5 Things That New Spa Owners Should Know

25 August, 2021

There’s nothing quite like having the time to relax and unwind, but sometimes, having the time to do so isn’t quite enough. 


It can be nice to make sure that relaxation and stress relief is guaranteed, and for that reason, more and more people are purchasing spa pools and integrating them within or outside of their household.


While it can be nice to visit a spa or to spend time in a friend’s hot tub, there’s nothing quite as rewarding, relaxing and convenient as having one of your own installations accessible from your living environment. 


In this guide, we’re going to discuss five essential lessons every new spa owner should know. These insights should help you keep up with maintenance, use the equipment safely, and ensure you can use your pool for years to come. We will also consider some troubleshooting advice in case you encounter a problem.


We know you’re excited to get in that pool. Let’s get started:

The ideal spa pool temperature


It’s quite clear to see that a good temperature is needed when using a pool, lest you overly sweat yourself or freeze while trying to relax.


Most spa pools have a temperature range of 10--41 degrees Celsius, with a maximum adjustable temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day, you can make sure your spa is set at your ideal temperature. Heating systems are just that efficient.


However, to save electricity, it is recommended to switch off your pool if not using it for long periods. In order to sustain economical heating, make sure to do so with the spa pool cover. Of course, temperature adjustments will depend on the weather and if the pool is situated inside or outside of your home. 


Remember - the right temperature for one person is not the right temperature for another. This is especially true in the case of pregnant women, young children, and the elderly, who should monitor their time and only raise the temperature to a maximum of 38 degrees. If outside in cold weather, a heated pool can provide a geothermal effect, ensuring a comfortable winter bathing session. Make custom decisions about temperature control each day depending on your needs and environment - sticking to our guidelines.


Know how to fix your jets (if no water comes out on first startup)


After a refill, or if setting up your spa for the first time, a lack of water from your jets can seem disheartening. There’s no reason to worry. This is most commonly caused by an airlock error, which can be readily solved.


If there’s air stuck in one of the pumps, such as your filtration pump or boost pump, it can need releasing to make sure your jets are once again activated. This is termed ‘bleeding the pumps.’ You can achieve this by loosing the pump connection to the pipe with a wrench. Make sure your mains power is off first, and that you wait for the water to leak from the fixture in order to ensure the air has been released. 


You can learn more here.


Know how to drain the water and fill it again


It’s quite clear to see that water needs repeated replacement to make sure that your pool is as hygienic as possible. Luckily, this process is delayed in intervals thanks to hard work of your water filtration system. This means that draining one-third of your spa water every three months is the recommended approach.


It’s also recommended to ensure a full drain every six months (or sooner if this is necessary). Depending on how often your spa sees action and what brand or model you have opted for, this can vary. It’s best to double-check your manual to make sure you know the guidelines.


For myHotTub and SWIM SPAS you can find a drain hose within your underside cabinet. This will help you access an easier drain solution than in most other competitors makes. View the best tips and tricks for draining a pool in order to help you operate this process effectively.


Keeping the spa cover on between uses is important, but knowing why is essential


Keeping the spa cover on between uses is not only important for the longevity of your spa pool, but for other reasons too. These include:


  • Ensuring a faster, more economical and less electricity-depending heating process before use.
  • Ensuring UV light doesn’t damage the acrylic inside over time. This goes for both indoor and outdoor setups.
  • Preventing dust and outside debris such as leaves, twigs, and other organic matter.
  • Preventing the sun from evaporating the water in your pool. This leads to another drain and refill, which wastes water.


 It’s important to know about your water filter and how it’s maintained


Your water filter is in use throughout your operation of the spa pool, and as such, it’s one of the most necessary and essential components there.


The filtration system will be utilised as frequently as you use your spa. Depending on how many people use the pool and how clean they may be prior, some variables apply. Usually, portable spas are aided by a filtration cycle that runs between 4-8 hours a day depending on usage, while swim spas should last roughly twice as long, from 12-16 hours a day.


Remember - there are different types of water filters. 


The simplest and most common water filter cleans spa water as it moves through a physical filter cartridge. This functions similarly to a large and continually operated coffee filter. This may require maintenance as time passes and grime/dirt builds.


Additional and more advanced setups include ozone sanitisation, which you can add to your spa. This serves as a powerful oxidiser that burns up dissolved solids and makes sure, through converting this back to oxygen, no debris, chemical residue or smell is left over.


Finally, the most effective and celebrated sanitisation system includes a clearzone, which uses a combination of ozone and UV-C  sterilisation to ensure up to 99.95% of bacteria and virus is destroyed. This can make sure that your water is as pure and clean as can be for a spa pool, without suffering any tangential effects such as bad odors or leftover debris.


With this advice - we hope you can feel empowered to take care of your spa pool, and that you have a great time with your new purchase.