Our Toughest Deliveries

22 March, 2022

At Sapphire Spas we take pride in the quality of our spas, the fact that they are Australian made right here in Melbourne and that we are a 100% Australian owned company. So it should come as no surprise that we also take pride in our ability to deliver spas anywhere in the country.

Our experienced and skilled delivery personnel are experts at navigating tight spaces and difficult terrain to get your new spa safely and securely to its destination. From cliffside homes overlooking the ocean to multi-level apartment complexes, hidden balconies, inner-city rooftops and more there's nowhere that Sapphire Spas hasn't delivered a spa. No matter how challenging the delivery might be, we always ensure that your spa is delivered with care and precision.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most difficult deliveries that we've completed over the years.


Notel Melbourne Rooftop


We have delivered so many spas to so many places it would be hard to pick the hardest or the strangest. When you go on holiday to any inner-city destination you might take for granted the luxury of a rooftop spa. However, you probably don’t think about how it got there.

For new buildings, it’s simple, include the spa in the design and install it during construction. For existing buildings, sometimes there are freight elevators to make things a bit easier, but what about when this isn’t the case? Try this location for instance. For Notel Melbourne we got a spa into this super-tight location in the heart of the city! The low height of the rooftop compared to surrounding buildings provided a challenge for the crane operator, but our team delivered in spectacular fashion ensuring Notel Melbourne guests can enjoy a fabulous Sapphire Spa right in the heart of Melbourne.


Need a Lift

BUILD STORY : myPartner crane delivery

What do you do when you want a spa on the second floor of your bayside home? You call Sapphire Spas of course! This location pulled out all the stops to try and ruin this customer’s spa dreams. Narrow access, steep terrain and rooftop location came together in a perfect storm of difficult delivery circumstances.

Not to be dissuaded by a challenge here and there, Sapphire Spas found the right delivery truck for the job, big enough for the spa and a large enough crane for the lift, yet small enough to navigate narrow suburban streets. And look at that view! We have the experience and the know-how to get any spa into any space!


Anywhere, Anytime

BUILD STORY : mySwimgym craned onto concrete slab with glass safety fence

This delivery is an example of a commonplace suburban problem, you want to keep fit, you like swimming but you have a small suburban backyard. Fortunately, there is a swim spa for that exact situation! This narrow side of a Melbourne house was too small to be much use anything, but it happened to be the perfect size for a swim spa. This is exactly what our mySwimgym 4.0m swim spa was designed for: exercise, comfort, and relaxation while taking up barely 8sqm of yard space.

Having the right spa was only half the challenge, getting a spa into such a tight space was the real trial. The space was barely a meter wider than the spa and not a great deal longer, hemmed in by a fence on one side and brickwork on the others, we expertly craned this spa right into position with perfect precision. Now there is no need to travel to the pool or beach to keep fit or relax, no matter how small the space we can help!

No Space Too Small


You can see that the inner-city cannot stop us, suburbia couldn’t get in our way and steep hillside houses aren’t an issue either, but would you think we could fit a spa into this space?

This is one of the smallest installations we have completed, but it shows that luxury doesn’t require a lot of space. This is a perfect example of the mySpace compact spa shining in its natural habitat and the small confines of this location add to the cozy and intimate vibe. Access was challenging here too, with the overhanging eaves and narrow pathway a crane wouldn’t cut it. Our delivery team rolled up their sleeves to carefully carry the spa on its side, down the narrow path and slotted it into its position.


When a Crane Won’t Do


You’ve seen some challenging installs so far. Steep hills and rooftop balconies aren’t a problem for cranes and narrow access is tackled hands-on, but what about when these combine? A space where a crane can’t fit, winding stairs and terraced balconies, you might think we’ve been beaten. But you would be wrong. Take a look at some of these extra challenging deliveries.


Nowhere Too Steep

This job was probably one of the steepest deliveries we have ever completed. Not just one, but two flights of stairs! We pulled out all the stops to make this delivery a reality, a crane helped to get us started, turning the spa sideways and placing it onto the steps where a very dedicated team waited to painstakingly carry it to the top. Over 50 stairs in the concrete stairwell alone, plus around a dog-leg in the yard and then up the wooden balcony stairs for its final resting place. We bring the same level of care, patience and persistence to all our deliveries. So if you think your location is the ultimate challenge, bring it to Sapphire Spas!

Nowhere Too Narrow

From the tallest to the narrowest delivery we’ve completed, there’s no task we’re not up to. Provided you have a space where a spa will physically fit, we will find a way. This weatherboard in a quiet suburb doesn’t leave a lot of room for the imagination, or a spa for that matter. But like so many others before it, we were going to make magic happen. It might have been barely wider than the height of a spa, but our delivery team once again proved that nothing is impossible!


A Private Balcony

Take a look at this install job on a raised balcony in New Zealand. Spas weigh several hundred kilograms, even when empty, so this was no cakewalk. The whole way up this steep hill was just over a meter wide, barely wide enough for the spa itself. Installations like this are a testament to the strength, care and dedication of our delivery teams. Where a crane could not go, they found a way to make sure that these customers could still enjoy a balcony-top view from the warmth and comfort of their own spa


The Sky is the Limit!

You haven’t seen it all until you have seen a helicopter delivering a spa. For this customer we’d reach the limits of manpower and crane capacity, sometimes you need to think outside the box. It’s a good thing they were getting spa delivered so they will have somewhere to sit back and relax after the hard work involved in this installation.


It’s a veritable fact that the places with the best views are also the hardest to get to. This is true of nature and it’s usually true in house construction. Steep hills provide the perfect vantage point to take in the surroundings and this can create some very inaccessible locations.

From the narrowest of footpaths to the steepest mountains and the smallest yards and patios, there’s nowhere that Sapphire Spas can’t deliver your spa. We will accept the challenge of getting your spa where you want because we know that the best places for a spa are usually the hardest places to get one. As you can see, there’s nothing we won’t do to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind when delivering your spa.