Who would've thought spa jets were so important?

03 June, 2021


The advanced jets on all Sapphire spas use the SQR (simple, quick, reliable) system and are a patented technology providing significant benefits over traditional jets and Chinese screw ins. In essence, this system uses better seals to provide increased jet pressure, a more reliable installation free of placing plastic components under pressure and stress when tightened and a faster installation process to facilitate better spa production.


Due to the patented jet internals and seals a 20% increase in pressure is achieved via a more effective venturi and almost zero water bypass resulting in more water being forced in to the jet and not around. The high quality bearings create minimal friction like the bearing less (stainless spindle or pin) jets which results in a jet that is free flowing and allows greater pressure at jet face.


A big advantage with the SQR jets is the way the grommet can sit on any surface unlike traditional jets that require a perfect seal between jet and spa surface otherwise there are leaks. Additionally, the problem of leaks that were caused from applying torque to the nut to tighten the older style jets especially if surface was uneven resulting in a cracked or deformed fittings has been eliminated. The other improvement has been the introduction of a new locking mechanism making it much easier to remove jets from spa or turn jet off at the jet face. The result is a jet that can be removed with ease and is less prone to getting stiff.


The faster manufacturing times are obviously good especially in times of high demand but to achieve this with a system that is more reliable through making processes like no backside surface grinding, no nuts, compression rings or sealant obsolete is a great step forward in production. Less steps, less tools, less chance of errors and greater consistency.

Along with testing being done across the last 5 years in the USA and Europe, we have conducted our own testing across the last 12 months, including hot/cold cycling and endurance tests. We have recognized the benefits as being wide spread and, in the interest of making our product as best we can, have chosen to implement the system across the complete range. The SQR system is CMP’s premium product offering and is also being integrated into the range of one of the largest and most long standing spa manufacturing companies in the world. We hope that together we will all see the benefits of offering this system as a feature on our range and combat the ever growing competition in the marketplace.

If you would like to water test a Sapphire Spa to experience our unique SQR jet technology, please contact your local Sapphire Spas retail store.