Enjoy a STAYCATION at home with a Sapphire Spa Pool or Swim Spa

26 May, 2021

2020 is likely to see a surge in people looking to enjoy more time at home, with staycations set to dominate the summer for many families.

A ‘staycation’ is a holiday spent in your home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home involving day trips to local attractions. With travel likely to be limited for the near future, you could look to accentuate your staycation by installing a swim spa at home, making it a great place to relax with the family. 
We explain in our article titled 'How to choose a spa' that a spa can give you treasured family time, or precious time together with your partner. In 2020, a swim spa can help to give you and your family a staycation to remember.

Increase in popularity of spa pools

Spa’s and Jacuzzis have increased in popularity, not just here but across the world. In the United States, the spa industry is worth $18.3bn (A$31.5bn), whilst here in Australia many holiday lets already have one installed. The United Kingdom also has a thriving spa market, much the same as here in Australia and in the USA. It’s thought to be worth £1.5bn per year (A$3bm), with installations particularly popular in gyms and treatment centres. Even in the UK home market the spa industry is expanding. Last year, Jacuzzi expanded its British swim spa range to cater to those who wanted to use it exclusively for fitness through their Swimfit and SwimExpert designs.

Why not add a swim spa to your backyard?

So, this summer, why not think about getting one at home and making your staycation far more enjoyable? There are so many options available, with a spa to suit many different needs and tastes.

A swim spa isn’t just a spa for sitting around in relaxing, although they’re excellent for that. You can use them as a workout to, choosing to swim, walk or run against the powerful jets which are fully adjustable to cater for all your fitness needs. If you’re out there with the family, crank them up and see who can get from one end of the swim spa to the other in the quickest time.

You might choose to go with a dual zone model, which offers a 4m x 2m swim area, with another 2m area at the end for relaxing with a cold drink in the warm weather. This type of swim spa is an alternative to a full swimming pool in your yard and will delight kids and adults in equal measure.

Perhaps you might even like the idea of a 12-person plunge pool, usable all year round and a great place to host not only your immediate family, but maybe the neighbours or your friends as well. There’s a swim spa for all types of staycation, should you decide to remain at home this summer.

Interested in purchasing a spa pool or swim spa?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sapphire Spa, there are a few points you may want to consider. You’ll certainly want to set a clear budget, as well as considering energy efficiency and warranty cover for the product. It's also worth speaking with Sapphire Head Office on 1300 069 772 or your local Sapphire Spa showroom, to discuss the easiest way to integrate a swim spa with your current landscape.

Positioning is also important, as you want to make sure you have the right type of patio or decked area, not just to take the load, but also so it is positioned to get the best of the evening sun and thus be enjoyed for as long as possible into the evening of your staycation. Many homes have enhanced the experience of a spa pool by fully integrating it into the garden to create an area that resembles the spas of Europe. Many designs are also hidden away for extra privacy from the house. It is up to you how creative you want to get in installing your ideal home spa.

So don’t hesitate, make 2020 the year of your swim spa staycation!


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Written by: Jennifer Birch

For: sapphirespas.com.au