Enjoy A Massage In Your Own Backyard With An Australian Made Sapphire Spa Pool in Perth


A luxury spa pool is the best way to unwind in your Perth home or garden. Sapphire Spas manufacture a wide selection of spas that are appropriate for all tastes and budgets. We are an Australian based company that makes all of our spas right here in Australia. As a result, you will get the local support that you deserve for your spa products.

Our spas are stocked and sold through over 100 dealers across the whole of Australia and New Zealand. With so many resellers willing to sell our high-quality spas, it is clear that we are a brand that you should trust with your relaxation. Whatever size your garden, we have a spa to suit your available space and budget.

What You Need To Know About Spa Pools

At Sapphire Spas, we manufacture two types of swim spas - they are the swim spa and spa pool. Swim spas are designed for individuals who enjoy swimming but don't have the space for a normal-sized pool. They're also favoured since they allow people to keep fit without having to go to a gym or use conventional cardio equipment. To learn more about them click here. Spa pools, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy a deep tissue massage and fun time with family and friends. They come with different jets that can target specific areas of the body - such as the neck, back and shoulders. As well as this, they often have seats so that you can comfortably stretch out while you're being massaged.

The Complete Sapphire Spa Pools Range

We have 4 main categories of the spa pool range available in Perth. These include Compact Spas, Family Spas, Luxurious Spas and Entertainer Spas. Our range of spa pools are designed to suit many different people.


Compact Range

Our Compact spas are an ideal choice for use alone or as a couple. However, because they are smaller, you won't be shortchanged in terms of hydrotherapy power. They still have the same strong jets that provide you with an excellent massage, despite being smaller.

Family Range

For those individuals who want to share their spa with two or more people, our Family spas are a fantastic alternative. They're ideal for families or individuals who plan on inviting a small group of friends over to enjoy your water with you.

Luxurious Range

If you want to invite a few people to enjoy your spa pool, you'll want our Luxurious spa range. These are usually around 2.3m square and feature up to three pumps and about 70 jets.

Entertainer Range

Size isn't everything, but if you want to invite all of your family and friends round to enjoy your spa, you may do so with one of our much larger Entertainer pool. These spa pools frequently include a variety of additional features as well. If you have the garden or yard space and the financial means to invest in an outdoor entertainment area that will really wow your guests, an Entertainer pool is perfect for you.

These Are Some Of Our Best Selling Spa Pools

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which spa is right for you. So have a look at some of our best selling spa pools.


The compact myPartner spa pool does not skimp on the jets. Considering its size, it has a staggering 52 jets built-in. That means that you can enjoy full body therapy from high pressure jets that will massage & soothe you as you unwind. The compact design of the myPartner makes use of the Sapphire flagship design undercut footwell, in order to provide maximum space.


Our compact myPartner spa pool fits in a smaller outdoor area or patio

Our Compact Spa Range


Spas in the compact range are small but powerful! Packed with innovative features, these small spas are 2m or less, which allows them to fit into places where space is at a premium. Spas in the compact range are small but powerful! Packed with innovative features, these small spas are 2m or less, which allows them to fit into places where space is at a premium. 


Each compact spa features hydrotherapy jets to deliver a spa experience that is second to none, whether you are looking to relax or wash away the stress from your working week.


For families wanting to relax together in the comfort of their spa pool, myChillout is a popular choice. This five person spa is well equipped with 48 powerful jets. One of the best things about this spa pool is the fact that it gives the best neck and shoulder massages. You and your family can chill out and ease away the stresses and the strains of life in this beautifully designed and comfortable spa pool.


myChillout is our most popular family spa

The family range of spas are bigger than the compact range and offer a variety of seating and jet layouts. Most of these spas are over 2m square, allowing for greater personal space for each occupant, but without being so large as to take over your outside space. These spas are designed with groups in mind, big enough for the whole family or to catch up with friends. Most of the family range has been created with enlarged footwells to allow space for multiple users, including undercut footwells to accommodate even the tallest people. Many models include his and hers recliners or captain’s chairs to account for the different heights of individuals and ensure everyone has a position just for them. Their powerful air and water jets ensure a blissful therapeutic experience for all users. So if you want a slice of heaven in your backyard, a spa from the Sapphire Spas family range could be just what you are looking for.


This luxurious six-person spa pool allows you to adjust your seating position to ensure you are able to enjoy the maximum level of comfort at all times. The myExtravagance has a superb comfortable recliner, a cohuna 15 port massager, with lounge seating, and plenty of legroom. Whether you have all of the family round, or a group of friends, the beautifully designed, myExtravagance provides pure enjoyment for all.


Our myExtravagance is part of our LUXURIOUS spa pool range

Our flagship spa, the myExtravagance offers an experience like no other. It easily fits six adults and is just over 2.3m square. This large amount of space is the perfect size to offer comfortable and relaxing seats for every person in the spa. This spa provides back and neck massages for five out of six seats. The sixth and final seat is a luxury like no other. This last seat is a recliner that offers a full body massage featuring 16 jets that has its own personal control panel can control.


The guests will really want to come to your party when they find out that you have got the myParty. This entertainer spa pool can comfortably hold up to ten people at one time. You can enjoy the myParty in both classic and extreme specifications. By opting for the premium model, you can increase the number of jets from 51 to 71, add a hydrojet pump and a filtration pump, as well as adding lots of optional extras such as waterfall feature. Whether you are wanting to stretch out and enjoy the vast space on your own, or you are intending on inviting lots of guests around to impress them, myParty is an excellent addition to any large backyard or garden.


myTeam spa pool is much like a small swim spa with room for your sports team mates

Entertainer : larger spas for parties and big families


The largest spa pool we offer, the myTeam provides uncompromised comfort and enjoyment for you and the whole crew. It features his and hers recliner chairs with up to 26 jets including feet, calves, thighs, and back and the massage experience is completed by the integral neck and back massagers. With an assortment of jet arrangements in the other seating positions too, there is no need for anyone to miss out in this relaxation masterpiece.

The myTeam spa might be the biggest, but the myFreinds spa is definitely the most popular for socialisng. Featuring enough seats for 8 people, this spa’s claim to fame is the seamless design of the 6 communal seats, removing any boundaries to the fun that can be had. The premium model features LED waterline lighting, a waterfall, and foot massagers, making it the perfect place to relax on your own or in a group.

Permits & Safety Barrier Regulations

Every state has its own regulations with regards to this area, and it is important to know what pool fence regulations Western Australia has in place. Before you go ahead and buy your spa pool, make sure and learn about the finer details that you need to know. Take a trip to our showroom in Perth and speak with one of our very knowledgable advisors and we’ll be happy to talk you through all of the specifics. Alternatively, drop us a line and have a chat. 


Visit Our Perth Showroom

One of the best ways to decide which spa pool is right for you is to visit one of our showrooms to see them for yourselves. That's why we have a team of experts on hand who are more than happy to help you find the perfect spa pool for your needs. So give us a call today and let us help you start enjoying your backyard oasis!

If you need to know where your nearest showroom is in Perth, drop us a line. Once you know where you are going, make an appointment with one of our experienced advisors and we’ll walk you through all of our products and give you a full and comprehensive rundown of all the features and benefits of our great spa pools.