How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spa Pool This Summer

11 October, 2021

Summer is rapidly approaching in Australia, so why not make the most out of your spa pool as often as possible, not just on chilly winter evenings. That means having a few great ideas and tips in mind so that your spa pool is never neglected. We've come up with some suggestions that could be useful for you, so this article is going to discuss how to take advantage this summer no matter what the weather is like, so keep reading to learn more about how.


Turn down the heat ready for a Summer's day with an external reverse-cycle HEAT & COOL PUMP

This may seem like a no brainer, but when we think of spas we usually think of cold winter nights and steamy hot water but when the sun is beaming at full strength, some cooler water is a welcome change. If you have purchased an external heat and pump with your spa pool or swim spa, this is an efficient way to manage the temperature of your water. Keep in mind that the size / kw of your heat & cool pump unit will determine how fast it can heat or cool the water within your spa. You will also need to take into consideration the effect of the ambient temperature of the area you live in; ex. a hot Summer's day will naturally heat a spa with the hardcover on.

A good setup is from 25-30 degrees celsius for optimal comfort and relaxation on a warmer, sunny day, but don't worry if you're not experienced with this, you can try different temperatures until you work out what's comfortable for you and your family.

Organise a BBQ and invite your friends

Having an outdoor spa pool party is all about getting together with friends, family, or other people who share similar interests while bonding over some good food and drinks. The best part of such gatherings is that you get to try out new dishes, meet new people and just have fun! This is how Australians love to connect with family and friends and this is also why you need to organise a BBQ, invite some friends and get in the spa pool for some friendly banter. Grilled Kangaroo is a favourite amongst most Australians and will surely go down well with your friends. You can marinate it overnight or for as little as 30 minutes and make sure you serve it up with a delicious salad.


When not in use, put the cover on

If you don't need it, cover your spa on sunny days. The insulation will keep the water cool and prevent it from absorbing the heat around it while covered. Run the spa with the cover off at night when it's chilly. Natural evaporation will cause the temperature of the water to drop, making it just right for relaxing in. Even if you don't have a cover, just keeping the top lip of your spa closed will increase its efficiency too.

Make a water slide for the kids

Growing up in Australia you would have probably made your own DIY water slide at least one time. This is where you get a large plastic tarp or many garbage bags connected together to make a slide down a slope in your backyard, then all you need is some liquid soap and a garden hose, and let the fun begin. If you make a good water slide the kids can take run-ups and jump onto the slide beaming them all the way to the other side. You could even set up a sprinkler for some additional amusement and a way to wash the soap off after the slide. Then once the the kids have had enough they can rinse off and jump back in the spa.


Get some tunes going with the perfect playlist

A good Australian gathering wouldn't be the same without some excellent Aussie music. Summer of 69, Run to Paradise, Khe San, Eagle Rock, Footloose, Jessie's Girl, My Sharona, Living On a Prayer and 500 Miles are just a few of the rock classics that you might try. These songs will undoubtedly evoke nostalgic memories as well create new everlasting ones at the same time. You could also just open Spotify and put on a Top 40 playlist so you don't have to worry too much about song selection, just pick a playlist and press play. This will really get the vibe going and allow you to be more involved in the party and not miss any of the action.



So there you have it, some ideas and suggestions for you to get the most out of your spa pool this summer. We hope this got you excited and ready for the summer and gave you some great ideas for your upcoming spa pool parties!