Planning The Perfect Date Night (in Your Spa Pool)

09 April, 2021

The perfect date night isn’t always about that special outing with your loved one in a five-star restaurant. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most in any relationship. Especially for a romantic relationship, you can’t help but create lasting memories from well-intended plans. One of such plans can be a perfect date night in your spa pool. You can never go wrong with indulging yourself in this aquatic environment. Whether with your spouse or date, the spa pool date night holds a lot of promise for all five senses. However, you must remember to make the day memorable and keep your partner’s preferences in mind. Come along on this reading adventure as you discover creative ways to have an amazing time in your spa pool.


Red rose petals to float in the pool

It’s not for nothing that the rose flower is associated with love and all things sensual. They smell good, look colourful, and come with a rich history of love stories. In Greek mythology, the red rose flower was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Legend and folklore say, when her mortal lover, Adonis, died, she was filled with so much grief. When her tears fell to the ground, they mixed up with Adonis’s blood, and from the same spot, the red rose erupted.


Throughout history and especially through Shakespearean literature, the red rose has become a symbol of passionate love and romance. Now that you know a bit of this rich symbolic history, make the moment count by throwing some rose petals into your spa pool. Besides, it’s date night, and the contrasting colours of red against your bluish-white spa pool set the tone for love, luxury and memories.

Champagne and wine

Just like the rose, champagne and wine hold their own in the world of love, power and romance. Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon, and Bollinger are a few examples of known international brands that glide down many throats and leave a feeling of satisfaction. As put by the 18th-century royal courtesan, Madame de Pompadour, champagne is the only alcoholic drink capable of making a woman feel attractive after consuming it. Perhaps, there’s some element of truth to the belief that it’s an aphrodisiac. 

Others believe that your taste buds should prepare for a treat when combined with certain foods such as oysters. Make your lady feel extra special by pouring her a glass of bubbly while you both soak up in the spa pool. Remember that champagne is a French sparkling wine, and no date night between adults is complete without these drinks. Make use of them as long as you and your partner can tolerate it. More so, try not to get drunk while in the pool.


The right music 

Melodious tunes in this setting cannot be understated. The question here is; what type of music is right for a date night while soaking up with your partner in the pool? Soothing love songs from the 70s to the 2000s should make it onto your list. There’s a reason Barry White, Luciano Pavarotti, Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, etc., can never be left out when you consider classic love songs. Regardless of your age, a record from any of these named singers and crooners can set the right ambience.


Depending on what you wish to communicate to your partner, ensure you have the right playlist, as not all love songs are the same. While some communicate broken hearts and goodbye, others have lyrics propounding hope, new love and a desire to lay down everything for the sake of love. So, there are differences you should know, lest you pick Adele’s heartbreak song ‘Someone like you,’ when your objective for a date night is to impress and reconnect.


Don’t forget to turn up the heat

Indeed, there’s a reason your spa pool is equipped with jets. The main purpose of these jets is to circulate the water as the heater plays its role. This way, there will be no pockets of cold temperature in parts of the pool. Therefore, as everything heats up, you’ll notice an increase in steam, and that is what you should be aiming at. Believe it or not, steam enhances the romantic setting you intend to create and allows you both to enjoy the love in the air, literally.


Have you ever wondered why certain hot tub movie scenes use lots of steam? First of all, it helps create a visual appeal for viewers and improves actors’ performance in character. For these same reasons, you can consider your spa pool as your movie set while you and your partner are the characters. Remember that it’s just the two of you and whatever it takes to get both of you comfortable is what you must embark on.

Add drops of essential oils to the water

Essential oils work best in heated temperatures, and that’s why you should do it after turning up the heat. Try oils such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Vanilla, etc. However, there is a word of caution about using essential oils in your spa pool; it’s advisable to take a bath or shower before using a spa pool, and the same applies to essential oils. They tend to clog the filtration system, and that explains why you should purchase those oils specifically made for hot tub or spa pool use only.

Each essential oil plays a specific role. For example, eucalyptus oil reduces stress when it’s inhaled and seeps into the pores. Lavender relaxes the nerves and the brain, while vanilla oil stimulates parts of the brain to have a good night’s sleep. Indeed, these effects are elements that crown your date night, and you don’t want to get it wrong.


Feed on strawberries and chocolates

Strawberries and chocolates are ladies’ best friends. For an even better time, add some cream as a dip. You can never go wrong with strawberries and cream. That said, chocolate is in a league of its own. This milky bar is packed with antioxidants and also contains properties that stimulate “feel good” chemicals in the brain. For many women, eating chocolate is a way to satisfy that sweet tooth while benefiting from its other vital properties.

Furthermore, strawberry contains a significant amount of vitamins that balance out sex hormones. Again, it contains antioxidants that target harmful free radicals in the body. These two edibles are a great combination that enhances the outcome of your date night. You can take it a notch higher by feeding your partner with any of these two or both. The contrasting tastes (together with the cream) will create a delicious blast in your date’s palate.


The points listed and discussed here are only a few of many things you can incorporate into your date night. Keep in mind that everything you set out to do must be comfortable for both parties. It would be a terrible night if what you thought would be pleasant doesn’t turn out that way for your partner. Furthermore, be sure to know in advance if your partner is allergic to anything you planned on consuming.


The last thing you want is to feed your partner with something they’re allergic to. Even the essential oils you intend to drop into the water must pass the test. At the end of the night, what you want to achieve is a memorable time worth reminiscing.