3 x Signs for you to look for that means it might be time to Replace your Spa Pool

04 October, 2021

With regular use, spa pools can wear out over the years. You may have already invested money in repairs only to have the same problems arise again and again. Although spas are long-lasting, their lifespan is limited; after a certain period of time, you must decide whether or not to completely replace your spa pool. To ensure you make the right decision and are getting the best experience, here are the top three things to review, or reasons it might be time to replace your existing spa pool.

An Outdated Heating System

First off, does the water in your spa pool always feel cold? It could be because of an outdated heating system. Spa pools are traditionally heated using an electric element (similar in style to what you would use for your oven). The water heats up by passing through a heating element before reaching the surface of the pool.

The system works in much like how hot water circulates through all appliances that need to be heated (e.g., coffee maker, stove top). If you're experiencing temperatures that are not optimal, perhaps your heating system is outdated.

Sapphire pools and swim spas come standard with a sufficient heating system for the amount of water you want to heat, which is often less than other brands. As the spa grows in size and capacity, so does the requirement for a larger heater.

Electric heating systems heat water at a rate of one degree per hour and are meant to be kept warm once your water reaches the required temperature in order to be most cost-effective. Although your first heat-up will take some time, maintaining the spa at a ‘jump in temperature' level is the best and most cost-effective approach to utilize these heaters instead of heating them from cold each time.

These systems should be checked every 2-3 years and cleaned or replaced as necessary for maintenance purposes. And if your heater needs replacement - we got you covered! Depending on your type of spa (round vs rectangular) we can install modern heating systems that conserve electricity whilst giving the best output.

Your Pumps are Struggling to keep up with Demand

Does your spa pump make strange noises when running or is it struggling to keep up with demand? There are a variety of reasons a spa pump can make unusual noise. One possibility is that the intake and exhaust pipes may not be sufficiently long enough to allow air bubbles to escape. Another possibility, for pumps with a solid cover on top, is that the ring around the holes in the top of the cover may not be seated properly or may have been knocked off by an object falling into them.

Another issue could be water leaks. Your spa's plumbing and electrical systems must work in harmony. When these systems become damaged, neither may operate. Water leaking from your pump or the surrounding pipework might cause electrical failure.

If you detect dampness around your pump, turn off all of your equipment for electrical safety. Then inspect your pump and pipe to see where the leaks are coming from, and resolve the problem as soon as possible to avoid an electrical failure.

Your Spa Cover is Falling Apart

When a hot tub cover begins to warp, or "cup" in the middle, it's a clear indication that it needs to be replaced. This is generally the case after heavy rain or snowfall which does not run off the sides and puddles into the center, weighed down by the cover. When left over time this can cause permanent damage which then leads to other problems. The issue here is that the center of gravity is increased, causing the corners of the cover to lift and lose their seal. As a result, heat and steam loss occur, necessitating an increase in water as well as significant energy consumption. So having a damaged spa cover may not necessarily warrant replacing your entire spa however not having a spa cover in top condition might lead to just that.


So there you have it. If your spa pool is more than 10 years old and you have already spent a small fortune repairing parts. In the long term, and in some cases, it will be less expensive for you to replace the whole spa with a modern spa using the latest technology than to keep repairing the old one. If you don't know what to do in your particular situation, feel free to reach out to the team at Sapphire Spas and we'll be happy to assist you in reviewing your individual spa history and give the best advice accordingly.