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Australian Made SPA POOLS in Sydney

The Best Range of Spa Pools, Designed & Built by Sapphire Spas

Sapphire Spas are the best choice for Australian owned indoor and outdoor spa pools, so look no further when searching for the ultimate spa pool in Sydney to spoil yourself with family and friends. Whether you're shopping for a two-person spa or a larger family hot tub, we provide a wide range of designs and customisation to suit each customer's requirements, which is why you should educate yourself on the benefits of our elaborate collection of spa pools in Sydney.

Spa pools are a fantastic way to unwind after work and stay warm on those cold winter nights at the same time. After a long day you can hop into the spa, turn up the jets full blast and entirely envelop yourself in steamy hot water for a deep therapeutic massage and muscle relaxation.

The relaxation element is a big part of our spa pool collection, but if you're an active kind of person then there are a few other options to consider. One option is a hydrotherapy spa pool that produces a wide range of massaging water jets depending on where the user moves their body, allowing for a deep massage and work out at the same. This is an experience that can be shared with others or enjoyed alone with a glass of red, when you close your eyes and just let go!


At Sapphire spas our range includes indoor spas, outdoor spas, plunge pools, swim spas, inground spas and above ground spas, it really depends on the space you have and the reason you've made that decision to go out and buy a spa to begin with, something our spa consultants can help you discover, before you make that final decision.


The Complete Sapphire Spa Pools Range

We have 4 main categories of the spa pool range available in Sydney. Our range of spa pools are designed to accommodate a wide range of customers, these include Compact Spas, Family Spas,  Luxurious Spas and Entertainer Spas. 


Compact Range – (2 Person Spa)

The Compact Spas are the first in our series, which are smaller in size but not limited by the number of jets or pump power. They look great and fit well on small patios, apartment balconies, and backyards with limited space.


Our Family Spas are a bit larger and suited for you and your youngsters to all fit in and have fun at the same time. These spas can also fit well on medium to large patios and backyards.


For those looking for a luxury spa, we have the Luxurious Spas which provide comfort and entertainment with jets that will pamper your body as you relax in pure bliss after a hard day at work or school. These spas are suited for even larger patios and backyards. The Luxurious Spas are even bigger with more pump power, more room and more jets; these spas ensure that every seat provides a full back massage with at least 5 powerful jets.


Our Entertainer Spas go beyond the standard models, and are made for people who like to invite their friends over for a BBQ and a swim. These spas can accommodate up to 10 guests at once, making them ideal for social gatherings and special events.

What makes our spas special is that they are built to suit your backyard space. Each customised design is tailored just for you! Your only concern will be deciding which of the four model types suits you best! Whether you're looking for a Family Spa, an Entertainer Spa or just something simple to relax in after work, we have a spa that suits you and your budget.




Perfect for balconies, alfresco decks and smaller backyards, compact spa pools are <2m in size and lighter than most other spas, making them easier to move into position where space is limited. Just because they're smaller in dimension it doesn't mean they’re limited on power. Within our compact spa range are some of our highest spec’d models with powerful hydrotherapy and recliners as comfortable as a lounge chair with jets to massage you from head to toe.

myPartner : perfect for small backyards & alfresco areas

myPartner sets the benchmark for compact spa design with it’s undercut footwell creating the space typical of a much larger spa model.


FAMILY Spa Pools

If you will have more than 2 adults in your spa, you should move up to one of our family sized spas to make sure Mum and Dad get a seat or recliner full of therapeutic jets. Once your kids are teenagers, they’ll need a seat of their own so you’re not pushed aside. Make sure you allow enough space for everybody’s feet to comfortably rest once your spa is full; most Sapphire spas have extra depth or undercut footwells to give you more room for longer legs and bigger feet. Most family spas have 2 pumps around 60 jets and most are over 2m square. The comfort and design of myObsession was created with performance in mind; his & hers loungers cater to the height difference between men and women and our leg massage jet system provides a full body massage.

myObsession : our most popular FAMILY Spa Pool

myObsession was designed and created with comfort and performance in mind. The lounge recliners are set at different heights to cater to the size difference between men and women, which provides a full body massage from head to toe.



We categorise these spas as luxurious because they are much larger in size; around 2.3m square, and most are equipped with 3 pumps to power around 70 jets. In these higher spec’d spas, every seat has enough hydrotherapy jets to provide a strong massage. If you sit in these spas, you’ll notice that the loungers are longer & the seats are deeper with more space overall & in the footwell. We’re most proud of our flagship model, myExtravagance. Our top of the line spa pool is the complete package; fully spec’d with 3 pumps to power multiple hot seats, multi-port cohuna jets and a lounger with it’s own personalised control panel.

myExtravagance : our most luxurious spa pool


myExtravagance is a work of art. It’s beautiful in every way, with various customised seating heights to suit all body types. Super comfortable lounge chairs filled with jets and plenty of space to spread your feet out, all working seamlessly together. Your friends and family will be impressed and you’ll be proud to own this top of the range spa. 



The larger spas in our entertain range will encourage quality time together with family, friends or your sporting team. These spas don’t necessarily have more jets than our luxurious models but a larger body of water, they cater for more people. With some of these spas over 3m long, you’ll easily find a seat for at least 8 people.

myTeam : our largest spa pool


myTeam is fully optioned with seating for 10. With comfort, size and design in mind, Sapphire Spas has created the ultimate outdoor spa pool for the big back yard. Seating 10, myTeam will astound you with spacious comfort and a variety of seating. Two fully optioned his 'n' hers seats allow couples to enjoy simultaneous hydrotherapy whilst on the opposing side, hydro loungers support your body's every contour during a full body massage. This spa's powerful pumps deliver an incredible volume of water, capable of soothing all your aches and pains and leaving the days problems behind. 


Your local showroom in Sydney

We have an excellent team of professionals who care greatly about one another as well as their clients. Every member of our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service and peace of mind that your investment will be protected for years to come. So whether you're looking for a swim spa or simply want more information, we would love to show you why our Swim Spas in Sydney provide the best value and largest range: If this sounds like what you're looking for, we have stores located around the Sydney metropolitan area and also throughout NSW so contact us to find your nearest retail showroom. We want you to be sure about your decision when choosing a spa that's right for you, so make sure you book in for dedicated one-on-one advice. 

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