools have become a popular alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool, as they are fast to install and are smaller and more manageable to maintain. With 2 swim jets powered by 1 pump, you can still enjoy the whirlpool movement of the swim jets, but it’s more suited to childs play and splashing, much like a swimming pool, however you can easily warm the water for year round use. The 2 swim jets are fun for the kids to practice swimming against and enough resistance for those needing the swim spa as a recovery or rehabilitation tool or to maintain motion throughout the older years. Our myWatersedge is much like a swimming pool with wide, shallow entry steps & open plan layout for child’s play & toddler splashing. Even if you add an optional heat&cool pump for cheaper heat retention, our plunge pools still only require a 20amp connection to run.


myWatersedgeSERIES swim spas

With wide-open seating at one end, toddlers can safely learn to wade through waist-deep water, with Mum nearby ready to help, encourage and build water confidence.

With this in mind, the myWatersedgeSERIES enables you to teach your kids to swim comfortably at home rather than swimming lessons at your local pool. Mum and Dad can even jump in for a play before dinner, homework and their bedtime story. Once the kids are in bed, sitting in front of one of the jets in the seating area, you can position the jet flow to massage aching back muscles, then turn on the air bubbles for a traditional 'hot tub' experience with a glass of wine in the peace and quiet. 

Available in 4m, 5m & 6m lengths, myWatersedge swim spa is the perfect alternative to the backyard swimming pool and, being a portable spa, is much less involved to install.

4 Key Advantages of A Swim Spa Over A Backyard Pool

1. As backyards now have less space, swim spas are a good fit. Smaller than your typical backyard swimming pool, swim spas (which typically range from 3m to 6m in length, 2.3m wide and 1.3m deep) have become the perfect solution

2. Investing in a swim spa is generally less expensive than purchasing a pool. A portable swim spa will cost from $16k for a very basic plunge model to $40k+ for a fully equipped dualzone, with the only extras being a reinforced concrete slab/base, safety barrier in some areas, electrical connection and water. Depending on the manufacturer, pool size, equipment, your site conditions and the customisation you choose, a typical swimming pool can cost between $40k and $100k+. Installation can also get quite pricy with hidden extras and additional landscaping.

3. Swim spas are easier to maintain and heat than pools because of their smaller size/body of water, so you can get your money worth and use them 365 days of the year, throughout summer & winter

4. A swim spa is a self-contained unit, so can be moved if you decide to relocate to another home


How much does a swim spa cost?

A swim spa purchase price can range from $20,000 for our Plunge specification to $50,000+ for a fully customised swim spa. Swim spas definitely are not cheap, but they are about half the price of most swimming pools. Thanks to low cost heating technology, you can economically use your swim spa year round and there are also a lot more options with installation.


Your local showroom in Melbourne

We have stores located around the Melbourne metropolitan area and also throughout Victoria so contact us to find your nearest retail showroom. We want you to be sure about your decision when choosing a spa that's right for you, so make sure you book in for dedicated one-on-one advice. 

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