Swim Spa Buying Tips

01 June, 2021

Buying a swim spa can be overwhelming as there are so many styles, brands, and features available on the Australian market. We strongly encourage people to think through all the various aspects of owning a spa pool and then visit a trusted showroom for an informative chat. You can even conduct a 'wet test', hopping into a fully operational Sapphire Spa to see how you like it.

We hope that the following tips will help you, and we group them into these points:

  1. Swimming experience
  2. Fun & entertainment
  3. Comfort, design & massage
  4. Insulation
  5. Maintenance
  6. Brand & retailer reputation
  7. Location limitations

Swimming Experience - is the current strong enough?

Unlike a swimming pool, a swim spa creates a current within a small space. It is worth asking about pump size and jet systems to decide if training within a spa will create a good environment matching your desired fitness level. Considering the maximum current is important, but also the range of slower paces for warm-up or cool-downs.

It's worth checking the shell of the spa pool is wide and deep enough. This is especially important for taller swimmers. The shell should be designed to keep the swimmer in the swim lane. Stabilisation jets are handy to keep the swimmer in the middle of the swim lane and are generally more comfortable than any harness. Like in a swimming pool it is good to have some reference points, so spa pools can offer LED light to guide to the middle of the lane.

Fun and entertainment for family and friends

There will be times when a swim spa will be used more for entertainment rather than pure sport. Look for inexpensive but fun features like LED waterfall fountains that the kids can swim under, or a stereo system.

Comfort, design & massage

Most swim spas have a section for relaxation with comfortable seats and massaging jets. To achieve this dream, make sure to check that the swim spa seats are ergonomically designed to fit your body’s natural curves. It’s important to make sure you fit comfortably into the seats in order to get the best possible soaking and massage experience. Will all family members be able to climb in to have a soak? Will there be enough space in a foot well to accommodate multiple bathers?

Swim spa insulation & running costs

Insulation is critical for big swim spas to keep the water warm. The better the insulation, the cheaper the spa will be to run. The other factor is, of course, the efficiency of the pump. Ask for running cost estimates.

Swim spa maintenance

It is not fun to clean a spa, so look for self-cleaning features and find out exactly what is involved in maintaining a spa pool.

Brand & retailer reputation

Having trust in a brand, and the service level from consultants and installers, cannot be underestimated. It is easy to buy an expensive lemon on the internet, so look for experienced brands and experienced people. Sapphire Spas have been made in Australia for nearly 20 years.

Location limitations

Think about the location of the new spa pool. Swim spas are hard to move so they need to be set well within your backyard, integrated with your landscaping, and also to provide privacy. Your retailer with be able to assist with tips for preparing a space for a spa pool, but is very handy if there is access to this point to conduct installation and any future maintenance work. Think practically about where you will be able to put the cover and what kind of view bathers will have.