Spa massage

09 June, 2021

People use massage therapy to help relieve tension and reduce or manage pain, reduce stress, relax your muscles and aid in rehabilitation from injury. Typically, massage involves physical manipulation of your body’s muscles, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments by a trained therapist.

You can achieve the benefits of massage therapy plus more, in the comfort of your own home, with the multiple benefits offered by a spa pool or swim spa. Hydrotherapy massage in a spa has a 3 way benefit; the buoyancy eleviates stress on your joints as you’re supported in a weightless state, the warm water dilates blood vessels to improve circulation and the water jets apply an adjustable pressure to your muscles. These benefits work together to provide you with a complete wellness experience that can not be achieved with massage alone.


To experience the benefits of the many types of physical therapy, you would usually need to make an appointment with various therapists from different disiplines. You could spend a lot of time and money trialling these slightly different treatment methods, until you hopefully find one that suits you best. From a physiotherapist to an osteopath to a naturopath to a myotherapist, the way they treat your problem will be similar and the cost of each consultation will certainly add up no matter which way you choose.

Many of these physical therapies attempt to improve aches, pains or injury through movement, manipulation and gentle exercise. These wellness methods are     all easily achieved in the comfort and support of your home spa or swim spa.


After consideration of some of the most common day-to-day complaints that our customers have, the jets have been placed within a Sapphire Spa to target these issues in much the same way as direct ‘hands on’ techniques offered by physical therapists:


Positioned either side of the spine, these jets together with heat, stimulate the blood supply to aid in the recovery of aching muscles or damaged tissue



The jets within our neck & shoulder massage system stream down to release all the tension held in these areas



Often caused by neck tension, headache may be relieved by positioning your neck & shoulders under the wrap-around neck collar and adjusting the pressure to suit



Reflexology tells us that the toes, arches, heels and balls of your feet relate to organs throughout your body. That’s why a foot massage can relax the entire body. Plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a therapeutic foot massage around this foot jet dome.



Massage & movement can be helpful in managing this disease. With the full body support of the surrounding warm water, you can move about your spa more easily, enjoying less pressure on your joints and muscles than with land-based activity



Our purpose built loungers target the muscles of your legs, hips, thighs, buttocks and calves to deliver an invigorating hydro massage that may help relieve strains, soft tissue injuries or overworked muscles



Positioned on the arm rests either side of your seat, pulsator jets will mimic the benefits of a visit to your physio; may be beneficial to sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome



This concentrated ‘hot seat’ is the ultimate upper body treatment system; treat neck & shoulders through to your central back with the multi-port jet and ring



Your on-demand personal massuer with multiple massage sequences. More than a ‘basic’ wave pump, Sapphire’s varidrive80 pump offers touchpad control of 80 personalised jet pressures and three unique sequencing modes. Catering to all levels of massage requirements, the varidrive80 powers this entire lounger to treat from the upper back right down to your feet



We’ve studied the practice of many types of massage therapies in the design of our spa shapes and jet systems and incorporated the best practices from each to deliver you the most beneficial combination within each spa model offered.

myPartner is a compact spa pool that offers many different massage systems to help treat a variety of common complaints. The two corner ‘hot seats’ offer full upper body massage whilst the lounger adds the leg and foot massage options.


myRetreat has been designed with 7 ‘hot seats’ to make room for more people to enjoy simultaneous back massage. Everyone can rest their feet against the central volcano jet dome to receive a therapeutic foot massage.


myIndulge swim spa provides 2 loungers at the spa end for a total body massage. The swim end allows you to freely move about and stretch, walk or jog against the swim jets , then rest against the stand up jets for an after exercise rub down. Sapphire swim spas are well suited to aquatic exercise and remedial therapies.


If you’d like to ‘wet test’ one of our spa pools or versatile swim spas, contact your local retail store or call us on 1300 069 772