Blast of Bubbles - detoxification thanks to Mother Nature

21 April, 2022

Oxygen-rich bubbles, infused into your spa water can provide many health benefits

We are always exploring ways to improve our spas and to provide a new level of luxury, comfort, and health for our valued customers. Our 'blast of bubbles' system is designed to offer you the full health benefits of an oxygen-rich bubble bed, the bliss of a hydrotherapy massage, and the added bonus of negatively-charged charged ions. The many benefits of this luxurious feature are offered thanks to mother nature.

Imagine for a moment the soft caress of sea mist on your skin, the clean fresh air beside a rainforest waterfall, or the relaxing tranquillity of a stream in the mountains. All of these share the same thing in common, the calming and relaxing environment and the fresh clean air are all thanks to the presence of a micro-mist of oxygen and an abundance of negatively charged oxygen ions.

Sapphire Spas understand that demands on your time is at an all time high in this fast evolving, ‘on the go’ world we live in. We have harnessed the detoxification benefits of oxygen and made them accessible in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We appreciate that your time is important and that in our fast-paced world the demands on this limited resource are ever-increasing. We know that it’s hard to find any space to allow yourself to relax and unwind, let alone think about your health. A 'blast of bubbles' system in your spa provides a great way to do all three at once! It provides many of the benefits of expensive day spa treatments, all without leaving home, saving you time & money. Because your spa is always there and always ready, you don’t need to set aside time for mindfulness, relaxation, or appointments, just take a dip and let the 'blast of bubbles' do all the work.


Oxygen is good for your body

Our ‘Blast of Bubbles’ system infuses billions of oxygen-rich bubbles into your spa water, caressing your body in a rejuvenating cloud of oxygen.



Many of our spa pool models have been designed with our 'blast of bubbles' system along the moulded seating

Compact : small & powerful


We've packed as many jets as we can into some of our most compact spas. At 2m or less, these spas can still deliver a powerful massage and can also to fit onto decks, balconies and smaller backyard spaces

myGetaway 2 person spa : 'blast of bubbles' treats your legs as you relax into the lounger 

This compact spa model will fit nicely in your tight backyard space or courtyard to be enjoyed as part of your daily lifestyle. Regular entire body massage is the perfect way to keep your body healthy.

Powered by our reliable 'silent' air blower 

The air blower installed in your spa is responsible for powering our 'blast of bubbles' system. It can conveniently be controlled via the blower button on your touchpad control panel on the topside of your spa. 

You can select variable speeds to control the power of the air that is produced through the air massage jets in your spa.


Spanet are our preferred supplier of spa blower equipment as they manufacture the quietest and most reliable spa air blower. We connect this air blower to the air jets which are installed in the base of the seating areas to provide an oxygen-rich air massage to soft tissue areas like hips, buttocks, legs & calf muscles.


Minimise fine lines & wrinkles

The cloud of bubbles created contains negatively charged ions that open and cleanse your pores, and remove impurities and dead skin cells far more effectively than just soap and water. Blast of Bubbles encourages rapid skin cell regeneration leaving your skin with a fresh and radiant glow.


Cellulite reduction

Our 'blast of bubbles' system provides increased oxygen levels at the same time as a rejuvenating hydrotherapy massage, combined, these result in better circulation and improved blood flow. Improved circulation and oxygenation can help you to feel more relaxed, increase your energy levels naturally and improve skin texture and complexion. They also help to stimulate stubborn areas of trapped toxins and body tissue and such as cellulite and acne. Book a daily appointment with your swim spa and throw out your miracle cure body creams and diet regimes.