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Jump Into Your Very Own Spa Pool in Melbourne

Having a spa pool in Melbourne is one of the best ways to stay cool on those hot summer days and warm on those typical Melbourne winter nights, all while bonding with family and friends at the same time. The thing is, no matter how bad the weather is, an outdoor spa bath, unlike a swimming pool, can be used at any time of the year, at any hour of the day, now isn’t that great?

So, if you have now made the choice to buy a spa pool in Melbourne then Sapphire Spas should be at the top of your wish list. We have over 30 years in the industry, and are Australian owned and made with a solid reputation. We have retail stores that stock our most popular spa pools and swim spas located in and around Melbourne and you’re even welcome to come down to our Factory in Pakenham and see how the spas are made or even demo any of the spas from our complete range.

We can guide you to the best store depending on the colour, size, featured upgrades and cabinet colours you’re after, and some stores specialise in the pool sized swim spas too.  Sapphire Spas also offer what we call a Wet Test so that you can ‘try before you buy’ one of our fully functioning spas for yourself, the way it’s meant to be experienced.

As an all Australian, locally designed & manufactured spa brand, we offer you a trusted warranty backed by quality controlled manufacturing right here in Victoria, Australia. Every spa is built to the highest Australian Standards and protected by our ‘lifecare commitment’ which means we’ll care for your spa as long as you need.


Our Complete Spa Pool Range 

Here at Sapphire Spas we’ve simplified our spa pool range into four categories to cover everyone’s needs and help you with your spa pool choices:

COMPACT range – Small and powerful (2 person+ spa)

The first of our spa range are the compact spas, which are smaller in size yet include some of our highest spec’d models. With recliners more comfortable than your lounge chair and with powerful hydrotherapy jets to massage you from head to toe, you’ll be left fully rejuvenated and vitalized at the end of your work day. Compact spas are a similar size to 2 person hot tubs, and are usually 2 meters or less but can have up to 7 seats in some models, and best suited to a couple or family with younger kids.

FAMILY range - making lasting memories with the family

If you’re thinking you will have more than 2 adults in your spa, you should definitely move up to one of our family spas so everyone can enjoy their own space. Plus, once your kids become teenagers, they’ll need a seat of their own so you’re not competing for the best spot in the tub. For maximum comfort make sure you allow enough space for everybody’s feet to comfortably rest once your spa is full. Most Sapphire spas have extra depth or undercut footwells to give you more room for longer legs and bigger feet. (Most family spas have 2 pumps around 60 jets and most are over 2m square.)

LUXURIOUS range - Indulge yourself with our luxury spa pools

Perhaps you are looking for something a little different, then it could be the luxurious spas you want as they are much larger in size with even more power and jets making them the desired choice for those looking for luxury spas in Melbourne. At around 2.3m squared, most are equipped with 3 pumps to power around 70 jets. In these higher spec’d spas, every seat has enough hydrotherapy jets to provide a strong full massage for all. If you sit in one of our luxury spas, you’ll notice that the loungers are longer & the seats are deeper with more  space overall.

ENTERTAIN range - room for everyone to enjoy

If you’re after a larger spa, the entertain spas range feature seating or 8 to 10 people. These are a great choice if you want to spend quality time together with family, friends or even your sporting team. The entertain spas don’t necessarily have more jets than our luxurious models, but have a larger body of water, and can therefore cater to more people. With some of these spas over 3m long, you’ll easily find a seat for at least 8 people. 

We have stores in partnership with Sapphire in Cheltenham, Geelong, Hastings, Hoppers Crossing, Mornington, Bairnsdale, Ivanhoe & Vermont so you can jump in one of our spas not too far from home, even though you’re more than welcome at our Head Office during office hours or by appointment over the weekend.

Lauren is in our head office showroom BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so give her a call on 03 5941 4511 to organise a time to meet her in the factory.

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