How to Stay Fit in a Swim Spa - Aquatic Exercise

06 July, 2021

We all lead such busy lives these days, with work commitments, kids sport scheduled almost every day of the week, dinner to make and washing to do, there’s not much ‘down time’. If the whole family could enjoy aquatic exercise together in a swim spa, you would combine physical activity, a therapeutic massage, water play & easy conversation. With a swim spa in your own backayard, this would even fit into your weekday schedule. Spend some time swimming, jogging and stretching in your swim spa on the nights when you’re too tired to go to the gym.

Regular exercise has so many benefits, why not make it a part of your everyday life?

- exercising regularly can improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression

- exercise is crucial to supporting a fast metabolism and burning more calories per day, helping you maintain your muscle mass and weight loss

- physical activity helps you build muscles, endurance and strong bones and may also help prevent osteoporosis

- regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain and helps brain health and memory. Among older adults, it can help protect mental function

- regular physical activity can help you sleep better and feel more energized during the day

- exercise can help your childs physical health, it also improves brain function and emotional wellbeing

- for the elderly, exercise can reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease and enhance mobility, flexibility, and balance

You might think that exercising in water is only for the elderly, but it can be a very effective fitness tool for people of all ages. The extended size of a swim spa gives you enough space to move around throughout an aquatic workout, whilst providing variable resistance from the water and swim jets. You will get a full body workout with the bonus of a post workout massage, in your swim spa.



Swim spas have jetted massage seats, much like a spa pool, at one end and powerful water jets at the other end where there’s enough room to actually swim against the water flow. You can adjust the swim jet power by selecting how many jets are operating at the one time and by adjusting the amount of air that’s mixed with the water. The boyancy of an exercise swim spa can substantially reduce the weight-bearing effects of gravity as you exercise so if your body doesn’t agree with a jog around the block, give a low impact version a try in water.

In a good way, exercising in water is more demanding than land-based activity because your muscles are challenged from all directions by the water. So as you swim, walk, jog or run against the powerful swim jets, you multiply the benefit of your cardio workout just by being in water. You could even start by just walking through the water and feel the resistance as you swing your arms and raise your legs. Gradually increase in intensity until you’re confident enough to try the swim jets. 

Simply walking, jogging or running in place and lifting your knees up high will provide an effective cardio and leg workout. Turn on the swim jets and try not to be pushed backwards by the pressure of the water; you may need your arms to paddle yourself forward as well



Yoga and pilates are becoming increasingly popular for developing core strength, toning your body and developing muscle. Supported by the buoyancy of the surrounding water, you can work your core by simply standing against the water pressure of your swim jets. Try some yoga moves, the warmth and natural support of the water may enhance your ability to stretch into position.



Take a resistance band into your swim spa and try out all the classic exercises you can perform with a band. You may be able to increase the intensity of the workout by creating further resistance and instability when powering up the swim jets. Even exercising without bands will be beneficial as the surrounding water provides some resistance. Try lunges, leg lifts, arm raises in much the same way as you would in an aerobics class or gym workout.

Many exercises you can do in an aerobics class, can also be done in a swim spa. The surrounding water will actually add resistance to the movement of your body, increasing the effect of the exercise. Simply lifting your legs to the front, side and back whilst in water provides a variation to this land-based activity. Use the stainless steel grab rail for added support if you need.



Everyone knows the benefits of a post exercise stretch, but not many of us actually end our workout this way. If you’re already in your spa, you can easily move over to the spa end of your swim spa for a hydrotheraphy full body massage to stimulate blood flow to encourage muscle recovery. Your body will thank you and be ready much sooner for your next exercise session.



Regular low impact exercise is recommended by weight loss professionals as a ‘fat burning’ activity. If regular exercise is not always possible, or if you are just feeling lazy, some simple movement in your swim spa can simulate the beneficial effects of exercise.

If you’re after a toned tummy, abdominal crunches can effectively be performed in the water of your swim spa. Paddle to hold yourself in place or support yourself on the corner of your spa, then lift your legs against the resistance of the water.



Aquatic exercise may allow the elderly, disabled or those in need of rehabilitation to continue physical activity that would otherwise be too difficult. Pain can be significantly reduced and mobility increased, by the turbulence of your exercise spa water, as your body is supported in a weightless state by the aerated jet streams. With the assistance of our support bar, those of you requiring help with stability can still use a swim spa with confidence. Any exercise, stretch or mild cardio workout can just as effectively be performed whilst holding the bar, mounted in front of the swim jets, for support.

Aquatic exercise is a fun and safe activity for any age so jump in and give it a go. Remember to drink plenty of water even though you’re immersed in water.

If you’d like to ‘wet test’ one of our versatile swim spas, contact your local retail store or call us on 1300 069 772