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5 Reasons Spa Pools Are Perfect for Assisted Recovery

29 November, 2021
A spa pool is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. But did you know that they are also perfect for assisted recovery? Spa pools are the perfect place for people who need assisted recovery with their mobility, because of a gym routine, injuries or other medical conditions. They provide an opportunity to exercise without putting too much stress on the body's muscles or joints, which can be helpful during rehabilitation or physical therapy sessions. Are you looking for assisted recovery? If so, then a spa pool may be the perfect place for you! Read on to learn why.
 1. It's easy on your joints: Regular use of a spa pool is known to relieve the discomfort of sore or tired joints. This makes it easier for assisted recovery, which many people need after surgery or injury. Our joints are made up of two different parts, a cartilage disk between the bones for ease of movement and a ligament which attaches the cartilage to the bone. When not being moved around constantly joints can form a callus or scar tissue on this cartilage surface. It takes any kind of stress on one part of the joint to have an effect all over because they're so interconnected.
So imagine walking through shallow water where you could just slip if your feet touched bottom- walking in water is much easier because it's soft and there's no risk that pressure from that footstep would be transferred elsewhere. The skin will absorb some shock from walking before it gets into the rest of your body, but water reduces shock waves by four times the normal amount. Some examples of assisted recovery include physical therapy, rehabilitation and training for a specific sport. In these situations, the spa pool jets provide just enough resistance to help strengthen muscles without putting too much impact on them. This gives you more freedom over your workout routine while still being able to enjoy assisted recovery!
2. It helps recovery from injuries or surgery. Some people have a hard time recovering from an injury or surgery. These people usually have poorly developed soft tissues, which lead to decreased blood flow in the injured or operated on area. Poorly developed tissue around joints slows down the process of healing because it decreases the flow of lymph and blood. Decreased blood flow means decreased oxygen metabolic pathways, slower rates of DNA repair, and more inflammation in surrounding tissues. Inflammation is your body's natural response to an injury or surgery that helps promote faster healing by forcing hormones into surrounding tissues that stimulate cell regeneration, but when inflammation lasts too long it becomes chronic and makes digestion difficult- leading to health problems elsewhere. There is a solution to this problem though, assisted recovery! Using spa pools with jets is one of the most effective assisted recovery methods in the world today.  The massage jets are similar to having a physical therapist working on your muscles. It's guaranteed that you will see results.
3. You'll feel better faster: The other great thing about assisted recovery using your spa pool is that the jets will help release endorphins in your body- chemicals that make you immediately feel good and can increase feelings of happiness and well being quickly and naturally. When you are in pain it can be hard to get on with your day to day life sometimes all you need is a little relief so you can focus on getting things done. They key here is to nurture the body and help speed up recovery time in as little time as possible. When you immerse your body in water, you are more easily stretched and so can move more freely which allows you to feel better faster!
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4. It works as a preventative measure. Even without any injuries or soreness from the gym, the therapeutic benefits of a spa pool are beneficial at all times. Some of the most common desired effects from using a spa pool are increased relaxation and muscle tension relief. This is because many people prefer to use them before bedtime in order to let their body feel completely rejuvenated. Spa pools have also become popular treatments in clinics that deal with physical therapy, arthritis restoration, post-stroke rehabilitation, treatment following cancer therapy sessions, and chronic pain management. It reduces stress levels by lowering blood pressure and heart rate, lowers the risk of atherosclerosis (a type of artery disease) because it lowers blood lipid levels; bathing in a pool can also flush out toxins like pesticides and other chemicals that we come into contact with during the day. It can decrease pain, improve sleep quality and slow down aging. The ability to stretch your weightless body and get full movements is great for keeping you fit and reducing any future possible injuries keeping you flexible. So by keeping your body immersed within a spa pool regularly you're literally helping yourself stay healthier.
5. It's fun. Just like any other type of exercise of fitness or recovery routine being fun is a key element to sustainability. It's going to take time to get better and so you need to find things that are effective and fun so that you'll be happy to do them day in and day out. Other assisted recovery techniques require a lot of sitting around and doing nothing. A spa pool is just the opposite- it's fun, entertaining and relaxing!

We hope you enjoyed this article like some of our others so please make sure to comment and share your experiences with assisted recovery in this post.

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