Brake Horsepower -v- Continuous Flow Horsepower

28 September, 2022

Sales people may use brake horsepower (Bhp) when rating pumps to deliberately mislead you into thinking it’s more powerful


Do you know the difference?

CONTINUOUS FLOW horsepower Hpcf : is the horsepower generated by the water pump that is delivered to the spa jets; this is the accepted industry ‘yardstick’.

(the amount of power required to move a given volume of water. ie. the pump output or liquid horse power generated by the pump. This is the reading you want as you want to know the amount of power your pump will be putting out, not taking in…)

BRAKE horsepower Bhpis the amount of power required to apply a stop brake to the pumps electric motor.

(the amount of power needed to be supplied to the pump in order to provide the needed Bhp. i.e. the power delivered to the pumps shaft expressed in horse power.)



Are you advertising your Continuous Flow Horse Power or your Brake Horse Power?

Claims of water pressure should be most accurately stated as Continuous Flow horsepower.

In todays modern market, every consumer needs to know what questions to ask in relation to their possible new purchase. In regards to pumps, there is a very simple question to ask- “Are you advertising your Continuous Flow Horse Power or your Brake Horse Power?”

If the sales person can not answer this question or answers with “Brake horsepower” that should be a red flag. The correct reading you want to know is “How much Continuous Flow horsepower does the pump produce?”


To clarify how spa pumps are currently marketed

No spa , imported or Aussie made, is currently manufactured with 4Hpcf pumps; they will be 4Bhp which is actually 2.25Hpcf. Sapphire Spas use 5.2Bhp = 3Hpcf pumps which can be up to 25% more powerful at the jets than most of our competition


If you chose to calculate a pumps Continuous Flow Hp yourself, ask about the pumps wattage output. Every 750w converts to 1Hp.

Ask the right questions when buying a spa

Sapphire Spas will always provide our customers with the Continuous Flow horsepower reading.