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Sapphire Spa Pools In Melbourne : we've designed a simplified spa pool range to suit every 'body'

Okay, so you've found us! Have you been looking at spa pools in Melbourne for long? There's just so many different stores to visit and each of them may be telling you a different story about what you need to look for when buying an outdoor spa pool for yourself. If you're going to spend thousands of dollars on a spa, of course you want it to be reliable and economical to run. 
Whether you are searching for a 4 person spa or a hot tub for the whole family, the Sapphire collection can be found in showrooms across Melbourne or you're welcome to visit our factory and see how they're made.

Are you going to install it in your home where you can enjoy it as a part of your everyday life? Sapphire Spas are built to be used every day; we've installed the best water cleansing equipment and the most economical heating systems so it's realistic to have your spa clean and at your set temperature every day at any time of the day. You don't need to set your spa temperature the day before so it's ready to use.


The Complete Sapphire Spa Pools Range


We have 4 main categories of the spa pool range available in Melbourne. These include Compact Spas, Family Spas, Luxurious Spas and Entertainer Spas. Our range of spa pools are designed to suit many different people. The first in our range are the Compact Spas, which are smaller in dimension but not limited on the number of jets or pump power. They will fit well on small patios, apartment balconies and backyards with limited space. Our Family Spas are a little larger in size and perfect for you and your kids to all jump in & have fun at the same time. The Luxurious Spas are even bigger with more pump power, more room and more jets; these spas ensure that every seat provides a full back massage with at least 5 powerful jets. Our Entertainer Spas are designed for those who like to invite friends around for a bbq and a drink. These spas can fit up to 10 people at a time, making them perfect for next celebration.

Have a look at some of our best sellers from our spa pool ranges below.

myPartner sets the benchmark for compact spa desgin with it’s undercut footwell creating the space typical of a much larger spa model.


myObsession was designed and created with comfort and performance in mind. The lounge recliners are set at different heights to cater to the size difference between men and women, which provides a full body massage from head to toe.


myExtravagance is a work of art. It’s beautiful in every way, with various customised seating heights to suit all body types. Super comfortable lounge chairs filled with jets and plenty of space to spread your feet out, all working seamlessly together. Your friends and family will be impressed and you’ll be proud to own this top of the range spa.



myTeam is fully optioned with seating for 10. With comfort, size and design in mind, Sapphire Spas has created the ultimate outdoor spa pool for the big back yard. Seating 10, myTeam will astound you with spacious comfort and a variety of seating. Two fully optioned his 'n' hers seats allow couples to enjoy simultaneous hydrotherapy whilst on the opposing side, hydro loungers support your body's every contour during a full body massage. This spa's powerful pumps deliver an incredible volume of water, capable of soothing all your aches and pains and leaving the days problems behind.



YOUR LOCAL SHOWROOM IN MELBOURNE  We have stores located around the Melbourne metropolitan area and also throughout Victoria so contact us to find your nearest retail showroom. We want you to be sure about your decision when choosing a spa that's right for you, so make sure you book in for dedicated one-on-one advice.


Would you like to speak with our spa pool sales consultant, see one of our outdoor spas running & even jump in for a 'wet test'?

Visit us at Sapphire Spas HEAD OFFICE SHOWROOM, we're just here in Pakenham Victoria. Please request a follow up by clicking the button below, so we can make an appointment and have your preferred hot tub full of warm water if you'd like to bring your bathers and jump in for a trial massage.


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