Understanding Spa Jet Layouts

28 November, 2022

The human body is an incredible structure, an awe-inspiring combination of bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels that work in perfect harmony to make our very existence possible. Equally amazing is the fact that we are all unique, with different heights, weights, builds and body types each person being a different combination of the same set of fundamental features and supported by the same biological processes. If there is any one thing that we all share in common it is that we are all different.

Despite the wonder that is the human body, the perfection of hundreds and thousands of years of adaption and evolution, from time to time we all experience aches, pains and ailments. Our lifestyles have changed much faster than our bodies can change to adapt, with bodies designed for upright active lifestyles we now spend countless hours sitting at desks, staring at computers and typing on keyboards. Our brains were developed to build shelter, gather food and solve tangible problems are now tasked with processing large amounts of information and solving abstract problems. The result is a huge amount of both physical and mental stress, that we are not naturally adapted to handle.

Luckily, humans are really good at solving problems and one of the most popular solutions to aches, pain and stress are spas. Spa pools are a great way to relieve stress, get a massage and forget about the troubles of the workday.

Which is the Right Spa Jet Layout for You?

Because of the huge diversity of spa users, from young to old and short to tall, Sapphire Spas have worked to create the perfect spa for everyone. Of course, no single spa can achieve this so we have a range of spas to choose from, each one designed to cater to different preferences. Importantly, each of our range of spas has different seating options to provide the greatest range of versatility possible, so whichever spa you choose, there will be a seat that is right for everyone.

Types of Spa Jets

There are a huge number of different spa jets and it can all seem a bit confusing when you begin reading about spas, but don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you.


Directional jets

The most common type of spa jet are directional jets, these can be fixed-direction or user-adjusted and usually feature a single port in the middle of the jet. As a rule, smaller directional jets are fixed from the factory while larger jets have movement available. These jets are positioned to target a single muscle or area of the body with direction adjustment for customization to the individual user’s needs.


Multi-direction Massage Jets

Multi-directional jets are a jet with multiple ports that create a powerful massage sensation in many directions at once. It is not uncommon for these to be used in conjunction with several directional jets to create a luxurious massage experience, such as with the 7” Cohuna Blaster.


Pulsating jets

Pulse jets come in a few varieties, most of these use rotating ports to create a pulsing sensation. The rotation of the ports is powered by the water flow itself, so the higher you turn the pressure on your spa the more powerful and faster the pulsating sensation will become. These are most common as a jet option on back massagers in recliners and captain’s chair positions.


Oxygen Jets

Sapphire Spas unique ‘bed of bubbles’ feature uses powerful air jets to deliver a sensational air-bubble massage. In addition to the next-level feeling of this type of jet are the additional benefits they can provide. Oxygen jets are powered by a powerful air pump that delivers ion-charged air in a concentrated stream into your muscles. This provides the benefits of massage, ion therapy and oxygen therapy directly to your sore and stressed muscles where it’s needed most.


Jet Sizes

There is a variety of reasons for the variation of jet sizes in each layout. This is a combination of the number of pumps in a given spa model, the total number of jets being serviced by each pump and the target body area or muscle group. Jets aimed at the hands and feet will usually be smaller to fit more into the same area, while jets as part of a recliner or back massager are usually larger to cover a greater area. Besides coverage, jet size will affect how the jets feel. Jets with a smaller outlet will create a more powerful, but also more concentrated stream. Larger jets usually have bigger outlets and this creates a soothing aqua-therapy massage sensation over a greater area.


Jet Layouts

Each seat in our spas is designed with a specific purpose in mind. We’ve thought about every muscle, from head to toe we have something for everyone. Whether you carry stress across your neck and shoulders, are on your feet all day or work in a job with heavy lifting or excessive bending each day, we have a jet configuration designed with you in mind.

Types of Spa Jets

Neck and Shoulder Massagers

Our neck and shoulder massagers are carefully designed with wrap-around neck support to cradle your head while your neck is caressed with targeted directional jets. These massage pads use four powerful jets aimed in pairs at each side of your upper and lower neck, including your traps. These are a must-have feature for the executive or office worker who does a lot of computer work or carries the stress of a large company on their shoulders.


Spinal Massagers

Spine massagers are designed to cradle the spine with a row of jets along each side of the spinal column. Our spinal massagers are designed to stimulate blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the fine muscles around the vertebrae and help release tension. To achieve this our spine massage clusters use a combination of directional jets and rotating pulse jets to create a luxurious massage that works deeper into your muscles the more you relax.


Acupressure Bed

Much like the spine massagers, the acupressure bed is designed to provide a full back massage. The difference is where a spine massager uses a twin row of jets, the acupressure bed uses a central row targeting the vertebrae directly and a row of directional or pulsating jets on each side to caress all the way down from the shoulder blades, to the lats, ribs and lower back.


Footcell Massagers

If you are on your feet all day, whether working as a nurse, a police officer, a tradie or something else, looking after your feet is crucial to your long-term health. With this in mind, we have created multiple recliner positions with various footcell massagers depending on your preference. These jets are designed to create a powerful and deep massage that surrounds the entire sole of the foot, working into each muscle group from the toes, through the ball of your foot, working up into the arch and down into the heel. Your feet haven’t known luxury unless they’ve known a massage from a Sapphire Spa.


Massage Recliners

The massage recliners in our various spa models are a combination of the jets discussed above. Most come with neck and shoulder massagers and progress into a range of jet layouts featuring either a spine massager, acupressure bed or cohune blaster and then transitioning into either staged or continuous leg massagers with a different footcell in each.


The Captains Chair

The captain’s chair refers to a range of upright seated massage positions, these offer similar benefits to a recliner position but without the same lounged-back position. This is great for those who are less mobile, or for sitting upright when socializing or enjoying a glass of wine while relaxing. Each captain’s chair provides one of our three great back massage clusters and a varied combination of neck and shoulder, arm and wrist, and leg and foot massagers.


Some of our spas that have a selection of different jet layouts

Entertainer : larger spas for parties and big families


The largest spa pool we offer, the myTeam provides uncompromised comfort and enjoyment for you and the whole crew. It features his and hers recliner chairs with up to 26 jets including feet, calves, thighs, and back and the massage experience is completed by the integral neck and back massagers. With an assortment of jet arrangements in the other seating positions too, there is no need for anyone to miss out in this relaxation masterpiece.

The myTeam spa might be the biggest, but the myFreinds spa is definitely the most popular for socialisng. Featuring enough seats for 8 people, this spa’s claim to fame is the seamless design of the 6 communal seats, removing any boundaries to the fun that can be had. The premium model features LED waterline lighting, a waterfall, and foot massagers, making it the perfect place to relax on your own or in a group.


At the end of the day, deciding which jet layout and seating arrangement are right for you is a deeply personal decision. You should consider who are the main users of your spa, what are the main muscle groups that you find carry the most stress, tension or pain and whether you prefer focused and intense massages or broader gentle massage sensations. At the end of the day, talk is cheap. The best way to decide which spa is right for you is to try out a Sapphire Spa for yourself. Contact your local Sapphire Spas dealer and make an appointment to try one out for yourself.