We have reimagined above ground pools

21 September, 2022

When you think of an above-ground pool it’s likely that what comes to mind is a big blue thing, the outdoor pool of the 80s and 90s. Sun-bleached blue plastic slowly turned an ugly shade of grey in the Australian sun. Exposed PVC framing that became brittle with time, liable to explode into dangerous shards at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget those steps, the rickety platforms with at least one step replaced by a 2x4 where the original landing had given way under the weight of an 8-year-old.

Fortunately, we don’t live in the ’80s anymore and this means you don’t need to worry about 80’s pool problems either! The years have brought advancements in leaps and bounds, just as mobile phones are now miniature computers that fit into our pockets, so the modern spa pool can complete your backyard in one portable package!


Better Materials

Modern materials mean that modern pools are sleek and efficient, made from durable materials that will last for decades. Not only will they stay strong, but they will continue to look great too! The huge range of spa pools and swim spas from Sapphire Spas are built locally in Australia to withstand Australian conditions. They are manufactured with UV stabilised acrylic interior coatings available in a wide range of colours. Not only are these pools Aussie-tough so they won’t chip, flake, splinter or lose colour over time, they come wrapped in either maintenance-free duratek or natural enviroGum timber cabinets for a contemporary and ageless style that will look amazing for years to come.


More Features

Originally above ground pools were little more than a PVC circle with a brittle plastic liner. There was almost no additional features or benefits and they were difficult to fit into landscape designs. Modern above-ground pools bring many new features to the consumer and better yet they are built with style and landscape design in mind. Many above-ground pool designs come with features built-in so you don’t need to have unsightly equipment cabinets or pump houses cluttering up your yard.

Some of the common features available with spa pools and swim spas from Sapphire Spas :

Neck and Shoulder Massagers

Almost every model we have has options to add neck and back massagers to their built-in hydrotherapy massage chairs.

Wine Bottle Holders

Let’s face it, if you are buying a pool you are going to entertain! Whether on your own, chilling with your partner, or entertaining a whole group, it’s always nice to have refreshments at hand.

Water Heaters

While Aussie summers are hot, the winter months can get a bit too chilly to enjoy a swim so all Sapphire Spas come with inbuilt heaters within the cabinet itself. With additional external water heating available for most models, you no longer have to compromise between relaxation and comfort. You can economically heat or cool your pool so it’s ready to use all year round, any time of day or night!

Swim Jets

Beyond a certain size, the only additional benefit of a larger pool is swimming space. You no longer need to sacrifice the whole yard for space to swim laps, choose a swim spa or plunge pool with variable speed swim jets and you can swim for as long and as hard (or as slowly) as your heart desires.

Water Sanitisation

In the 21st century we’re highly aware of the chemicals we expose ourselves to so sanitisation is more important than ever. With integrated water sanitisation, you save time, reduce chemicals and increase the safety for the whole family.

LED Lighting and Water Features

Increase the fun and set the mood with LED waterline lighting, available as an option on all our swim spas and spa pools. If you want to increase the ambiance even further, choose a model with a waterfall or spouts feature to enhance your backyard and give the kids something to play with.

SpaHiFi Stereo Sound System

Stream music directly to your spa from any bluetooth smart device. Sophisticated transducer technology produces immersive underwater surround sound as the sound waves are fed through the spa shell and amplified by the volume of water.

More Accessories

It used to be that to have accessory options required an expensive in-ground pool and extensive hardware and install costs. Not only have pools come a long way, but pool accessories have also advanced over the years. Sapphire Spas has a complete range of accessories to choose from to complete your spa or pool experience.

Lockable Covers and Cover Lifters

Hardcovers are great for safety, insulating your spa when not in use, and reducing maintenance by keeping your water clean. Increase the utility of your spa or pool with a stylish, lockable hardcover. Our hardcovers are as durable as any of our products and built for Australian conditions and stabilised against our harsh sun, hardcovers are included with all models from Sapphire Spas. Plus we offer a range of cover lifters to make your spa as accessible as possible.

Heating and Cooling Pumps

While all of our spa and pool products come equipped with Powersmart variable water heaters as standard, you can turbo-charge your spa experience with an additional external  heat and cool pump. This accessory provides more heat faster than the standard inbuilt water heater. In addition, it’s perfect for Australian pool owners as it allows you to cool your water for a refreshing dip during the height of summer.

spaLink remote control

Modern convenience now comes to your spa pool or swim spa, control from anywhere with your mobile device. Plan ahead and get your spa ready as you leave the office or get it powered up while you slip into your bathers when you’re already at home, spaLink puts the control in your hands.

smartTOUCH digital touchpad

Large 4.3" viewing area, optimised for use outdoors, the anti-glare and antireflective screen is easy to use with wet or dry hands. With software tailored for use with your Sapphire Spa, intuitive menus let you take control of every function


Gone are the days of flimsy stairs that threaten to collapse after exposure to the sun. With modern materials, our entry steps are now slip-resistant, stylish, stable, and will last much longer providing years of safety for the users.


All Australians are familiar with the brilliant power of our southern sun. Beautiful to relax under, but care must be taken. A great way to make your pool or spa area enjoyable all summer long is with a pergola or sunshade solution. Sapphire Spas can suggest a range of solutions to suit any of our products from compact spa pools to our largest swim spas and plunge pools.

Less Maintenance

The bane of any pool owner, maintenance detracts from the time you could otherwise spend enjoying your pool. Old above-ground pools required hours of skimming, vacuuming, and manual work to maintain, modern options such as those from Sapphire Spas remove this hassle so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Integrated Filtration

No longer is filtration a separate system or process. Our products come with integrated filtration systems so you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment, plus most Sapphire Spas have separate filtration pumps so that you don’t lose any of your water pressure as your spa or pool is cleansing.

Water Sanitation

Many of our spas come with purewater CD ozone sanitisation as standard to keep your water in top condition without manual intervention.

Optional Clearzone Ozone sanitation

Our ultimate Clearzone sanitisation system allows for a lower level of chemical use during regular water quality management. Clearzone uses ozone in combination with germicidal UV-C light. The combination of these two technologies creates an oxidising agent many, many times more powerful than ozone on its own. Clearzone is available as an option on all models, though several come with a free upgrade to Clearzone.

Thermal Insulation

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and avoid waiting for your water to get up to temperature on cold days (or to cool on hot days). All our spas are insulation lined and come with lockable hardcovers to help maintain the temperature no matter what the weather is doing.

SmartFLO and Varidrive80 Pumps

Energy efficiency is important and Sapphire Spas range of products are built with economy in mind. Our range of efficient pumps deliver all the power and performance you would expect from a premium product, but with a fraction of the energy consumption and with less noise!


Limitless Design and Landscaping Opportunities

No longer is an above-ground pool a compromise between style, design, and function. Stylish, modern options are available to suit any backyard or landscaping preference. Choose a dark duratek cabinet and matching hardcover for a compact spa to suit the modern studio apartment or sleek inner-city balcony. Or for large open yards with natural design elements and an abundance of plants, options such as EnviroGum timber cabinetry provides a natural-looking finish that will seamlessly blend into your landscape.Take a look at some of Sapphire Spas' past installs in the gallery above and see how a modern above-ground spa or pool could look at your place. Whatever design, seating layout and size you desire, Sapphire Spas have a solution that can make your yard stand out from the rest.


mySpace portable 3 person spa shown above is one choice from our Compact Range

Compact : small & powerful


We've packed as many jets as we can into some of our most compact spas. At 2m or less, these spas can still deliver a powerful massage and can also to fit onto decks, balconies and smaller backyard spaces