The Benefits of Purchasing a Swim Spa

06 April, 2021

Many homes these days aren’t large enough to accommodate swimming pools. A swim spa can offer many extra benefits. Let's look at a few benefits of purchasing a swim spa.

Swimming training

If you enjoy swimming for fitness or sport it’s important you have a place to train regularly. Having a swim spa at home is perfect for this. Modern swim spas can adjust the strength of the current to your personal fitness level to help you build endurance and stamina. Achieve your fitness and health goals whatever they may be!

Even if swimming is not your cup of tea, training in the water is an excellent aerobic activity. It's often recommended for people recovering from serious operations, or with other training limitations like being unable to bear weight. A swim spa provides a great option for exercising all year round in the Australian climate.

Entertainment & fun

Spa pools can be the highlight of a family function or party at home. Everyone enjoys the warm water and being able to relax with friends in a private setting. Whenever you are hosting guests, swim spas provide multiple options that will appeal to people of all ages. Anyone can exercise, relax, or play in the water of a swim spa. Swim spas are obviously larger than standard 4 person spas. The more water, the more fun. Children especially enjoy the warm water all-year-round as they build water confidence, and have fun playing with their family.

Health, wellness & relaxation

Hydrotherapy helps your health in many ways. The use of hot and cold stream jets has a massaging effect on muscles, helping relieve pain from many ailments, such as arthritis and joint, muscle and nerve problems. The increase in blood flow encouraged by hydrotherapy means that our internal organs are given a boost, improving their functionality. You will certainly feel great after hydrotherapy, and it is also good for your mental health. For some people, a spa becomes a perfect relaxation spot and part of their daily routine.


Having your own swim spa helps with your fitness routine. You can treat swimming as your main exercise activity or as a great addition to any exercise routine. After training you can relax with a hydrotherapy massage in your own spa.

Easier to maintain

As swim spas are smaller than full-size pools they require less maintenance. There is less surface space to keep clean, and fewer chemicals are required. Spa pools have sturdy covers and many self-cleaning features.


If a swim spa is a focal point of your family life or lifestyle, it is actually possible to take a spa pool with you when moving house. It can be lifted with a crane and taken to your new backyard.

If you have any other questions, contact us or give the spa experts a call on 0800 4 SPA POOL. We're here to help answer all your questions and recommend the perfect spa to suit your requirements.